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There was some minor trouble, but the three of us smoothly made our way around the festival. The next place we arrived is a surprisingly vast…… place that seems to be a farm.

The grass was lush and green, and we could see small hills and flower tunnels.

[……This feels like we're in the outskirts rather than within a city.]

[Yes, it does. This place's beautiful, isn't it~~]

[According to the guidebook, this is a place where you can ride monsters. They have rentals available and you can even ride your own pet for a run!]

While listening to the conversation between Dr. Vier and Neun-san, I checked the summarized details of this place in Alice's guidebook.

I guess you could say that this place is something like those attractions where you can experience horseback riding Looking at the map showing this place in the guidebook, this grassland should be quite spacious, and Bell might be able to run as fast as he wanted here.

[Since we're here, why don't we play around here for a bit I haven't been able to take Bell for a walk in a few days, so I think he would like to run around for a while, right]


Bell has this cute side that likes to run around with me on his back, which recently made me change her walking course to outside the city. I was making sure not to casually go outside the city because dangerous monsters might be lurking around, but that isn't any problem now with the cheat level guard Alice.

Well, though I said that……Not many monsters seem to be going out of their way to approach human cities, and I have yet to encounter one during our walks.

But I digress. Anyway, I wanted to let Bell run, so I suggested to the two of them that we play around here.

Thereupon, Neun-san immediately nodded, but Dr. Vier brought her hand and looked downwards, looking as if she was thinking about something.

[……This is my chance, isn't it…… If I could get the conversation going……]

[Dr. Vier]

[Ah, sorry, sorry. That's right. That sounds like fun, so let's go play!]

For a moment, I kind of felt like she was planning something, but it quickly disappeared as Dr. Vier agreed with a smile.

[By the way, Miyama-kun. If you don't mind, I'd like to ride on Bell-chan too~~]

[On Bell Hmmm.]

Considering Bell's size, I don't think it would be a problem for him to carry three people. However, if he carries three people, as expected, even Bell would have difficulty balancing and probably wouldn't be able to run fast enough, right

No I wonder if he can do it Hmmm, I haven't ridden with multiple people before, so I don't really know. I've ridden with Sieg-san before, so I'm pretty sure Bell could carry two people……

[Ahh, of course, I won't ask the three of us to ride together at the same time. Having the three of us ride Bell-chan at the same time would burden him too much. It's just that I don't know if Bell would listen to me or Neun so…… I think Miyama-kun, his master, should be on board while we ride.]


[That's why, can Neun and I take turns riding together with you]

[……I see, that certainly sounds like a good idea. Are you fine with that too, Bell]


Dr. Vier's suggestion didn't seem like it's causing any problems, and Bell also agreed to it. In that case, one of them would have to wait here while they take turns in going around this place.

[……Arehh I would also ride together with Kaito-san before I knew it We would end up getting too close to each other if we ride together……]


[Ahh, n- no! It's nothing! I'm fine with having my turn next, so Vier can ride first.]

[Ah, yes. I understand.]

Neun-san seems to be muttering something, so I tried calling out to her, asking her what she said. I couldn't quite hear what she said, but the person herself doesn't seem to have any problem with it, so I guess it's fine, right

[Then, Dr. Vier would go first, then Neun-san would go next.]


[Okay then, let's get started!]

When Dr. Vier heard my words, she smiled and quickly climbed onto Bell's back. A- As expected of the former Demon King…… Even though I have to ask Bell so that I could ride behind him……

Kicking off the ground with all four of his paws, Bell accelerates through the grassland. The wind caressing my cheeks became stronger than our usual walks, but it seems like Bell's controlling his speed to some extent, so the wind feels comfortable.

[Ohh~~ As expected of a Behemoth. He's pretty fast.]

[Yes, the wind feels good.]

[Yes, it is…… Heyya!]


With the wind blowing from the front, it makes it difficult to hear Dr. Vier's voice, who was riding behind me, but I could hear it clear enough that she used some kind of magic.

Well, knowing that she wouldn't harm me, let's just put aside whatever magic she used…… but Dr. Vier Why are your hands holding unto my stomach A- Also, I'm kind of feeling soft things touching my back, you know!

[D- Dr. Vier! What are you……]

[No, you see, with this speed, I might fall off after all~~]

[……I- Is that so……]

No, no, you're the former Demon King and one of the most powerful people in the Demon Realm, right No matter how I look at it, there's no way that you could ever fall off, you know

Contrary to the panicking me, Dr. Vier seems to be enjoying herself, pressing her body even closer against mine. Those two bulges, which I could clearly feel even through her nun habit, were pressed against my back, changing shape and making me feel their elasticity.

However, Dr. Vier's attack…… or rather, her approach wasn't over yet. As Dr. Vier clung on my body, she started rubbing her forehead against my shoulder, her body rising inch by inch, until she reached above my shoulder and blew into my ear.

I really don't know how she did it, but even in this wind, her breath reached into my ears, feeling her breath's warmth and the tingling sensation it brings.

[It's just for a little while…… but we're finally alone huh I'm glad.]

[ ! ]

Her voice whispering into my ears sounds surprisingly erotic…… and so hot…… that I thought it would melt my face off.

Dear Mom, Dad————- A leisurely stroll while riding Bell…… or so it should have been, but I was quite naive. Was this the development that Dr. Vier had in mind at that time! Completely in control due to her surprise attack, Dr. Vier didn't give the confused me a moment to calm down—————- and started an all-out attack.

It's Dr. Vier's turn! They're technically not all alone, but anyway, it's Dr. Vier's turn!

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [……My personal Serious Power shall be "1 Serious Power".]

: [……Yeah]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [By attacking with both of my hands, I'm making use of double the Serious Power! That makes it 2 Serious Power!!!]

: [ ! ]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [In addition, by preemptively leaping and striking from up high, the power of gravity gives my Serious Power double the power! But that's not all! By spinning in midair and adding centrifugal force to it, my Serious Power is further tripled!!!]

: […………….]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [1 x 2 x 2 x 3, this is a blow of containing 12 Serious Power! Take thiiiiiiiiiiis!!!]

: [……Well, errr…… No matter how much you multiply negatives, not only would it still be negative, it will just be an even bigger negative, right]

Ground-type Serious-senpai (with Serious Damage) : [Muwaaaaagggggghhhhhh!]

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