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With Bell running at a very high speed, there was a strong wind blowing towards me, which should have made me feel colder. But now, I could feel extreme warmness only from my back.

As if every nerve in my body was concentrated in my back…… I could feel Dr. Vier hugging my back rather clearly.

Even though I couldn't compose myself, there was no way to escape while on top of Bell, who was happily running around. As expected of the former Demon King, this is a very cunning strategy to keep me from escaping. In the first place, just the fact that the Demon King is attacking me from behind already puts me at a huge disadvantage…… No, calm down. What the heck am I thinking

As I was feeling composed, Dr. Vier unleashed her follow-up attack on me. Her hands that had been on my stomach gradually moved upward, as if she's caressing the area around my abdomen.

And as if to match her hand movements, Dr. Vier lightly moves her body up and down, pressing herself against me, rubbing her body against my back.

[……Your back is quite big, isn't it It really gives me peace of mind. Miyama-kun is a man after all.]

I wish you'd stop saying those kinds of lines that please any man right into my ear though! I feel like my mind is spinning out of control. From which race was she again I wonder if she's actually a succubus or something like that…… She's just too erotic.

I kind of feel like I'm a young child being teased by a seductive lady…… She's making my heart beat so fast that I feel like I would get a heart attack, so I started thinking of any way that I can divert the conversation……

With such things in mind, I suddenly remembered something. I just realized that Dr. Vier and I shouldn't be the only ones riding on Bell's back right now……Yes, Lynn had also been hiding beneath my clothes.

If I can get Lynn to join in the conversation, I could keep some tranquility in my heart…… wait, arehh Wasn't Dr. Vier touching the area around my abdomen just now Lynn was supposed to be around that area……

[……Eh Arehh Where's Lynn]

[……Ahh, you see, it would be dangerous if she falls after all. So, I "left her with Neun".]

……What…… did she say…… W- When did this happen! Dr. Vier pulled out Lynn without my notice and left her with Neun-san T- That's impossible…… That means, Dr. Vier had seen through what I would do

W- What a frightening person she is…… At that moment, with just some thought, she predicted everything that would happen up to this point…… She had completely blocked all of my escape routes.

[……Hey, Miyama-kun. This place is quite vast, isn't it Bell-chan is fast, but it would still take him a certain amount of time before he could go back to where Neun is, right]

[……T- T- T- That's right.]

[Fufufu, you look really cute right now, Miyama-kun.]


Eh Wait a moment! Doesn't it feel like Dr. Vier's hand is slowly going downwards

Wait! I'm begging you, please wait a moment! What the heck are you planning to do!

[……Hey, Miyama-kun What do you think of me as a woman]

[Eh W- W- W- What do you mean……]

[……Do you feel aroused when I do something like this]

[T- That is, errr…… y- yes.]

[Fufu, I see…… I'm glad…… chyuu.]

[! W- Wait! Dr. Vier, w- what are you doing!]

As I replied, feeling my heart thumping fast, I felt something slightly moist on my neck. Eh Did she just kiss my neck Eh Wait, seriously, what the heck is she doing!

[……Miyama-kun…… "It looks like it's in pain"……]

[W- W- W- What are you talking about]

[Unnn You want me to say it No can do, it's embarrassing after all…… How about it]

[W- Where do you think you're touching me! Dr. Vier!!!]

[……Don't worry, I've cast a Recognition Inhibition Spell around us.]

[That's not the point!]

[Fufufu, a flustering Miyama-kun is also very cute…… While we're at it, how about you let Big Sister handle it—— all—– for—– you]

[H- Handle it! Y- You can't! Stop for a moment. Could you please calm yourself……]

As her enchantingly sweet voice whispered into my ear, Dr. Vier's hand crawled even lower. This is bad. This situation is even worse than I ever experienced before…… If things go like this…… C- Can anyone please help me!

"……What are you lot doing there……"

As I was being held in a tight spot, I heard a voice echoing from the sky, and at the same moment, a large shadow appeared. T- This voice…… Magnawell-saaaaaaaannnnn!

He's truly my savior, the Buddha saving me from hell. Seeing Magnawell-san, who spoke to us without regard to Dr. Vier's Recognition Inhibition Magic, Dr. Vier's hand left my dangerous zone.

[……M- Magnawell-sama…… Even though we were having a great moment……]

"No, Vier…… You ought to learn to control yourself a little more. You're getting out of control. I knew that you're as bull-headed as usual, but don't you dare do anything strange at my festival."

[Ugghhh…… B- But it's the greatest opportunity to show Miyama-kun my appeal……]

"If you don't control yourself…… Let's see. How about I tell "Zwei" what you're doing"

[Please don't, she will kill me.]

This was the first time I had ever heard the name "Zwei", but the name that Magnawell-san mentioned seemed to be incredibly effective, as Dr. Vier was clearly shaken…… No, she looked afraid.

Her hands were trembling, and her face probably looked very pale right now. Is that person really that scary

"……If you don't want me to do that, make sure you keep things in moderation."

[Y- Yes, I'll be careful.]

"Umu, see you later then……"

After he finished talking with Dr. Vier, Magnawell retracted his head that was stretching out towards the city. His enormousness was as incomparable as ever. After all, just by talking to us, the whole area around here was covered in shadows.

Anyway, it seems that the biggest crisis is over…… That was really close.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Dr. Vier's adult seductive assault had brought me in a crisis greater than ever before. I shudder to think what would have happened if Magnawell-san hadn't helped me. Well, putting that matter aside, for Dr. Vier to be that afraid————- Is Zwei-san really that scary

………… …………

~~   The Top 5 Strongest Among Kuro's Family (excluding Kuro and the other members of the Six Kings)   ~~

No. 1 : Ein (Duke-level, High-ranking Demon)

No. 2 : Zwei (Magic Doll) ※ Didn't Appear on the Story Yet

No. 3 : Vier (Former Demon King)

No. 4 : Razelia (Former Fairy King)

No. 5 : Neun (Former Hero)

T/N: 53/271-

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