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After I finished drinking the coffee that Ozma-san made for me, I stood up after recovering from some of my fatigue.

Just as I was about to leave the place after thanking Ozma-san…… he had something to say.

[Ah~~ Miyama-kun.]


[I know that its none of my business, but can I give you a little advice as your elder]

[Y- Yes, I would love that.]

Brushing his shaggy hair with his hand, Ozma-san looked with gentle eyes and continued.

[You are a kind, humble and friendly young man. But I want you to remember that in some cases, humility may not be a virtue.]


[Miyama-kun, somewhere in your heart…… Youre feeling apologetic for asking someones help, dont you No, its not like Im saying that its a bad thing. Uncle also knows that “youre consciously trying to fix it”.]

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This was also pointed out to me by Shea-san before. That the strength of the bonds Ive formed is also my strength……

Just as Ozma-san said, after Shea-san told me that, Ive been trying to consciously fix my thinking as much as possible. Its just that, unnn…… I dont know if its just because my personality was originally like this or Ive just become used to being like this…… But there would always still be a part of me that felt sorry after asking someone for their help.

[Uncle thinks youre thinking too hard, Miyama-kun. I think it would be better if you were to just relax a little more.]

[Become more relaxed]

[Unnn. The people who are helping you, theyre helping you because they like you. You dont have to think too hard about it. They like you, so they help you. You dont think its troublesome to help a girl you like, right, Miyama-kun The others also feel the same way when they help you.]

[……I guess youre right.]

[Everyone has received the help of someone in their life. Whether its Uncle here, the Six Kings, or even God of Creation-sama…… As long as they lived wholeheartedly, someone would be there helping you. And when that happens, all you have to say is “thank you”.]


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Ozma-san gently smiled again, before patting my head a little roughly.

[Well, you will still have lots of troubles you need to face in the future. There are still a lot of people you can help, and lots of people you can ask for help.]


[Im sure youll have more worries in the future, and some of them might make you suffer. But thats okay too…… Its okay to try things and fail. Youre still young. The more experience you accumulate, the more charming you can be. Troublesome things like “compromising” can be learnt slowly when youre around Uncles age.]

It really was just unsarcastic advice from an elder.

He gave me gentle words of support……. Saying, “its okay to worry and its alright to fail, because thats how I will grow.”

[……Or something like that. I guess serious words like these dont really suit Uncles character~]

[No, thank you very much! How should I say this, ummm…… It made me think again…… that I should try my best.]

[I see. Well, Im glad to hear that.]

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As he told me this, Ozma-san patted my head once more. He then moved his hand away and serenely smiled.

He then did that gesture of holding a cigarette in his mouth again. How should I say this…… He kinda looks like what a cool adult would be.

I wonder if that was the reason why Even if its the brazen of me, I couldnt help but say these few words.

[……If I have any more problems, can I ask you for advice]

[Asking Uncle for advice…… Dont you think youve picked the wrong person to ask]

[No, I dont think so.]

[Hmmm. Really Well, if you dont mind talking about it with a worn-out uncle, you can always visit me…… I should be able to serve you a cup of coffee.]

[Yes! Thank you very much!]

When Ozma-san, with a wry smile on his face, told me that I could visit him at any time to ask for advice, I deeply bowed once again and thanked him.

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[Unnn. Well then, your next stop should be Agni-chans place, right Good luck~~]

Lightly bowing my head to Ozma-san who was lightheartedly waving his hand at us, I left the place with Anima, aiming for the next arena.

Together with Anima, I proceeded to the fifth arena.

On the stamp card in my hand, there were four oversized stamps, proof that I had defeated the War Kings Five Generals. I dont count the stamps from the attractions we participated in along the way since they werent counted in Megiddo-sans place…… The next one is the fifth, the last stamp I needed.

[Master, a hummingbird arrived……]

[Unnn Oh, its from Lilia-san.]

As I was somehow feeling deeply moved by the fact that I was finally close to gathering all the stamps, a hummingbird from Lilia-san arrived.

It said that Lilia-san and the others had finished challenging Bacchus-sans arena, and they were challenging the Five Generals in an opposite order from me…… After they challenged Bacchus-san, it seemed that they were now headed to Agni-sans arena. She then ended it by questioning if we should meet there.

Her timing was actually just right, so I sent a reply that we were also on our way to Agni-sans arena and decided to meet up with them there.

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Since we were going to meet up there, I thought of walking faster, but I felt someone discreetly holding the hem of my clothes.

[……Eh Anima]

[Ahh, m- my apologies! I just……]

[No, its alright but…… Is something the matter]

[N- No, ummm……]

When I asked her, tilting my head to the side, if there was something she wanted, Anima blushed and turned her head to the side, murmuring in a voice that was unusually soft for her.

[……I- I know that this is rude of me but…… errr…… ummm……]


[I- Id like it if…… we could be “alone”…… for a little…… u- ummm….. M- My apologies! Its nothing!]

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It was a very unusual, no. Perhaps, this might be the first time since I met Anima…… that she had spoken out her small, modest selfishness.

She didnt finish her words, but I still understood what Anima was asking for…… and to be honest, it made me happy.

Thats why, asking Anima to raise her head that was deeply bowed, I smiled as gently as I could and spoke.

[……Im actually hungry from all the moving around I did earlier. I want to get something to eat. Ill let Lilia-san and the others know that well be a bit late, so can you go along with my selfishness]

[Master…… Y- Yes! Gladly!]

[Well then, it seems like theres food and drink stalls over there, so lets go.]

[Yes! Ah, ummm…… Master.]


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[……Thank you.]

Smiling at her modest words of thanks, I headed to the area lined with stalls together with Anima.

Dear Mom, Dad———– How should I say this…… Ozma-san is like a mature man and he seemed to be very dependable…… Im really glad to have met him. On a different note, I will now go along with Animas small selfishness. No, I dont really think…… I call that selfishness huh. That is…… Yes. The thing asked for by this girl, who desired nothing for herself, for the first time———- was a cute request.

Serious-senpai: [F- Fufufu, first place…… Yes, Im the first place! The era demands me (seriousness)! Its time for all those days of hard work to finally pay off…… From here on out, its finally the time for seriousness!]

: [No, what the era demands is the misfortunate you, so it wont be the time for seriousness any time soon.]

Serious-senpai: [So you have arrived, my arch-enemy …… However, you being my arch-enemy ends today! Im in first place! Youre second! In other words, Im better than you!!! Relish in the taste of the bitterness I have felt until now! Prepare yourself!!!]

: [……Well, its not like the rankings have anything to do with your combat power though.]

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Serious-senpai: [Eh Ahh…… I- Im sorry, I got carried away…… Wait…… Calm down…… Lets talk this ou——– Gyaaaaaahhhhhhh!]-

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