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It was the fifteenth day of the month of Fire, the day after that disastrous conversation with the Goddess of Time. And I am now standing in front of the fountain in the capital.

Yesterday, Kuro suddenly invited me to go out with her, and before I knew it, I am going to tour the streets of the capital with her.

Kuro, who seems to have some strange information regarding dating, had been throwing a tantrum, saying that “if we dont meet up in an appointed place, its no good!”, so here I am, in front of the fountain where I first met Kuro.

The sun has just risen to its peak, and checking the time in my pocket watch, its about an hour before noon…… I guess its about 10 minutes before the time we planned to meet up

In the first place, its quite strange to meet up with someone who always shows up when I least expect it, so its kind of refreshing waiting for Kuro like this.

Kuro seems like she wanted to do the standard “Sorry, did you wait” and “No, I just got here.” exchange, so but does she really need to be elaborate on this meet up like yesterday As a result of that, I arrived first and waited here.

After waiting for a while, watching the people passing by, and although it was also a standard, I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

[Kaito-kun. Sorry, did you wait]

[……No, I just got—– here]


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As we discussed, I turned around, returning the words that Kuro wanted to hear, but my thoughts froze right at that instant.

Kuro, who has just appeared, wasnt wearing the long coat so sloppy that it could be mistaken for a robe that she always wears.

Short-sleeved lace tunic that gives the impression of being white and elegant, and brown shorts that seem to complement her beautiful thighs that are as white as porcelain. The long black coat that she usually had its shape changed to a sleeveless jacket, and the hem that reaches below the knee matches well with her white tunic, and although she was lightly dressed, her appearance still looks somewhat elegant.

……what should I do, shes absurdly cute. She is so cute that the lolicons would give their thumbs up and those who arent would be more inclined to consider becoming one……


[Ah, no…… I was just a little surprised to see you dressed so differently.]

[Ah~ I see. What do you think Does it suit me]

[Ah, yeah. It looks really good on you.]

[Ehehe, thanks!]

I think that bashful smile just now is foul play. Ah, this is no good. Im starting to feel very nervous.

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It may be something that Im shameful about for a 21-year-old man, but I can only count on one hand the number of times Ive gone out with a woman. Moreover, those handfuls of experiences also include those times I went out with Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san, which should show that my experiences in my previous world are equivalent to zero.

Its the first time in my life that Ive even been on a date with someone, and no matter how much I recognize this as just going outside to hang out with Kuro, it would be stranger for me if Im not nervous at all.

Moreover, Kuro is a beautiful girl who is looking at me favorably. No matter how familiar I am with her, I cant help but feel a blush rise on my cheeks when she gave me that charming smile.

[S- Speaking of which, youre quite famous, Kuro, so is it okay for you to walk around the city]

For the time being, Ill try escaping to another topic. Its not because I cant think of ways to praise her clothes and not be able to speak at all, or for some lame reasons like that.

Kuro is the Underworld King, one of the pinnacles of the Demon Realm. Her face is known from the previous Festival of Heroes, and shes a very famous existence herself…… If we were to put it like when I was back in my previous world, its like having a prime minister or the Emperor himself appearing in the city, which would cause a great uproar…… Though no one among the surroundings is causing any ruckus. I wonder why

[Fufufu, I wouldnt make such a mistake! Ive properly clad myself with Information Concealment and Recognition Inhibition Magic, so they would know if I talk to the person myself, but they wouldnt know Im here unless I want to!]

“Erhem.” or so Kuro told me, puffing out her modest chest…… The smug look she had on her face is annoyingly cute.

[Hmmm, theres still a lot of things I dont understand about magic, but does that mean that the nearby people wouldnt recognize Kuro as the Underworld King]

[Unnn. Or rather, its more like they dont feel anything out of place when they see me…… Well, its more like they would recognize me as a city girl you would normally see walking around here.]

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[I dont know if I should say I understand or not……]

[Ahaha, well, lets just put that aside and get going!]

As Kuro explained, Recognition Inhibition Magic is, to put it simply, something unnatural…… Even if you look at the unusual situation where the Underworld King is walking around the city, you would think its natural—– or perhaps, a magic that would make people recognize it as a scene no different from their everyday life Combined with the Information Concealment Magic, which apparently makes it so that if she doesnt talk to the other person directly, they wont know that Kuro is the Underworld King.

Well, it would be difficult to understand theoretically if you think about it in detail, so it would be better to just recognize it as magic being able to do something awesome.

[Speaking of which, where are we going today]

Incidentally, the escort for this date () is Kuro.

Normally, it would have been me, the man, who should have been the one escorting her, but Ive only been in this world for less than two weeks, and Ive only been in the city a few times, so its difficult for me to do that.

Thats why Kuro, who often visits the Symphonia Kingdom, is the one showing me around the city.

[There are a variety of shops around here and we can go around there, but its almost lunchtime already. Theres a place where food stalls gathered a short walk away from here, so lets go there first.]

[Oh, the food stalls of this world huh…… That sounds like fun.]

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[Unn, unnn. The Symphonia Kingdom has an advanced food culture, so theres lots of good food around here~~]

Seeing the happy smile on Kuros face, a smile inadvertently appeared on my face as I nodded my head.

I dont know if my personality could be described as having a good match with Kuros innocent and cheerful personality, but I enjoy being together with her, as a smile naturally appears on my face.

Im tired after all the things that happened yesterday, and today, Ill enjoy the opportunity of this short period of rest that Kuro has prepared for me.

[Now then, lets goooooo~!]

[Eh Wait, Kuro!]

[Unnn Whats the matter]

After cheerfully declaring so, Kuro takes my hand with action that looks like its natural for her.

[N- No, my hand……]

[Arent you supposed to hold hands on dates]

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[T- That really might be so but……]

[Then, it should be alright! Come on, lets go!]

[……Y- Yeah……]

After telling me like that as if its natural, Kuro proceeded to pull my hand and walked forward.

Wait a sec there, Kuro-san. Your guard is a little too loose!!! Or rather, your hands are tiny and soft…… Ah, Im starting to get nervous again, even though Im starting to calm down…… I guess this is also one of those days where Im going to be mentally struggling all day……

Dear Mom, Dad—— This may be an over the top template development in a way, but in any case, in this way—— my date with Kuro has begun.-

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