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After recovering from the shock of seeing Kuro's forehead flick (strong), I came back to the festival with Isis-san again.

[……I'm kind of thirsty from the weird ruckus that happened just now. Should we get something to drink]

[……Unnn…… There is…… a stall…… over there.]

[Ohh, well then, I'll go get us something to drink. Isis-san, what would you like to have]

Isis-san then pointed to a stall selling what looked like fruit juice. With a quick glance at the item list, I could see different types of juices and containers arranged in easy-to-understand sizes.

When I called out to Isis-san with the intention of buying one for her, Isis-san thought for a moment before speaking.

[……What will Kaito…… be getting]

[I will have, errr…… ripple juice, I think.]

[……Then…… I'd like…… to have that.]

[Eh E- Errr, are you talking about…… that one on the far right, "the large cup with two straws"]

[……Unnn……. I want to…… drink together…… with Kaito.]

No matter how I looked at it, what Isis-san wanted to drink was the for-couples-only cup. U- Unnn, no, well…… We certainly are a couple, so I guess there's nothing wrong with choosing that.

Even so, we're in the middle of a festival…… and there are lots of people around us. I- I'm kind of embarrassed being seen by people around us as an idiotic couple.

[……Kaito…… Do you dislike…… drinking with me……]

[I don't dislike it! I'll definitely order it!]

[……Ahh…… Unnn!]

However, my embarrassment was powerless in front of Isis-san's smile. My embarrassment was just a small price to pay when I thought about how happy Isis-san would be when we did this…… I don't even have to weigh to know which one of these two were more important for me.

Immediately after agreeing to her, I bought a cup of ripple juice from the stall. Of course, the container was the couple size that Isis-san requested.

[I bought it.]

[……Thank you…… I'm happy.]

[E- Errr, well then, shall we drink]


Seeing Isis-san so happy, I felt a bit embarrassed, but I also brought my mouth near one of the straws.

Thereupon, Isis-san also moved, drawing our faces closer to each other.

H- How should I say this…… We should have kissed multiple times already, so I shouldn't have been embarrassed with her face being so close to mine, but an event like this that directly showed that we were a couple made me feel a different kind of embarrassment compared to when we were kissing.

As our faces came closer together, our eyes werent closed like when we were kissing, so I could see Isis-san's face very clearly.

I could see her glossy, soft lips held on to the straw, and her ruby eyes that were staring straight into mine.

As we started to drink the juice, facing each other, Isis-san seemed really happy, her cheeks slightly blushed red and a smile appeared on her lips.

Looking at her face up close, I felt my heart beat strangely fast again.

After a while, we finished drinking the juice in the container, but we didn't take our mouths off the straws.

I thought of following Isis-san when she pulled her mouth away but…… Isis-san was apparently thinking the same thing.

Waiting for each other to move, we both lost the timing of when to move our mouths away. We just stared at each other like that without saying a word.

Seeing her up close like this, I realized once again that Isis-san was an exquisite beauty. Isis-san's snow-white skin and fleeting atmosphere all seemed to enhance her very being.

Staring at her like this made me feel passion gradually build up in our gazes. From her eyes, I could see her overflowing love for me, and my feelings of love for her were growing stronger and stronger.

I wonder who was it that initiated it Our mouths that had been spontaneously sucking on the straws stopped, and the distance between Isis-san and I became even closer.

I could feel her slender hand slowly place itself on my back, and I also placed my hand on Isis-san's small back.

Slowly but surely…… both of us brought our faces close to each other…… And the distance between Isis-san and I became zero.

Now, at this moment, I felt as if the two of us were the only people in the world. I could feel the warmth of Isis-san's body in my arms gradually increasing, making me feel the desire to hug her even tighter…… but the sound of our cup falling on the ground brought clarity back to my mind.


Letting go of Isis-san's lips, I looked around, like a broken tin doll, feeling as if the blood was being drained away from my body.

As far as my eyes could see, there were people, people, people…… Forming a circle a considerable distance from us, a surprisingly large number of people were intently staring at us.

I realized where we were again…… We were currently in a large city hosting a big festival called the Six Kings Festival, and the participants of this festival were incredibly numerous.

So, what does this mean It meant that Isis-san and I embraced in public, and were even passionately kissing each other……

[Ahh, aaaaaaa…… I- Isis-san!]

[Eh Kya…… K- Kyaito]

I thought all the blood had drained out of my body, but I felt heat and embarrassment burst out like an explosion of blood from my body.

……From that point on, my actions were swift. I smoothly carried Isis-san's body in a princess carry…… and ran away from that place with a speed unparalleled in history.

Dear Mom, Dad————— Aaaaaaahhhhh! I- I've done it noooooooow! Just because I really love Isis-san and the mood there was quite good, I couldn't help myself and…… Uwaaaaahhhhh!!! This is bad! This is abnormally embarrassing! I- In a situation like this————- It's already on the level where I can't show my face anymore!

Serious-senpai: [A- Ahaha, ahahaha…… That's right, I am serious, and seriousness is I…… It's alright…… I'm not afraid of anything anymore.]

: [……………………..]

Serious-senpai: [Aha! So you've arrived, Mysterious Woman …… However, as I have now become seriousness itself, even someone like you——— Fuuguhh!]

: [Ah~~ Hello Yes, can I request an ambulance Yes, it's just that I found a crazy woman here…… Yes, I'm safe. I properly kept my distance from her. The crazy woman fell asleep after making a lot of ruckus. Yes, please send her to the Isolation Ward.]

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