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After lunch, I was guided around the festival by Lillywood-san again.

From Lillywood-san's explanation, it seems like she had chosen to show me around the rare plants, and seeing all the plants that Ive never seen before made me feel thrilled for someone of my age.

Then, we went around a few places and came to an area where there were a lot of long, thin trees, about three meters tall.

[O- Ooohhh……]

"What do you think They're interesting trees, aren't they"

[Yes. It feels like they're made of rubber.]

The tree that Lillywood-san introduced me to this time was very soft and bent when I pushed it with my hand.

It seemed to be used as a material for cushions and sofas because of its excellent texture. I kinda want to buy one now.

"The platform over there is also made from this tree. You can walk on it with your shoes on, so how about experiencing walking on it yourself"


With Lillywood-san's urging, I went to the platform made of soft wood.

When I stepped on it, I felt my feet being bounced back, just like the bouncy castle children played in, and my body moved up and down a bit as I walked forward. Ahh, this is kinda fun.

[Heehhh…… This is a lot more flexible than I thought it would be…… Eh]

"Yes, it's also very comfortable to sit on. Unnn Is something the matter"

[N- No, nothing……]

I turned to Lillywood-san to tell her what I thought, but at that moment, she got on the platform too.

Thereupon, what do you think happened What happened is that because Lillywood-san's body was moving up and down due to the platform's rebound, her bountiful twin hills greatly swaying along. My eyes couldn't help but be glued towards them.

I heard that women were sensitive to such gazes, so I hurriedly averted my eyes but…… Lillywood-san didn't seem to notice at all, as she's just looking at me with her head tilting in wonder.

……Her guard really is too loose.

No, but even so, Lillywood-san's breasts really were quite big.

They were large enough that their size was clearly visible even when wearing loose-fitting ethnic-style clothing. In addition, they're beautifully round and weren't droopy at all.

I admit, slender women are more to my taste…… but when they have breasts as beautiful as Lillywood-san's, I can't help but follow them with my eyes regardless of my tastes.

I heard someone say that big is better than small, but I guess this is exactly what they meant.

……no, wait a moment there! What the heck am I thinking!

It would be disrespectful to Lillywood-san to look at her with such dirty eyes.

Even if it's impossible to not look at them because it's in a man's nature to look at them from time to time, let's make sure that we don't think of anything strange.

"Kaito-san Is something the matter"

[Ah, no! I was just happy to have Lillywood-san show me around that I was just a bit absorbed. Now, let's move on!]

"Eh Ah, yes!"

Embarrassed, I somewhat forcefully moved the conversation with Lillywood-san forward, and headed to the next location.

I wonder what this is though This strange embarrassment I'm feeling…… I don't think I had much of a chance to talk with Lillywood-san like this.

When I visited the Demon Realm before, I was only being seriously guided and escorted, so Lillywood-san had a serious expression on her face most of the time.

However, yesterday and today…… I felt that Lillywood-san was showing me her true self.

The gentle and kind part of her was the same as always, but she showed me not only her usual gentle smile, but also her bright, cheerful smile. And now, she's showing me a cute gesture of tilting her head.

Perhaps, I was feeling strangely embarrassed because she was showing me a feminine gesture instead of her face as the World King.

I described Lillywood-san yesterday and today as someone that is too unguarded. However, if I were to describe her accurately…… I would rather say that "Lillywood-san, who never showed an opening before, started opening up to me yesterday".

It makes me feel Lillywood-san deeply trusts me, which honestly makes me happy.

[What plants will we see next]

"Next will be, let's see…… How about we go to the area with the carpet of small flowers"

[Ohh, that sounds like it would be beautiful just by hearing it. I'm really looking forward to it.]


A carpet of flowers huh. I can somehow imagine it, but this was something held during a humongous event, the Six Kings Festival…… I'm sure it will be more spectacular than I imagined. I feel my expectations about it suddenly rising.

Then, I suddenly noticed Lillywood-san staring at my face. Tilting my head, I asked.


"……Do you like nature, Kaito-san"

[Yes. Though I say that, I'm not as knowledgeable as Lillywood-san…… All I can say is that nature is beautiful and relaxing…… so I like it a lot.]

"Having knowledge is convenient, but it isn't necessary to love nature. The plants are happy just because Kaito-san likes them."

Thereupon, Lillywood-san paused for a bit, before a smile as beautiful as a fully-bloomed flower appeared on her lips.

"……Of course, I also like you, who says you like nature, very much."

[T- Thank you very much.]

"Fufufu. Let's go then."

As she told me this in a gentle voice, a small but very beautiful peach-colored flower bloomed on Lillywood-san's head, a little above her right ear.

Dear Mom, Dad———— I could be mistaken, but that flower on her head———– It seems to indicate that the fondness Lillywood-san had for me was true.

~~ Lillywood's hair (leaves) changes ~~

Normal…… Verdant, bright green leaves.

Tired…… Autumn red leaves.

Extremely tired…… Withered leaves.

Happy…… A flower bud will appear above her ear.

When she holds deep fondness (affection) for someone…… A peach-colored flower blooms above her ear.

When she falls in love with someone…… Flowers will bloom all over her hair.

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