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How should I describe this scene thats unfolding in front of me right now…… No, I doubt I can describe it if I cant even see a thing……

[Hiiihhhh! Kyaaaaahhhh!]

A few minutes after Ein-san and the Goddess of Time started their fight, both of them completely disappeared from sight, and the entire temple shook with some kind of bursting sounds resounding from time to time.

The shockwave around us was probably supposed to be great, but it doesnt seem like theyre hitting the walls and floors of the reception hall, that also includes Lilia-san and I, so I guess theyre just keeping it in moderation.

My impression is that it would be like how there are intermittent earthquakes occurring. What did we come here for again

[Hey, how can you be that calm, Kaito-san!!]

[No…… Its just that Ive gotten used to things that I dont understand happening out of the blue so…]

[Dont just go unpleasantly turning into a philosopher on me! Hiiiihhhh!]

Along with the pale expression on her face, Lilia-sans appearance, who is screaming from time to time, is repeatedly trembling like a small animal looks really cute. The huge gap between her usual calmness and her appearance as she experiences this abnormal situation…… Ah, no, its just that I feel like Ive also had such moments when Im losing my composure nowadays.

No, but in a way, this is probably a normal reaction to what were seeing. In fact, the strange one might have been me who has grown accustomed to abnormal situations like this…… Though most of them, including this one, are 90% Kuros fault……

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[How did this happen]

[It should be me whos asking it! Hiiihhhh! Ka- Kaito-san, please do something!]

Grabbing my clothes with her trembling hands, Lilia-san looked like shes relying on me as her eyes turned towards me.

Apparently, Lilia-san seems to be in quite a state of panic, as she desperately wants me to help her but—— please dont ask me for the impossible!

In this battle that looks like its the decisive battle between monsters, what could an average per…… No, rather, what can I, a slightly weaker than average adult male, do

[No, as expected, this situation is kinda impossible for me…… How about we just wait until the storm passes by……]

[H- However…… If its Kaito-san, I think you should be able to stop them……]


Strange, somethings strange. Apparently, Lilia-san seriously thinks that if its me, I can stop those two. How high is Lilia-sans evaluation of me in her mind

Having a beauty asking for your help with eyes quivering in tears is a very exciting situation for a healthy man to be in. If I were to respond to her request and show her my cool side, her Affection Ratings might go up a notch.

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However, the difficulty level required for that Affection Point is beyond demonic and is way impossible for me. Its like shes asking me to storm into a place where the last boss and the hidden boss are fighting while Im still level 1 and still wearing my beginner equipment. If this had been such a game, Id be smashing my scene as hard as I could right now.

However, unfortunately, this is reality and impossible things are impossi—– No, wait.

Its impossible for me to barge into their fight, nor is it possible for me to stop both sides by force, and my words probably wouldnt reach them…… But if I just want to stop their fight, I might be able to do something about it.

With this move…… The odds of this working might not be that high, but theres no risk for failure.

To be honest, Id like to wait for the storm to quietly pass, but the serious matter at hand is Lilia-san, whose strength she uses while clinging to me for some time now is getting stronger and stronger…… And those bulges that men dont have that have been inevitably pressing against my arm.

Though rather than my reason thats about to snap because of these tender fruits clinging on me, I fear that the panicking Lilia-sans brute strength would physically tear my arm off before that happened.

I seriously dont know where in those slender arms is she holding unto such power, but I feel like my arm is starting to creak out unpleasant screams and its time is about to run out.

Filled with determination to protect my arm from breaking like a bar of chocolate any time soon, I closed my eyes and began to knead my magic power.

The magic Im about to use is not something that I, a novice, could originally invoke. But fortunately, being an otherworlder, I have an unusual aptitude for this type of magic.

Sympathy Magic…… What Kuro found out is that it has an excellent ability to sense magic power, and its capable of detecting the faint emotions contained in magic that would normally be undetectable…… But its abilities arent just that, as it could also do the opposite.

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Placing my emotions into my magic power, I would force others around me to become aware of these emotions. Thats one of the ways Kuro taught me to use Sympathy Magic. Its just like forcefully connecting them by telepathy, and although it still cant convey complicated information, Kuro said that if I were able to use it well, I can even be able to communicate with people who dont have the ability to speak words.

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

And in this kind of situation…… It also works for people who had blood rushing to their head, where words werent able to reach them.

After a few seconds, my magic power filled with emotions telling them to stop fighting is released from my body, and immediately afterwards, Ein-san and the Goddess of Time, I could finally see the both of them with their fists clenched together.

[That was…… Kaito-sama]

[……Hooohhh…… You released your magic power while imbuing it with your emotions huh What an interesting magic you used……

Ein-san and the Goddess of Time turned to me almost simultaneously and muttered, but neither of them brought down their fists.

[My apologies, Kaito-sama. Im quite ashamed that I let my emotions get the better of me.]

[……I almost forgot my purpose for coming here. You mentioned that your names Miyama, right Im sorry, please accept my apologies.]

[Ah, no.]

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Ein-san bowed her head first and returned behind my back, followed by the Goddess of Time, who gave her apologies while straightening her posture.

It seems that it had successfully worked. If this move didnt make them stop, I thought that it wouldnt matter anymore, but I had managed to protect my arm.

I did protect it…… right My arm is kind of numb and I can barely feel anything in that arm anymore, but it should be okay, right

[Lilia-san, I somehow managed to do it.]

[Ka- Kaito-san What in the world is that just now…… Its hard to describe, but how should I say this… Its like I suddenly felt Kaito-sans emotions……]

[Errr, well, it seems to be that kind of magic. Its a spell Kuro taught me, making me able to transmit my emotions to those around me…..]

Lilia-san was looking up at me with a surprised expression, so I replied to her while feeling a new sense of anxiousness because of the distance between us.

It seems like Lilia-san understood when I said that Kuro taught me about it, nodding her head several times as if she was impressed.

[U- Ummm, so, Lilia-san…… Errr, my arm……]

[……Eh Huh! M- My apologies!]

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When Lilia-san finally regains her composure for a bit, I tell her about various things…… mainly about my arm, which was already nearing its limits in terms of endurance. She then lets go of my arm with a bright red face and bows her head.

Ive thought of this many times before, but Lilia-san is very beautiful. I dont know if nobility was innately in her personality, but I could feel the dignity of a noble from her. Though I say that, I could also feel friendliness appropriate for a woman of her age. Her breasts are well-balanced in size, not too big or too small, and she can rightly be described as having the loveliness and beauty of a princess.

I must be very fortunate to have locked arms with such a beauty, even if its just a coincidence that I happen to be the one who ended up going with her, but anyway, after arriving in another world, Ive finally accomplished the feat of linking arms with a beauty that only riajuus are allowed to do.

Im sure that the men back on Earth would be blazing in envy if they saw me now.

No, though seriously…… I didnt know that when you link arms with them, the blood drains from your hands and some leftover traces would leave a mark…… I cant even feel my arms at all, but its still attached, right I see, Ive heard before that love is a battle, and falling in love is an act of risking ones life for it.

All of the riajuus have gone through such an ordeal and won the right to be happy…… Theyre actually awesome huh, those riajuus. Their arms must have been made of titanium alloy or something like that.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Using my magic, I somehow managed to stop their fight. And I dont know if this was a reward for such a feat or not but—– I probably climbed the stairs to becoming a riajuu.-

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