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I quietly walked down the dimly lit street. I felt that my steps were heavier than usual.

That wasn't because Luce-san was different from my Mom…… No, that's also part of the reason why too, but the biggest cause of this heaviness was something else.

Luce-san reminded me of my mother because she resembles her too much. Of course, I had never forgotten about her, but this was the first time in a long time that I remembered her so strongly.

At the time when my relatives had taken custody of my Mom and Dad…… I couldn't admit that my parents were gone, feeling depressed as I kept waiting for them to come home……

It's an appalling story, but I still haven't completely come to terms with the death of my parents, even after almost ten years.

However, I was a lot better compared to the time when I just came to this world. And I'm now very blessed…… So, I thought that a few more days passed and I'll be back to how I originally was……

[……I guess it can't be helped huh. This Angel of Love, Alice-chan, will give you plenty of pampering!]


[Hey! Why do you have a doubtful expression on your face! Why is your treatment to me different from Isis-san and Duchess Lilia!!!]

[I mean, it's Alice after all……]

[Ah, I see, I guess it's no wonder Alice is being treated so poorly. Understandable, have a——– that's wrong!!! I think Kaito-san should spoil me more!]

[……Pfff…… Ahaha.]

I really am quite blessed.

There is someone so close to me who can break my depression, bringing the smile back to my face.

[……Are you feeling better now]

[……Thanks, Alice.]

[I know, I know, you can praise me more. Now, now, keep the praises coming. If you want, you can also add a plate of seriously tasty dragon meat yakiniku as a reward, you know]


The smug look on her lively face, to which I feel like I could even hear some kind of smug background music from, was annoying as hell.

[Arehh~~ You were smiling earlier, but why is it that it feels like you're looking at an irredeemable idiot]

[That's because there's an irredeemable idiot nearby.]

[Good grief! Can't they just keep their eyes to themselves! Stop gawking at this cute Alice-chan!]

[I'm talking about you, idiot!]

Idle conversation, silly exchanges…… These things make me feel inexplicably happy, and I could feel my heart naturally feeling warm.

Seeing me like this, Alice slightly smiled, and without saying a word, she held my hand.

As our fingers intertwined…… Alice's hand feels so comforting that smile naturally appeared on my face again.

Dear Mom, Dad———- I'm sure that I haven't properly sorted out my feelings about your deaths just yet. However, you don't have to worry about that. There are important people who will be there for me now…… I mean, look, before I knew it————– The heaviness in my legs disappeared.

As she walked hand in hand with Kaito, Alice was talking to Iris within her mind…… or rather, residing in her Heart Tool.

(……What do you think)

(There were some things that she said that didn't make sense to me. It was as if there was a topic she didn't want to be touched on. Also, I really can't get used to you speaking with honorifics……)

(I already got used to speaking like this after spending my time in this world, so please get used to it instead. Well, that aside, I agree with you about this…… I remember the names and faces of all the participants of the Six Kings Festival, but I don't recognize who she is at all.)


(Well, as long as she says that she's a companion of a participant, it won't be easy to determine who she is.)

Yes, Alice was quite wary of Luce, whom Kaito had just encountered. At least to the point that she's questioning the exchange that took place……


(What's the matter)

("My clone has lost sight of her". She really is suspicious. Even though the one following her is just my clone, there aren't many who can get away from my pursuit. It's also impossible for me to not know about someone who can do such a thing.)

Alice was a person who held a vast amount of information, and she remembered people of all races, especially those who possess a certain level of power.

However, she was completely unfamiliar with Luce. Of course, Alice doesn't remember every creature in the world…… As for someone who can lose the pursuit of her clone, the Phantasmal King, there's no way she wouldn't know about her.

(……What do you think)

(My guess is that…… either Shallow Vernal-sama or that Earth God is involved. I think this is something I need to seriously investigate.)

(Did you tell Kaito about this)

(I can't say this to him right now. Giving Kaito-san information that I'm uncertain about will only hurt him.)

(Does that mean that "you're going to deal with her in secret")

(……Even if that thing really is Kaito-san's mother…… If any harm comes to Kaito-san, I will show no mercy. If she ever thinks of harming Kaito-san, I will do whatever it takes to erase her.)

Alice was aware of the possibility that Luce was indeed Kaito's mother. Rather, given the current situation, she assumed that the probability that she's Kaito's mother was reasonably high.

However, if that was the case, she didn't understand why she hadn't revealed herself to Kaito. What matters to Alice though is whether or not she will harm Kaito or not, holding no interest in the life of Kaito's mother.

Feeling as if something big was starting to move, Alice held unto her anxiety in her heart…… and tightened her grip on Kaito's hand.

Promising herself that she would never let this warmth disappear……

: [Well~~ As expected of Alice-chan, what a great woman she is. Isn't this what they called "having the support of the wife behind the scenes" She quickly made a follow-up when Kaito-san's is feeling depressed, and kept a vigilant eye, watching out for things that he had missed. On top of that, she's perfect at housework and is an eye-dazzling Transcendental Beauty…… Well~~ For him to have such a perfect lover, Kaito-san is really lucky! Alice is already a main heroine-tier! That's something I'm sure of!!!]

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