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Im having a three-game match against Megiddo-san…… After a ten-minute break, the next game well be having will be the second match.

Im actually damaged mentally pretty much, you know…… I dont want to fight anyone in an art competition ever again. A new black history has been created at this moment.

Fate-saaaaaan! Stop that! Seriously, please stop that! Why the heck are you trying to have my black history for take out! No, thats a big no!

Oiiiiii! Why the heck did you turn that monstrosity into a prize without my permission! Oi, the red gorilla over there…… Whats with the thumbs up Stop with those eyes that seem to say that “there are a lot of people with eyes for good things here”!

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I mean, who the heck would even want something like that!

There were so many of them! Wait…… What in the world are all of you doing…… Just thinking about how that thing is going on the hands of someone I know makes it feel like Im in hell, you know!

Also, Eden-san! What the heck are you doing!

……How the heck did this happen No, unnn. Lets just think about it later…… Or rather, lets just participate in that rock-paper-scissors tournament later. I need to stop any negative legacies from falling into the hands of others at all costs……

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As I turned my eyes away from the cruelty of the world, Alice urged us to play the second match, and Megiddo-san, who heard her, took a huge board() out of nowhere.

[Alright! The second match will be…… a game decided by “how we read each others thoughts and the strategy to make use of it”! Well be playing the “Double Color” game!!!]

[……Double Color]

[Unnn Yeah, its just a simple game. Even a kid can play it. However, its a game so deep that it deserves to be our game!]

Fumu…… In front of me and Megiddo-san, there is a large board with squares…… This should mean that its a board game huh

There are two stones in the center, one red and one blue, and they should be used in the game…… Hmmm. This somehow looks very familiar.

[The rules are simple. Im red, Kaito is blue…… Then, we would take turns placing stones on the board. And when you place a stone, the opponents stone or stones in between your stones will change to your color. Repeating this process, the player with the most stones of his color wins!]


……Ah, I see…… Its “othello” huh……

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It was about four times the size of the othello board I knew, but other than that, the rules were almost the same.

It seems to be a magic tool that automatically changes the color of the stones that were interposed between pieces, so its like a convenient Othello.

[Do you understand the rules Then, lets start! Lets have a burning hot game!!!]

[……I will be in your care.]

And so began the second match between Megiddo-san and I…… a huge-sized Othello game.

Dear Mom, Dad————– The fearless smile on Megiddo-sans face was not that of a man driven to a corner. Burning with fighting spirit, he faced me. However, there was one thing that he overlooked. No————– Theres a secret that Megiddo-san didnt know.

As Kaito and Megiddo began to confront each other, and after a while, Alice and Fate began to give commentary.

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While watching the magically displayed images in the sky above the arena, Alice and Fate explained the early stages of the match.

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When Alice told her that she already knows the outcome, even though the game is still ongoing, Fate curiously asked her.

Thereupon, Alices expression became even more complicated and turning to Fate, she murmured.

Yes, Alice knew about it. She often played together with Kaito, and had played board games with him before. However, Kaito was bad at strategy-type board games like chess.

He was so bad at it that Alice became concerned about him instead……

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And that was also true for Megiddo who was currently playing against him.

(O- Oi, oi, Kaito! You shouldnt place a piece at that square! Heck, why are you putting your stone over there! If you place it there, everything on the upper left corner will be……)

Megiddo was currently on the edge with each of their moves. However, it wasnt because of the board……

(You idiot! One more square to the right and it would have been perfect! You cant connect to the next move with that at all, you know! ……K- Kaito…… My bad. I see, so youre…… really bad at playing Double Color huh……)

Without realizing that Megiddo was beginning to feel pity for him, Kaito had once again placed the stone in a completely wrong square.

Kaitos Weakness: Board Games that doesnt involve luck.

Shogi: He has won about twice in his whole life (His opponent went really easy on him).

Chess: He doesnt know the rules.

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Othello: Majority of the games he played, he would be annihilated without reaching full-board (all the pieces turned into one color).

There are people who are smart, but weak in strategy games. Kaito is one of them. Anyway, he just doesnt have the sense needed for such games.

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