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I currently have three stamps…… and in front of us is the fourth arena.

After getting a stamp from Epsilon-san, we had a quick bite at one of the stalls along the way, and arrived at the arena, which seemed a little smaller than the previous three.

However, it was quiet around here. It was too quiet that I almost forgot that we were in the middle of a festival…… I mean, it was also the case for the previous three arenas, but arent there any other challengers beside me Are they simply too lazy to collect enough stamps, or do they think its silly to challenge the War Kings Five Generals……

With those questions in mind, I walked into the arena…… and found another strange person in there.

[……Hmm Ahh, welcome. Could you excuse me for a bit Please wait a minute for me to finish smoking.]

[Ah, yes.]

He had shaggy red hair that was faded like rust. A man in a shabby, wrinkled coat and stubble told me this as he puffed on a cigarette.

He somehow feels like a useless adult…… I mean, he doesnt look like he has any ambition at all, you know Is he really one of the War Kings Five Generals

Ive already met all of Megiddo-sans subordinates before. Bacchus-san, Kong-san, Epsilon-san…… Then, Agni-san. The four of them had different atmospheres around them, but I could feel it…… How should I say this…… I could feel this aura of strength from around them.

He looks exactly like the kind of person you might find in a pachinko parlor on holiday. The type of person that would strangely make you feel that hes unreliable.

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Filled with silence that would make you think that hes tired after a days work, the man finished his cigarette and put the butt in some kind of portable ashtray before turning to me.

[Well, sorry for making you wait~~ Once again, welcome, Miyama-kun. Uncles name is “Ozma”. Well, its nice to meet you.]

[Ah, yes. Nice to meet you too.]

[Well~~ Even so, good work reaching here. It must have been tiring, walking from here to there, wasnt it Would you like a cup of coffee]

[Ah, n- no, thank you.]

H- Hmmm. As I thought, hes rather lax. He really seemed like a pleasant middle-aged uncle, and I didnt feel intimidated at him at all.

[Can I see your stamp card]

[Y- Yes……]

[Ohh! Youve already collected three stamps Well~~ Young people really are so energetic. Rather, uncle is going to be your fourth challenge huh Good grief, why have you come here this late You should have come to uncles arena first, since Im “the weakest among the Five Generals”.]

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[Eh I- Is that so]

[Thats right. In terms of strength, Epsilon-chan is second only to Agni-chan…… Well~~ If Miyama-kun is able to get through her, I guess you would be able to easily win against Uncle huh]

Ozma-san is saying that hes the weakest of the War Kings Five Generals, but his words didnt sound like hes belittling himself, sounding like hes very at ease even if he was the weakest.

[……Well, theres no point in just chattering here, is there How about we get started I take it that the girl over there is Miyama-kuns proxy]

[……No, ummm, if possible, “Id like to challenge you”.]

[Master! Y- You cant! Its dangerous!!! He may act like a sloppy, ambitionless trash, but hes still one of the War Kings Five Generals!]

[……When youth these days are so straightforward about things like this, it honestly hurts Uncles feelings.]

When I told her that I want to challenge him myself, Anima panicked and hurriedly stopped me.

Of course, I think its pretty reckless of me too. But even so……

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[Anima, until I reached here, Ive always been asking my proxy to fight for me. Even though theyve placed a handicap so that even I could have a chance to win……]


[Megiddo-san didnt ask me to fight myself, but the fact that he went to the trouble of thinking about handicaps like this…… I think hes hoping that I would go try it out myself. So, Id like to give it a shot…… so that in the end, I will be able to say with pride that I won……]

[Thats great, Uncle likes children like that.]

This is what I truly feel. If I were to leave everything to the proxies to reach Megiddo-san, Im sure that I would regret it. Even though I was given the chance…… the chance to do my best.

Thats why, unnn. Lets try to do our best for once…… Well, in the end, I dont think theyd be able to attack me…… The fact that it was safe for me also gave me a push.

[H- However! Mas……]

[Whoa, stop right there, young lady.]


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[There are times when men are creatures like that. There are times where were stubborn, times when we want to keep appearances, and times when we would want to fight. On times like those, the people around him shouldnt interfere, okay]

[Guhh…… T- That is……]

[In a situation like this, a good woman wouldnt say anything unnecessary and push him in the back instead……]

When Ozma-san told her in a calm but strong tone, Anima fell silent without saying anything more.

While Anima kept her silence, I looked back at her with a smile and squeezed one of her hands.

[Well, thats why…… I know Im unreliable, but I will still give it a shot.]

[……Yes. Master, do your best!]


With her strong words of support behind me, I walked up to Ozma-san and faced him.

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Ozmas expression was still as lax as ever, but there seemed to be a slightly stronger light in his eyes.

[……Well then, lets go over the rules. Uncle couldnt attack Miyama-kun, nor am I allowed to use magic. Im also prohibited from using one arm and one leg…… Then, theres also movement restrictions. Lets see…… How about me being unable to get out of this circle]

Saying that, Ozma-san draws a small circle with a radius of about two meters on the ground and asks me if Im fine with it.

[……Its fine with me.]

[Then, my movement speed…… I wont move at a speed Miyama-kun cant react to. Well, thats about it.]

Ozma-san then showed me that he was moving as I was while he leisurely walked on one foot. It seemed pretty slow, but I guess he looked confident enough to handle me huh

I nodded and told him that the conditions were too favorable for me to have any problem with it.

[Miyama-kuns only victory condition is to touch Uncle with even a finger…… The time limit, hmmm. I guess Ill give you about an hour.]


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[Alright. Lets get started then…… Uncle is weak, so take it easy on me~~]

[Ill do my best!]

[Aryarya, young people really are energetic, arent they Uncle feels dazzled.]

After closing my eyes and catching my breath, I ran towards Ozma-san, who was smiling at me in the center of the circle.

Dear Mom, Dad————- When I met Ozma-san, I decided to challenge him without having a proxy. The conditions were very favorable for me, but my opponent was still one of the War Kings Five Generals————- I dont think it would be so easy.

[Fumu, Kaito-sans opponent is the “Peaceful Sky”, Ozma-san huh……]

[Is he strong]

[Hmmm. If he fights seriously, “he is even stronger than Agni-san”, the Head of the War Kings Five Generals…… but hes the type of guy who goes easy on his opponents according to their strength. I think Kaito-san has a good chance of winning.]


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There were two shadows high above the arena, overlooking down on the people below and they were quietly conversing with each other.

As they looked at each other, they saw Kaito challenging Ozma.

[……Well, as for Ozma-san, it would depend on how much Kaito-san does his best…… The problem would be after that. Agni-san doesnt have the kind of personality to go easy on someone, so the only person who can win against her would be Kaito-sans proxy…… I guess someone like that God. Well~~ I wonder what Kaito-san will do about that]

[Freaking shameless, this is the reason why Im here, right]

[……Are you okay with a blank]

[Now then, I guess Ill just have to adjust in a real fight huh……]

[If youre not confident, we can always stop, you know]

[……Leave talking bullsh*t to when youre sleeping.]

[Fufufu, then, Ill be leaving him in your care…… Partner.]

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Exchanging words with ease, as if they had known each other for a long time, the two shadows disappeared from the area.

These two mysterious people, I wonder who they are……

Anyway, the tally for the popularity contest is almost finished, so Ill probably be able to announce the results tomorrow.

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