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The delicious meal was over in a flash, and just as I was finishing the last dish, Luna-san spoke.

[The head chef will come to greet you after dinner, Miyama-sama…… Please do your best at time.]

[Eh N- No, I'd like it if you can help me……]

[Unfortunately, My Lady, who is used to such things…… is in "this state"……]


Yes, Lilia-san actually hadn't regained consciousness yet. No, isn't this actually the longest time she had fainted ever

So, Lilia-san was only able to eat halfway through her meal, but Luna-san consulted with the shop and asked them for permission to take her meal home in a magic box.

[Well, putting aside Kaito-senpai's situation, magic boxes are very useful in situations like this, isn't it]

[Putting aside Kaito-san's situation, would a high-class restaurant like this really allow take outs]

[I guess they would quickly allow it if we just mention Miyama-sama's name.]

[……Oi, why the heck are you talking about such things as if I'm not here……]

My two kouhais aren't worried about me at all…… C- Could I take this as a sign of their trust in me They're just saying such things because they trust me, right

[Ahh, don't worry. "Miyama-sama would make sure to tell them" our thoughts regarding the food as our representative……]


Luna-san, do you have some sort of resentment against me Even though I'm acquainted with some amazing people, I'm just an ordinary citizen……

I mean, my favorite Chinese cuisine is fried rice……

As I was thinking about this, an attack towards Luna-san came from someone unexpected.

[Ara ara, Lu-chan really "loves" Miyama-san huh~~]

[M- Mom! What are you suddenly saying! Or rather, where the heck are you getting such a thing……]

[Eh I mean, Lu-chan always had "the tendency to play pranks on people you love", right You wanted to gain their attention, didn't you]

[Uwaaaaahhh! C- Can you please stop saying incomprehensible things!!! You're wrong! You're totally wrong!!!]

Luna-san's greatest weakness, or in a sense, her greatest natural enemy, her mother…… Noir-san's statement caused Luna-san to hurriedly shake her head to deny her statement.

Well, it's interesting to know about Lunamaria-san's true intentions with her actions but…… there's one thing I'd like to ask before that. Noir-san, when the heck did you move next to my seat!

[……Noir-san, why are you sitting next to me]

[Is it not alright]

[T- That's not it!]

Stop it, please stop it…… Can you please stop looking up at me with that adult-like bewitching sex appeal……

Her cheeks slightly blushing red, perhaps from drinking wine, and her dress that was boldly open-shouldered…… Even with her petite figure, I don't know if I should say that it's to be expected from a widow or not, but her sex appeal makes me feel giddy.

Or rather, can we stop right there! Why the heck are you leaning on me, clinging on my arms like that!

[M- Mom! What are you doing!!!]

[I'm just a bit drunk……]

[Then why did you drink alcohol! You do know that you're not a very good drinker, right]

[Ahh, it might not be alcohol though…… I might just be drunk on Miyama-san~~]

[Hey…… Please listen to me, Mom.]

Saying this, Nor-san loosely hugged my arm and stuck her cheeks to my arm. Please stop that, I…… or rather, all the healthy young men in the world are vulnerable to such a thing……

[Miyama-san, I had a great time this evening……]

[Eh Y- Yes, t- the dinner was really fun.]

[However, the more fun you have, the lonelier it feels when it ends. I'm sure tonight will be a night where I'm trembling in loneliness.]

[I- I guess that might be the case……]

[Haahhh…… On nights like that, it would be nice to have a fantastic man like you to keep my body warm…… I'm sure that that would make me feel greater happiness, as a woman that is.]


Noir-san seemed to be completely drunk as she lightly breathed out while staring at me with glazed eyes. Every breath she takes looked absurdly erotic…… S- So this is an adult woman huh……

I mean, there's a lot of dangerous things with what you're saying, you know! Seriously, could you please stop with that hand of yours, caressing my arm!

While I feel my heart beating extremely fast because of her sex appeal, Noir-san brought her mouth close to my ear, speaking to me with a voice filled with passion.

[……How about it If you don't mind…… How about we go drink after this, "just the two of us"]

[ ! ]

[Mom!!! You can't! There's no way I'll allow that!!! Come one, please let go of Miyama-sama already!]

As I was being exposed to the thrilling experience of having things whispered directly to my ear, Luna-san approached us and pulled Noir-san away.

[Lu-chan Ahh, I see…… Lu-chan also wants to come, right]

[W- W- W- What the heck are you talking about, you drunkard!!! Let go already! We're going back to our inn!]

[You don't have to be shy, you know This may be Lu-chan's first time, so Mom will teach you everything, okay]

[Ahh, geez!]

As Noir-san hugged my arm, refusing to let go, Luna-san tried to twist her body between Noir-san and I, trying to pull Noir-san away.

I've been feeling something that feels really great on my right arm since a while ago but…… Hey, can someone help me……

[Now then, let's just leave those two for Kaito-san to deal with. How about we chat while waiting for Lilia-san to wake up]


[……Good gracious, Miyama-kun is amazing.]

[Why don't you follow Miyama-kun's example and get yourself another wife or two, Rei]

[U- Umu, well, let's just push that aside for another time.]

Aoi-chan, Hina-chan, even Rei-san and Fia-san…… N- No, there's still Sieg-san and Anima……

[Oya Speaking of which, where's Sieg]

[Ahh, she went to pay the bill in Lilia-chan's stead…… Anima-chan seems to have left too, it seems like she had something to do, bringing Eta-chan and Thetta-chan with her.]

I don't have…… any allies left.

Dear Mom, Dad————– There are people everywhere who have bad habits after they get drunk, and it seems like Noir-san is in a way, a very troublesome drunkard. The way she approached me brimming with the sex appeal of an adult, I guess it's to be expected from a widow huh…… Can anyone please get me out of here…… Or rather———— Please wake up already, Lilia-san!

Serious-senpai Act3 (Receiving Damage): [Drunk widows…… Just hearing it makes me think that it's amazing…… Unnn, I understand, I understand. The next chapter would be filled with seriousness, right The next chapter would be filled with seriousness. The next chapter would be filled with seriousness, that's why, s- s- s- something like this isn't a problem……]

T/N: I won't be around on the weekends, so I'll be posting the chapters today. See ya on Monday.


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