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The third match between Kaito and Megiddo. In the final match, an Obstacle Course, Megiddo took the lead.

Currently, Megiddo is only using the same physical abilities as Kaito, and simply put, Kaito, who can use Body Strengthening Magic, should have been faster and more powerful than Megiddo.

However, Megiddo still currently has a large lead…… One of the reasons for this is the difference in stamina.

Megiddo is certainly running with the same physical ability as Kaito, but Megiddo is able to maintain Kaitos maximum speed until the goal.

However, Kaito had to run while adjusting his stamina, and as a result, there was a gap of about two obstacles between them.

However, bluntly speaking, “Megiddo had predicted for a development like this to occur”. Or rather, it might be better to say that this was inevitable.

Even if two people drive the same car that has the same performance, the difference between the abilities of an F1 racer and an amateur driver can be clearly seen. It was natural that Megiddo would take the lead.

Yes, thats why…… Megiddo asked “Alice to be the one creating these obstacles”.

After glancing at the Live commentator Alice, Megiddo grinned and turned his attention back to the race course.

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(I know…… The real deal is about to come now, right Shalltear, youre extremely partial towards Kaito. That is exactly why I asked you this! If its you, “youd make a race course that would give Kaito a good chance of beating me”, even under these conditions, right It wouldnt be any fun if you dont! Now, what have you prepared)

With a smile on his face, he arrived at the next obstacle.

Before him was a small cube placed on the desk. Seeing this cube, Megiddo slowed down and tilted his head in wonder.

(……Whats this)

Megiddo, seeing the Rubiks Cube for the first time, quickly looks over the instructions on the desk.

(I see…… So its a puzzle huh…… Fumu, I thought I knew some things about toys from another world, but Ive never seen this before…… Well, this is just about making this toys six sides have the same colors, so lets get this over with.)

Megiddo moves the cube around, checking the combinations…… Even though it was the first time he had used this toy, it was simple to play and he was able to match the colors smoothly.

A minute or so after Megiddo arrived at this obstacle, Kaito finally caught up with him.

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(……Youre being naive, Kaito certainly may have been accustomed with this toy…… but Ive already solved three sides. After a minute here, this will be an easy victory…… Unnn)

Thinking that he wont be able to turn the tables here, Megiddo glanced towards Kaito…… He held the Rubiks Cube in his hand and looked at it from various angles for about 10 seconds.

And then……

[W- Whaaaaaat!]

Immediately afterwards, Kaitos hands moved without any hesitation and arranged all six sides in the blink of an eye.

(T- Thats impossible! What the heck was that just now It only took him 20 seconds…… no, less than 15 seconds to complete it!)

For Kaito, Rubiks Cube is one of his few specialties, but Megiddo, who has no idea about such a thing, is so astonished that his hands stopped.

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(I- Its as if he knows the procedure all along…… Could it be that Shalltear taught him that No, thats not it. Theres no way that she would blatantly use such a method…… Im pretty sure she made this course in favor for Kaito, but its really hard to tell……)

For a moment, Megiddo considered the possibility that Alice had leaked the answer to Kaito, but he quickly dismissed it in his mind and returned to the task of aligning the Rubiks cube.

However, he wasnt just lightly shaken, he was feeling somewhat flustered.

(……The first obstacle, stepping stones were large and closely spaced. The second obstacle, the slop was also made of non-slip materials…… They had been adjusted so that even Kaito who wasnt used to moving his body could easily break through. Yes, Shalltears help should be just that…… Anything more than that wouldnt convince Kaito that she isnt being biased towards him. That means what happened just now was just Kaitos ability However, how could he solve it that fast…… No, wait a moment)

In response to Kaitos speed, which could be described as overwhelming, Megiddo tried to calm his agitated mind and regulated his thoughts.

At that moment, Megiddo had also arranged all six sides and continued to think as he ran to catch up with Kaito who was ahead of him.

(Kaito looked at the cube for about 10 seconds in the beginning…… Could it be…… He saw through the steps to solve it in those ten seconds! T- Thats outrageous……)

When Megiddo realized how good Kaito was at Rubiks Cube, he slightly shivered, and shaking his shoulders once…… before he viciously smiled.

[H- Hahaha! Thats right!!! Now this is what Im talking about!!!]

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For Megiddo, competitions are the best…… Megiddo is a genuine battle maniac who is more motivated the stronger his opponents are.

And now, his fighting spirit was ignited.

Although he was still adhering to the limits of physical abilities theyve arranged, his movements were even leaner and sharper than before.

His momentum was so strong that he immediately caught up with Kaito and overtook him……

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Even though Megiddo, who was running with a burning fighting spirit, was gradually pulling away from him, the expression on Kaitos face did not change.

And then, he quietly muttered something.

[……With this…… Setting up for the end game is complete…… Just…… a few distance more……]

Kaito quietly but is surely making his preparations…… Even as the gap widened between them, there was still not a trace of resignation in his eyes.

There are now three obstacles of a difference between him and Megiddo…… Even so, hes still “within range” so……

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Kaito, what in the world are you going to use your whateverpilot for……

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