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Appearing in the place where were having talks with the Goddess of Time is Shiro and with her appearance, the atmosphere of the place looked like theyve seen something unbelievable. I guess thats to be expected, for Shiro-san is the God of Creation…… The head of the Divine Realm.

With the sudden appearance of such an existence, the area was completely frozen.

[Sha– Shallow Vernal-sama. W- Why are you suddenly in the Human Realm……]

With her head hanging down, her voice slightly trembles as the Goddess of Time asked.

I had heard that the Divine Realm was a completely vertical society, but it became clearer to me as I looked at the Goddess of Time. Even for the Goddess of Time, who has the status of being the Supreme God, second only to the God of Creation, it seems that Shiro-san, the God of Creation, is a completely extraordinary entity for the Goddess of Time.

And while the Goddess of Time is kneeling like that, Shiro-san…… didnt seem to be particularly bothered, and before long, she sat down in a chair that appeared before I knew it and began to drink her tea. It looks like shes completely ignoring the Goddess of Time though……

[E- Err, Shiro-sa—– [Insolent!!!] ——!]

I was about to unintentionally tsukkomi Shiro-sans behavior of acting as she pleases just like she always does, but was interrupted by the Goddess of Times sharp voice.

Ah, sh*t…… Ive completely f*cked up. I spoke to her the same way Ive been doing just a few moments ago, but the other part is the top of the Divine Realm, the God of Creation, and she is supposed to be an existence that shouldnt be spoken to so casually.

Without even having time to apologize for my blunder, the Goddess of Time turned her sharp eyes towards me.

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[You bast*rd! Who the heck do you think you are to speak so casually to Shallow Vernal-sama!]

[I- Im sorr—- [I myself allowed him, does he need to get permission from some other people] —–Eh]

[Wha—! Shallow Vernal-sama!]

I was about to hurriedly apologize to the Goddess of Time, but my words were interrupted by Shiro-san.

Then, Shiro-san turned to the astonished Goddess of Time with the expression she usually has, and repeated in a voice with no inflection at all.

[Does he need to get permission from some other people]

[N- No, my apologies.]

Receiving these words that dont have any inflection at all…… Words that may feel frighteningly cold when said at this timing, the Goddess of Time turns pale and deeply bowed her head to apologize.

Yes, I can understand how the Goddess of Time is feeling very well. When she repeats something with that inflectionless voice of hers, its terribly intimidating……

[Its been a while. Shallow Vernal-sama.]

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[Kuros attendant. Its been a long time.]

At that moment, Ein-san also greets Shiro-san while kneeling on the ground and deeply bowing her head.

The greeting she did isnt the usual greeting that Ein-san usually does, but with an etiquette of the highest level, as if she were before a king, and that shows how high Shiro-sans position is. For even that Ein-san is showing that much respect to her……

Perhaps sensing my emotions, Ein-san, who came over my way after giving Shiro-san a simple greeting, silently mutters.

[……That should be obvious. Shallow Vernal-sama is the one who comes closest to the word omnipotent in this world. She isnt someone I can ever oppose.]

Apparently, Shiro-san is seriously the real thing among the Gods. Shes almost omnipotent, and isnt at a level that something like a cheat could ever reach.

I see, I could now understand why Kuro laughed so hard when I told her about my conversation with Shiro-san before.

That is to say, I just said “Thats impossible for you” to an omnipotent God. Ignorance is a scary thing……

And then, thats when I suddenly remembered. The person who was here, but remained silent until now……


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When I moved my gaze to the side, Lilia-san had…… fainted on the ground with bubbles frothing out of her mouth.

[Wha–, Lilia-san! Are you alright Please get a grip!]

[……Huh! Ka- Kaito-san I- Im sorry…… Its just that I had a strange dream. How is it possible that the God of Creation would suddenly appear in front of me……]

[You talking about me]

[……T- The God of Creation It isnt just a dream]


[A- Awa— Awawawawa, m- my apologies. I— Ive b-b-b- been impolite, errr, ummm…… Kyyuuu~]


Somehow the situation seems to be far beyond Lilia-sans tolerance, as when Shiro-san spoke to her, Lilia-sans eyes moved around in circles before she fainted again…… Ah, this is no good.

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For the time being, lets just leave Lilia-san like that. Shed just probably pass out if I wake her up again so…… Lets go to Shiro-sans side first to restore the tension in the air.

[Err, Shiro…… No, Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[You can just call me Shiro like you always do.]

[No, as expected, that is…]

[You can just call me Shiro like you always do.]

[H- However……]

[You can just call me Shiro like you always do.]

[Ah, yes.]

Youre that firm that you wont even concede to that! The glances of the Goddess of Time that seems like shes asking “Who the heck is this guy” really hurts, and I wish shed stop looking at me like that……

Anyway, errr, an explanation, yes, we need to explain it to them…… or rather, Id appreciate it if you could explain it to them……

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[Kaito-san is a human Ive granted my blessing to. I was the one who was talking to Kaito-san earlier. And I came here because I heard his request to clear up the misunderstanding.]

[ [ ! ] ]

Thank you very much for your terribly concise speech that sounds like youre dropping a bomb towards them. Both the Goddess of Time and Ein-san are completely surprised, frozen in their places……

However, Ein-san is Kuros maid, and after a little while, she nodded her head in agreement, as if she somehow figured out the situation.

The problem is the Goddess of Time, and with an expression that looks like she completely doesnt understand, she flusteredly spoke to Shiro-san.

[Sha- Shallow Vernal-sama granted your blessing to a mere mortal! W- Who the heck is this Miyama]

[Kaito-san is an otherworlder.]

[……No, I dont think thats what shes trying to ask.]

It seems to be a shock to the Goddess of Time that the God of Creation has blessed me, a mere mortal, as she asked if Im some kind of extraordinary being…… But as expected of the Airhead Goddess, she doesnt read between the lines at all just as usual.

Look, Shiro-san, the Goddess of Time wants to know why Shiro-san gave me your blessing, and what kind of relationship I have with you.

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If you just tell them that you were asked by Kuro to bless me, they should be able to understand, then we can just throw this whole situation to Kuro, settling this matter here……

I tried telling Shiro-san, who can read my mind, what I want her to explain in my mind. It seems like Shiro-san understood as she nodded once. She then turns to the Goddess of Time and opens her mouth.

[Initially, I performed the blessing noncommittally at Kuros request, but since I was interested in Kaito-san, I removed my previous blessing and seriously granted him my blessing.]

[Sha- Shallow Vernal-sama is interested in him!]

[……Could you wait a second there, Shiro-san]

[We had tea together afterwards. Right now, were still in a relationship where my Affection rises and falls, and it seems like Im Kaito-sans capture target.]

[Huh Errr, Afexion Capture target T- That is…… What kind of relationship is that]

[Its a relationship where we save up Affection Points, and eventually “develops into a sexual relationship”.]



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Why the heck are you throwing nuclear bombs here, you stupid goddess!!! Instead of settling the matter here, you just made things far more troublesome than before!

Even just your explanation to what Affection and Capture Target just blew everything up!!! In the first place, doesnt that knowledge of yours come from an adult game Seriously, where is this person getting all her information

It seems that relying on Shiro-san was a mistake, as the Goddess of Time stiffened with a face that looks like a haniwa, and I could only hold my head in my hands.

And since then, Ive spent a long, long time…… A really long time trying to desperately gather the words of excuses just to clear up this misunderstanding between the Goddess of Time and Shiro-san.

Dear Mom, Dad—— The place was in turmoil with Shiro-sans appearance and it didnt just bring halfhearted worries to our hearts. I dont know what to say anymore—– Im just really tired.-

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