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A mountain of small boxes towered in front of me…… If someone pulled out a box, making this mountain crumble, it might cause an avalanche, so will it be okay No, well, it's the Six Kings Festival, so I guess they may have some magic protection or something like that

Now then, in this kind of lottery, I tend to look at things from a different perspective. I think the boxes in the center of this huge pile, those that were out of my reach, would be the jackpots……

However, it seems that this Monster lottery is supervised by Magnawell-san, so it might be possible that the placements are completely random.

So, there's a chance that anyone could get the special prize…… Well, out of these tens of thousands…… or perhaps, hundreds of thousands of boxes, there was only one special prize.

I'm after the 10% of this mountain…… Which were boxes with  Monster eggs in it. If possible, I'd like to draw something that would make Sieg-san happy but……

Feeling Lilia-san and the others' eyes on my back, I approached the pile of boxes. The contents of these boxes were completely random, and the weight of the boxes didn't differ from another because they were placed in random boxes. In this case, the act of picking out and trying to feel which box to choose was pointless.

In this kind of situation, I shouldn't think about anything else and just go with it…… Alright, let's go with this!

Taking one of the boxes for the time being, I showed it to one of the attendants who were positioned around the pile of boxes. The attendant held something that looked like a magic tool in her hand, and when she pointed it at me, the word "1" appeared on it.

I guess that's something like an anti-fraud magic tool. Was it detecting the number of their random boxes I held Anyways, I handed a single gold coin to the attendant and headed to the place where Lilia-san and the others were.

Sieg-san's budget was three gold coins…… That meant that I would have three chances to win a jackpot from the lottery, but I don't really want to win three eggs, so I'm going to take them one at a time to see what's inside.

It may just be wishful thinking, but if I win a Monster Egg with just one draw, she will have two gold coins left, and considering that raising a monster would also require money, I think it would probably be better if I were somehow able to draw a monster with one try.

[……Thank you for waiting. Here you go, Sieg-san.]

[Y- Yes.]

After nervously taking the random box I held out to her, Sieg-san closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Although I've become numb to large amounts of money recently, a single gold cold was most probably quite a large sum of money for Sieg-san. She had been dreaming of raising a monster someday, and had been steadily saving up for it, so it was natural for her to be nervous.

[W- Well then, I will open it.]

After taking a deep breath that lasted about 10 seconds, Sieg-san looked around, nodding towards Lilia-san and the others. She then placed the random box on the ground and lightly touched it with her hand.

Thereupon, a blinding light was emitted from the random box, and when it subsided…… in its place, a giant egg of about 1 meter in diameter appeared.

[My Lady! This is……]

[Yes, with the egg's size, I can't be mistaken! This is the egg of a "large-sized monster"!]

According to Luna-san and Lilia-san's excited responses, it seemed that this Monster egg belonged to a large-sized monster. Large-sized monsters were more expensive than small-sized monsters.

Incidentally, Dragons were almost always classified as large-sized monsters, so it's possible that this egg could be the egg of a dragon…… It's no wonder that Lilia-san got pretty excited.

[Kaito-san, thank you! Thank you very much!!! I'll be sure to return this favor.]

[N- No, please don't worry about it.]

I was rather relieved that I was able to draw a Monster egg. Now, all I needed to do was watch if the egg would hatch a monster that Sieg-san would like……

[W- Well then, what's next…… would be making it "hatch" huh.]

[Eh Hatch Is it possible to quickly make it hatch]

[Ahh, that's right, Miyama-kun didn't know about it huh. The eggs of monsters are a little special, as they hatch when magic power is poured into them. And they recognize the person who had imbued magic power into their egg as their parent. Incidentally, for those who can't use magic, there are also incubation magic tools for such matters.]

[……I see.]

[Well, there are also some monsters like Bell-chan…… Behemoths, that don't hatch from eggs.]

Dr. Vier gave a simple explanation to the clueless me. They recognized the person who poured magic power into their egg as their parent huh…… I see, that must be why Monster eggs are so popular and were said to be easier to raise……

Nodding my head in understanding, Sieg-san touched the egg. Drawing the attention of not only Lilia-san and the others, but even the people around us, the egg into which Sieg-san's magic power was poured emitted light several times, before the shell began to crack.

A few moments later, a 70cm "dragon" emerged from the egg, slowly spreading its wings.

Having a body as black as the night sky, and a mane that shone like an emerald…… Its wings spread out in a deep, dark "rainbow" color…… Combined with its black body, the dragon looked as beautiful as the aurora borealis.

……Could that dragon be……

[M- M- M- My Lady! C- C- C- Could this be!]

[Y- Yes…… No, I've personally never seen the real thing because they're too rare…… but books say that a Rainbow Dragon is a dragon with "rainbow-colored wings"……]

It really is the special prize, the Rainbow Dragon! S- Seriously……

[……You're mistaken.]

[ [ [ [ [ Eh ] ] ] ] ]

I thought I had really drawn the Rainbow Dragon when I heard Luna-san and Lilia-san's words, but immediately after, Dr. Vier, with a serious expression on her face, muttered that we're mistaken.

[……Eh Dr. Vier…… I don't really know much about them, but isn't this a Rainbow Dragon]

[……N- No, it is indeed a Rainbow Dragon. However, ummm…… Rainbow Dragons usually have a "white body". Also, the color of their wing membranes wasn't as dark and clear as this……]

[……T- That means]

[……It's just a guess but…… that child is probably "the never-before-seen Special Individual among the Rainbow Dragons"……]

[ [ [ [ [ Eeeehhhh! ] ] ] ] ]

Dear Mom, Dad————– I've obviously been hoping that I would draw a good monster. I thought that it was really lucky of me to be able to draw a Monster egg in one try…… It's just that, unnn. For a Special Individual that has never been seen before in history to emerge———– This isn't really what I expected.

[God Hand: The Draw of Promised Victory]

Serious-senpai ZERO : [I KNEW IT!]

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