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The second match of the three-game match against Megiddo-san. The othello matchup went back and forth, and finally, the board was approaching the end game.

It was a close match…… or so, I would like to say but…… Unnn. The board is already filled with so much red that theres nowhere for me to place my stones on.

I- It seems like I lost. Why cant I win at this kind of board game I even lost in that game of shogi against Alice when she only had “her king and a knight” on her side……

Alice was also bewildered at that time…… “I- Is there even any better handicap than this……” or so she said……

W- Well, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. E- Even I have things Im not good at and things that Im not.

Im just not very good at board games…… I- Ill have you know that Im super good at rubiks cube! Just so you know, my personal record in solving one is 12 seconds!!!

Eh Youre going to go that far! Am I seriously that weak! Im so bad at it that youre calling it a sad battle!

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[Kaito…… Ummm, Im sorry.]

[……Lets go with the third match.]


I cant endure the atmosphere anymore. Even Megiddo-san has a sad expression on his face……

Unnn, lets just get to the next match. The atmosphere is very unpleasant now.

[……Alright! Lets pull ourselves together and get to the third match! This will be the final battle!!!]


[Looking good, Kaito. Well then, lets get things ready!]

[Eh Wha!]

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Boldly smiling, Megiddo-san snapped his finger, and the scenery of the arena changed with the sound of the earth shaking.

A series of devices that looked like amusement part attractions at first glance appeared one after another, forming what seemed to be a race course that circled the large arena…… Oi, wait a moment, could this be……

[The last match will be an “Obstacle Course”! As expected, the finale should be a physical match!!!]


Something that I cant win at all appeared! What the heck are you expecting from the slime-like me, Megiddo-san!

[Ahh, dont worry, of course, Im not going to have Kaito fight a match that you cant win. Ill be giving you a handicap.]

[……A handicap]

[Ohh! Im going to compete with “a body with the same physical abilities as Kaito”. Im not going to move in ways that are impossible with your physical abilities, nor will I move at speeds that are impossible for you…… Well, theres still a difference between our stamina, so “Kaito can use magic, while I could not”!]


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I see, that certainly makes it possible for me to win.

If Megiddo-san has the same ability as me, then we would be even in terms of speed…… Megiddo-san still has an advantage in stamina and skill though, so hell adjust that by having me the only one who can use magic.

[……What about stuff like Body Strengthening Magic]

[Yeah, Im not going to use it. Kaito can use it though.]

Apparently, I could also use Body Strengthening Magic. My Body Strengthening Magic is quite shabby, only increasing my physical ability by 20% at best, but it is still enough of an advantage. That means I have better maximum speed.


Ive heard that the Live commentator and analyst will also serve as the referee, but I dont think Megiddo-san would violate the terms he himself decided. Thats something I dont doubt a single bit.

The conditions arent bad…… In fact, I could even say that I have a significant advantage against him. I can even use Autopilot……

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The problem is that the race course looked quite complicated and long…… Im worried about my stamina, but Ive also been running with Hina-chan a lot, so I think my stamina has gotten better than when I first came to this world.

Nodding my head in agreement with Megiddo-san, we headed to the starting point together.

As I stood at the starting point, I noticed the first obstacle waiting for me. About a hundred meters ahead of us were footholds…… things that looked like stepping stones jutting out from a pool of water.

Beyond that was a steep slope. It wasnt so steep that it would rather be called a wall, but it is still quite steep…… Mhmm, its hard to see every obstacle from where I am, but it seems like it would have lots of ups and downs.

Uwaahhh…… The one who actually made these troublesome obstacles was her huh.

T- This is going to be tough without some solid strategy…… Especially for my autopilot. Its a powerful magic that provides me maximum performance with minimal movement, but it is difficult to use.

Its impossible for me to keep it active throughout the race, and it takes time to prepare because I have to set it up while moving, so I need to plan well when to make use of this magic.

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With Alices signal, Megiddo-san and I dashed forward.

As expected, I was faster than him with my Body Strengthening Magic, and I made it to the first stepping stone first.

It doesnt feel like each stone was that wide, so if I leap forward while slowing down a bit……

Just as I was thinking that, I tried to jump to the first stepping stone, but Megiddo-san, who had caught up with me, leapt without slowing down at all.


Then, he jumped to the first stepping stone, leapt to a stepping stone quite a distance away, and as he arrived on that stepping stone with his hands on the ground, he pushed forth, jumping to the next stepping stone.

With acrobatic movements as if hes a gymnast, he quickly broke through the first obstacle.

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Astonished by his movements, I reflexively turned my attention to where the commentators Alice and Fate-san sat…… but they judged his movements as clear. Eh Seriously He can do that It was possible for him to move like that even with my physical abilities

E- Even with the same physical abilities, there would still be a difference depending on who operates that body huh…… This is going to be a tough fight.

Dear Mom, Dad———— The third match has finally arrived. An obstacle race against Megiddo-san began. Although I have the advantage in terms of abilities I can make use of, I dont know if I should say that its to be expected or not but———— This match isnt going to be that easy.

Kaito-kuns special skill…… Rubiks cube.

Hes as simple as always.

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