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The Land of Death, the northern part of the Demon Realm. A land filled with ice, where almost no living beings exist…… On top of one iceberg stood the Death King, Isis.


Isis had her eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating, magic power twinkling around her body in blue light. Clad in magic power so powerful that it would kill ordinary beings just getting close to it, Isis simply quietly concentrated.

Feeling some nostalgia, she wondered. When was the last time she "trained" like this As Isis' magic power of death leaked out from her body, she suppressed it, preventing it from spreading.

Although the content of her training itself was simple, it wasn't easy for even Isis to suppress her magic power of death, which was something she wasn't able to completely control even after tens of thousands of years.

With her eyes closed and her expression occasionally distorting, the magic power around her grew more and more powerful, which is making Isis feel unusually tired.

[……How nostalgic…… I did this…… a lot back then.]

Talking to herself, reminiscing about her past, she felt nostalgic. Yes, Isis was currently trying to control her magic power of death.

But the wall, which by Kuromueina's estimates, would take her at least 100,000 years to break through, was extremely tough…… At some point in her life, she had given up on the dream she once had.

But recently, Isis began to train again. The will in her heart for growth which had stopped back then, began budding once again.

[……Kaito is…… doing his best…… so I will…… do my best too.]

There is someone who is trying to reach out to the dream that Isis gave up. The person she loves more than anyone and anything else…… Kaito, he who saved her from her loneliness, was sweating blood to challenge her magic power of death.

All in order to have a happy wedding with Isis……

They may look similar, but it was a "new dream" for Isis…… She also wanted to be blessed by many people during her wedding with her beloved Kaito.

She wouldn't have enough time before she could fully control her magic power of death. However, it should be possible for her to reduce the burden on Kaito when he challenged her magic power of death.

There was now a dazzling beacon of hope shining within Isis' heart. Because that beacon directed her to the future she should aim for, she was able to improve herself without hesitation.

Controlling her magic power of death that could shake the atmosphere, even though she was feeling a deep sense of fatigue…… A happy smile could still be seen on Isis' lips.

It had been a long time since I started training with Kuro. Though I say that, it has actually just been one full circle of season…… a year.

Well, I've been training for "more than 24 hours" a day in a space that distorted time, so it had actually taken me longer than that……

Incidentally, my daily training had been greatly increased because Kuro thought it would be better if she extended my training time rather than me training when she wasn't looking. Though I say that, she did restrict me from doing independent practice so……

Anyway, if it was just the amount of magic power I had, I had already surpassed the limits of Humans and possessed magic power as high as High-ranking Demons.

As for my Offensive Magic, the size of my Fireball had grown rapidly from the size of a pingpong ball to the "size of a baseball". Well, rumor has it that even a first year student at a magic school can already produce a Fireball the size of a volleyball……

W- Well, my only goal has always been to suppress the magic power of death…… so it's not like I'm frustrated that I can't use Offensive Magic or anything like that. I'm not disappointed…… I mean, it's not like I'm fighting anyone, so I don't need any Offensive Magic at all!!! I'm not feeling vexed at all, okay!!!

With these thoughts in mind, I prepared myself and went out to the garden of the mansion.

In that place, Isis-san waited with a nervous look on her face, and I could also see Kuro and Lillywood-san a little further away.

[……I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Isis-san.]

[……No…… It's alright.]

[W- Well then…… Let's suppress your magic power of death right away!]

[……U- Unnn.]

The moment we'd been waiting for…… Feeling nervousness in my and Isis-san's heart, I gently held Isis-san's hand.

Not only did the amount of magic power I have greatly increase, I've even practiced controlling my magic power. I'm sure it's going to work!

Tightly grasping Isis-san's cool hand, I focused my attention on controlling the magic power of death…… Then, I noticed something.

……Isn't the magic power leaking out from her body less than before I could still see it as an insurmountable mountain, but the mountain seems to be getting smaller and smaller……

[……Isis-san Did you do something]

[……Unnn…… It's not just Kaito…… me too…… for our happiness…… I wanted to do my best…… That's why…… I went through my own special training.]


I see, I wasn't the only one working hard…… Isis-san was also working hard to achieve the same dream huh…… I'm glad. I feel like tearing up a bit.

No, I can cry in happiness later. I should first control her magic power of death……

I manipulated my magic power, imagining it enclosing around the magic power leaking from Isis-san's body. Isis-san slowly accepted my magic power spreading through her body, as if it was seeping in without any resistance.

Then, just as my magic power enveloped Isis-san's magic power, I turned to Kuro and Lillywood-san.

Thereupon, the both of them brightly smiled and made a big circle with their hands.

[ [ ! ] ]

With two of the Six Kings' approval…… there was no need to doubt anything anymore. Right now, I couldn't feel any pressure from the magic power of death leaking out of Isis-san's body…… It was a success.



Our hearts gushing with emotions, Isis-san and I called each other's names and tightly hugged each other.

[We did it! It's a success!!!]

[……Unnn…… Unnn! ……Thank you…… Kaito…… Thank you…… so much……]

Large tears were dripping down Isis-san's eyes as she shakingly said that, but the expression on her face was the brightest I've ever seen.

The two of us had to cooperate to achieve this. It may not be perfect.

But even so, right now…… Isis-san had finally conquered the magic power of death that had tormented her for so many years!

Burying her face in my chest, Isis-san hugged me more tightly, crying out in happiness. It was as if she was sharing the joy she'd be feeling in her heart with her whole body……

After hugging each other for a while, I waited for Isis-san to stop crying before speaking.



Thereupon, I let go of Isis-san's body and knelt down on the ground, holding her hand with one hand. Taking out a Blue Crystal Flower that I had picked for this day from my magic box with my other, I held it out to Isis-san.

[……I'm sorry to keep you waiting. But finally, I was able to make my beloved's dream come true. Isis-san, I love you from the bottom of my heart…… Please marry me.]

In this world, it isn't common to give your lover an engagement ring. In a world where polygamy was the norm, it is said that the most loving way to propose marriage is to give a "memento of your relationship".

This memory is for the two of us only…… and we will continue to make happy memories in the future…… With this wish in mind, I presented her the memento.

My relationship with Isis-san started with this Blue Crystal Flower…… This flower, with its crystal clear blue hue, was a symbolic memory for Isis-san and I.

I had accumulated many memories with her…… But this is the flower that started it all. So, I think this is the most appropriate way to propose to her.

Isis-san accepted the Blue Crystal Flower I offered her with my free hand, kissed it, and gave me a smile that overshadowed even the most beautiful flower.

[……Yes…… With pleasure.]

I have seen many of Isis-san's faces before now. I've seen her when she's sad, when she's happy, when she's angry, when she's laughing…… I've seen so many of her expressions in the days I've spent with her.

However, the smile I saw on this day, at this time, in this place…… was more beautiful than any other I've ever seen.

Serious-senpai Act3: [W- Whyyyyyyyy! The seriousness usually doesn't come out, so why the heck did you end with that! Have some drama, will you! T- The damage is too great…… Let's quickly use Recovery Magic…… Unnn Eh Hey…… "①" Eh W- Wait a moment there…… Does this mean there's a ② D- Don't tell me…… The marriage ceremony…… Aaaaahh…… Uwaaaaaahhhhh!]-

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