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While I was lightly scolding Alice, Laguna-san and Fors-san seemed to have finished their conversation, as the both of them began approaching us.

[……Anyway, I'll make sure that you don't go out alone during the Six Kings Festival, and if you want to go somewhere, I'll send some of my subordinates to help you around.]

[No problem with that. In fact, I wouldn't step out of my room unless you asked me to go around. I can just make everything I need to live, including food. Well then, lead me to a laboratory with a vegetable garden right away.]

[Like hell there's something like that here!!!]

[What did you say…… Then, what am I supposed to do with all these ideas I have in my head now Even though I've just come up with a "magic that could make toenails grow"……]

[No, you can just keep that idea of yours in your head for the rest of your life. The world doesn't need something like that……]

I guess their conversation ends there, right Laguna-san, you're not bringing her over to us because you got tired of dealing with her alone, right If it's possible, I would like it if you just take her with you……

As I was thinking about this, Fors-san suddenly moved her gaze towards Neun-san, and putting her hand on her chin, she murmured.

[By the way, I've been meaning to ask you this…… What's with the armor, Neun It's not like you're in charge of security, right It doesn't seem like you're working today. I heard from Miyama Kaito-kun that you and the former Demon King and currently a city doctor, Vier-dono…… "Former Vier-dono" in short, are going around with Miyama Kaito-kun today, right]

[That shortening sounds malicious, so could you stop that!]

[……Vier, I understand how you feel, but it's probably useless to say that to her. Anyway, the reason I'm wearing armor is to hide my true identity.]

[……Fumu, then why is it that you're using such an inefficient way of hiding it]


When Fors-san heard Neun-san's reply, she tilted her head in wonder.

[If you want to hide your true identity, couldn't you just "dye your hair or change your hairstyle" The only existing information about you is that statue in the Friendship City, Hikari, but that statue doesn't really show the details of your face, you know If you just change your hair color or your hairstyle, most people won't even notice you, right]

[……N- Now that you mentioned it…… that would certainly be the case……]

What she said was an extremely on-point theory. What the people know is that the First Hero had black hair, so if she just dyed it, people wouldn't notice it.

[Well then, with that being the case, "Dispel"…… and then, next would be……]

[Eh Wait!]

As if to say that she had reached her conclusion, Fors-san summoned a magic circle before her hand, and erased Neun-san's full-body armor. Surprisingly, the clothing Neun-san had under her armor wasn't a kimono.

She's wearing a neat-looking white shirt and a long black skirt…… It was a feminine outfit that combined cuteness and coolness, something that Aoi-chan would like.

But more than that, something surprising had changed.

[Oya You brought the length of your hair back to how it was back then It lookss great, I think this hairstyle really suits you. However, it doesn't make sense to dress up if you're just going to hide it all under your armor, right ……Is it about how one should always care about things even when they can't be seen by others Hmmm, I don't really understand fashion.]

[N- No, Fors! What are you doing…… T- This is……]

[Yeah, I guess there's no problem with that area. If I remember correctly, I've placed that on my magic box…… Ahh, here it is! Come on, look here.]

[……Eh Arehh The color of my hair and eyes……]

Yes, the black-haired and black-eyed Neun-san's hair became as pink as cherry blossoms while her eyes became a bright purple. At first glance, I even thought she was a different person. A change in hair color certainly could change someone's impression to a person.

[Yes, this is a magic I developed that changes the color of your hair and eyes. Creatures who possess a sense of sight could get lots of information just from color, you see. If one has light-colored hair, it can make you look more cheerful, right Having the ability to change color is very convenient for disguises.]

[H- Hmmm. What do you think, Kaito-san Does it look strange]

[No, it's true that my impression of you drastically changed…… but I think bright hair color suits you, Neun-san.]

[T- Thank you.]

With her new pink-colored hair, Neun-san looked a little younger, and I felt that she became even cuter.

It may be rude to say that she became surprisingly cuter, but she was more of a beauty before. She's someone who looks great with blonde hair.

[……Fors…… You can develop some useful magic huh…… I changed my assessment towards you.]

[Hmmm. I don't feel like I would like your assessment towards me. Anyway, this magic was actually developed for the purpose of "changing the decoration of clothes". I thought that if I had magic like this, I could look stylish even if I wore the same robes all the time. I know that I'm a social outcast, but that doesn't mean I've given up on being a woman yet, so I wanted to pay some attention to my appearance. However, I didn't really feel like wasting my time that  I could use for research to go shopping for clothes. I have plenty of robes though…… Then, I thought of it the other way. Why don't I just add decorations on my robes to become fashionable It took me "5 years" to develop.]

[……I- I see…… Can I take back my previous statement]

[However, what I ended up developing was this magic…… It also consumes a lot of magic power, only one color can be applied at a time, and the effect wears off in about 24 hours. That monochromatic robe also felt very fake. I've never had a use for it before, but I'm glad that I had the chance to use it now. Well, it's much better to use dye to change your hair color next time rather than use this complicated and high-consumption magic. Well, it can be used for a limited-time disguise, so I guess I still give it a passing mark]

[W- Well, this certainly helps me…… Thank you.]

In short, she tried to create a magic that allows her to easily make changes to her clothes because she can't be bothered to go out and buy fashionable clothes How should I say this…… I feel like she's directing her efforts in the wrong direction.

Well, but thanks to that magic, Neun-san can go around without armor, and I'm more than happy if I walk around with her like that…… All's well that ends well, I guess

Dear Mom, Dad————— As usual, Neun-san was trying to go around in full body armor, but thanks to a strange magic developed by Fors-san, she was able to go around without her armor. But how should I say this…… I'm not really familiar with magic but————— Can't we just use Recognition Inhibition Magic or something like that

: [Serious-senpai! The sugar alarms are about to start ringing!]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [Alright!]

Wyvern-senpai : […… Do you really have to go there]

Baby Castella-senpai : [……Don't you die there, okay]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [It's not like I'm doing anything special…… This is just the usual……]-

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