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Having to experience something that she couldn't explain in words, seeing her friend that she hadn't seen in a long time had shrunk, Neun-san became dumbfounded.

However, Fors-san is the same as usual. I've only known her for a short time, but I know that she's the type who doesn't read the mood.

[Come on, Neun, you should calm down. Surprise is just a temporary emotion, and Humans are creatures that easily adapt. Soon, the sense of unease you're feeling will disappear.]

[……No, well, you're still the same as usual huh.]

[Did you know I heard that there's a saying in another world about how "leopards can't change its spots". I don't really know what this leopard is, but I heard that it means that one's personality formed at a young age doesn't change even when you get older. Even if hundreds or a thousand years had passed, as long as I'm me, my personality won't change that much.]

[Huhh…… Well, let's just forget that. I give up. It's unusual for you to go out, isn't it Since you're with Kaito-san…… he probably helped you when you got lost or something like that……]

Perhaps understanding Fors-san's personality due to their long relationship, Neun-san quickly gave up and switched the subject.

And from what Neun-san said, I guess Fors-san has been quite directionally-challenged.

[You aren't too far off the mark. He had certainly helped me, and I certainly was lost, but the reason he helped me was slightly different. Well, I suppose that's not what you were really asking about. The reason I'm here is that I'm meeting up with Laguna.]


[I'm supposed to be meeting her at 9:00 am. But what I'm troubled about is that "I'm late". Just thinking about Laguna's reaction is making my head start to hurt.]

Hearing what Fors-san said, not only Neun-san, but Dr. Vier's and I also tilted our heads. After all, it's currently 8:50 am, so she shouldn't be late yet.

And yet, Fors-san said that she was late for the meeting. She also wasn't saying that she might be late, but that she was already late…… I wonder why

Just as I was about to ask her why, I saw Laguna-san dashing towards our direction.


[Ohh, Laguna! I'm glad that we've safely met up……]

When she saw Laguna-san, Fors-san waved her right hand towards her with a bright smile on her face. However, Laguna-san didn't respond to her greeting and leaping towards Fors-san, Laguna-san slammed her knuckle on her head.

[What the heck are you doing, you b*tch!]


Fors-san, who was struck with a strike that held a tremendous force, was slammed face-first into the ground. Eh What the heck happened What's going on

As I was stunned by Laguna-san's sudden action, Fors-san slowly looked up while holding her head with both hands.

[……Ouchie…… What are you doing all of a sudden, Laguna I'd like it if you won't attack me, a rearguard, with a physical attack. I could feel killing intent from that strike, you know]

[That's because it was loaded with killing intent!]

[Oi, oi…… Well, considering the circumstances, it was certainly my fault. But I'm not mistaken that we're supposed to meet at 9:00 am, right]

[9:00 am "on the first day of the Six Kings Festival"! I said you should come before the opening ceremony!!!]

……9:00 am on the first day of the Six Kings Festival! Three days had already passed…… that can't even be called late anymore, you know!

I- I see, it's no wonder she was angry. I finally understood what Fors-san meant when she said "given my current situation, it's unclear to me how the time would have any significance of some sort" before. She was late not just by the time, but even by the date……

[Haahhh…… It's good that I've been coming here everyday, around 9:00 am just in case…… And here you are…… You've got to be kidding me……]

[I see, Laguna's anger is indeed understandable. In fact, I'm the one who was late, so I'll just obediently apologize. No, I'm sorry. However, this may sound like I'm just making excuses, but I'd like it if you hear my side as well.]

[……What is it]

[In the first place. Isn't it a mistake to let me, who has been called the "most directionally-challenged person in the long Elven history", come alone I can certainly understand that you've been so busy as the king that you haven't had time to pick me up, and that's a primary factor why I pity you. But the Flying Dragon Services directly flying towards the venue is set up on the gate to the Demon Realm, which means I would have to reach the gate by myself…… Incidentally, I'll have you know that it took me "two days" just to get to the gate near Rigforeshia.]


Listening to Fors-san's words after apologizing for being late, I whispered to the nearby Neun-san.

[……Neun-san. Was Fors-san really that directionally-challenged]

[……Yes. To be honest, it was so bad that I once thought that she might have been getting lost on purpose. When I heard what she just said, what I'm wondering is "How in the world did she get to the gate".]

It seems that Fors-san is so directionally challenged that it's a bit dangerous.

When Neun-san told me about it, I looked back at the two and saw Laguna-san collapsed to her knees, with her hands on the ground.

[……It's my fault.]

[It's alright if you understand. However, it still was fundamentally my fault. Even though I was lost, now that I think about it, I still had a way to contact you. This won't do. Maybe it's because of my temperament as a researcher, but when I concentrate, my thoughts became narrow. I'll reflect on this…… By the way, I actually found some interesting plants on my way along the Rigforeshia forest. I was so excited harvesting them that I couldn't help myself……]

[You b*tch! Doesn't that make it the reason why you're late!!!]

[N- No, that certainly might be one of the factors but…… calm down, Humans are beings capable of discussion. Put down that raised fist. If you hit me any harder, I might lose my memory……]

Hearing Fors-san's words, Laguna-san looked exhausted, her shoulders slumping down. As I watched their exchange, I called out to Neun-san again, who was now standing next to me before I knew it.

[……Fors-san is an amazing person, isn't she In more ways than one……]

[Yes, it's just that…… Well, there's still "someone worse" among my party members, so I got used to it……]

[Eh Someone worse than her……]

[……There is. Hapti was quite an…… amazing person…… As soon as we arrived at a city occupied by Demons, she went around stealing from the flame-ridden houses without a care in the world, negotiated with the inhabitants who had escaped behind our backs for a reward, led us to some ruins with treasures in it, saying that it was some Demon stronghold, and when we arrived at the Demon King's castle, she tried to ditch all of us and head straight to the treasury…… She was a money-grubbing troublemaker……]


[We're reassured of her abilities, but about half of the shambles our party went through was because of Hapti.]


After listening to the story Neun-san said with an amazed expression on her face, I quietly left her side and called out to a certain someone behind me.

[……Come out here, money-grubber.]

[W- What could you be talking about I- I'm just an extremely beautiful shopkeeper of a miscellaneous goods store, so I don't know who this Transcendental Beauty Phantom Thief Hapti-chan————- Migyaaahhhh!]

It seems like Alice was hiding it from her, so I won't tell Neun-san about Hapti's true identity. But that being said, I think I still need to punish her on behalf of Neun-san and the others.

With that thought in mind, I turned towards the pale Alice and slowly raised my fist overhead.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Fors-san is also quite an outrageous person. She was quite the character, but according to Neun-san, Alice…… no, Hapti———— was even worse than her.

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [……Hmmm. If it's not serious, or even lovey-dovey at all, I'll get pretty bored…… Ahh, could you pass me the soy sauce]

: [Here…… Well, I'm very curious as to who this Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Phantom Thief Hapti-chan is…… For the time being, I think Serious-senpai should just prepare for the sweet development that is about to begin.]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [……Don't really wanna though…… Grilled fish tastes great……]

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