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……It was another unpleasant incident.

[Pandora-san! Stop it already! This isnt something I can show on TV anymore!]

[……I raised that girl.]

[Dont look so smug over there! For goodness sake, make Pandora-san stop!]

[……Yeeeees. Pandora, leave it at that. Dont make Kaito-san see gore.]

[Hahh! By your will.]

After hearing Alices words, Pandora-san finally stopped moving, and in front of her was the slumped Kong-san, bound by a large number of chains that had appeared from the void.

Pandora-sans scary. Seriously scary…… I mean, she was so lively while torturing Kong-san…… She might even be scarier than Eden-san.

Anyway, Alices command stopped Pandora-san, and soon, Kong-san recovered with Alices magic.

I was worried about his mental health after being tortured like that, but he seemed to be fine as he cheerfully said “I wont lose next time”.

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After receiving the second stamp from Kong-san, I felt like my stomach is aching as I walked out of the arena.

[……P- Pandora-san. Thank you for your help.]

[No, its no problem. My apologies, but I have to return back to work. If you need me to act as your proxy again, please call me anytime.]

……No thanks. Seriously. No thanks. My stomach cant bear it anymore.

After parting with Pandora-san, I headed to a stall a short distance from the arena.

I knew that it was a bad idea to move around while waiting for Lilia-san and the others, but right now, I needed something to soothe me.

After all, for the second time in a row, a very dangerous person came to help me……. Im starting to get worried that another dangerous person would appear next time too.

Please, can someone decent…… come next time……


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Hearing a familiar voice, I turned around to see Anima running toward me from a short distance away.

Wearing a black jacket with a starry sky pattern on it and pants of the same color, clothing that I prepared for her for the Six Kings Festival, Anima ran up to me with a gentle smile.

[Im sorry Im late. Im glad that I could meet u——– Fueehh!]


[M- Ma- Master! W- W- W- What are you……]

I wasnt particularly conscious of it, but when I saw Animas face, I reflexively hugged her.

I could clearly see the blush on Animas face, but she didnt resist and fit snuggly in my arms. She looked very cute and soothed my depressed heart.

A battle maniac who wouldnt listen to me even when I told him to run away, and the God of Earth who was trying to make him vanish from the world. A gorilla who I couldnt converse with, and the Phantasmal Kings subordinate who fights so cruelly that it would even make the devil turn pale……

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And then, there comes Anima, refreshing my weary heart……

[……Errr, Anima. Ummm, sorry. I got a little carried away……]

[N- No! Master is tired after all, so it cant be helped. Y- You dont have to mind about me.]

I dont know if she lost herself because I hugged her or not, but I apologized to Anima, who was as red as a boiled octopus, while looking at me with her mouth opening and closing.

When Anima heard my words, she immediately shook her head, but her face was still red.

[……E- Errr…… Speaking of which, arent Lilia-san and the others with you]

[……No, I came here by myself.]

[Is that so]

[Yes. Lilia-dono and the others are still in the process of collecting ten stamps.]

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Fumu, it seems like Lilia-san and the others havent finished gathering enough stamps yet.

[I thought that we should head over as soon as I saw Masters hummingbird but…… Lilia-dono and the others looked like they wanted to take on the War Kings Five Generals, so I suggested that I head out on my own first.]

[Fumu…… wait, arehh Is Anima fine with that though]

[Yes. Im not interested in fighting against them. I thought I would need ten stamps to help Master, but after seeing Masters hummingbird, I decided that I didnt need the stamps if I act as Masters proxy, so I came here.]

What the…… So, there are also angels who walk on land huh…… Im really glad that Anima is thinking well of me.

[I see, thanks.]

[N- No, as Master retainer, this is something natural! Ahh, Eta and Theta were about to head this way too but…… Theyre Bacchus-samas former subordinates. I thought they might have something to talk about with him, so I ordered them to stay behind at my own discretion……]

[Unnn. Im fine with that too.]

How should I say this…… Well, its kind of charming that she seems to be completely comfortable with her position as my retainer.

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As I reached out my hand and stroking Animas fluffy hair, she narrowed her eyes in comfort.

Stroking Animas head for a little while, when I took back my hand, she nodded once before speaking again.

[……So, what do we do now It will take some time before Lilia-dono and the others arrive. Shall we challenge the second arena first]

[Ah, no, Ive actually already cleared that.]

[R- Really! T- To have defeated two Count-level Demons in such a short time…… As expected of Master!]

[N- No, its not like I was the one who fought them……]

I couldnt stand Animas respectful gaze towards me, so I recounted the events up to this point.

Thereupon, I went back to the topic of what I would do now.

[……Hmmm. I dont really want to rush Lilia-san and the others, so now that Anima is here anyway, why dont we head to the next arena first]

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[Yes! Its alright! As Masters proxy, I will definitely seize victory!]

[U- Unnn. Ill be counting on you. Well, since were here anyway, why dont we look at some of the stalls along the way.]

Soothed once again by how adorable Animas salute was, I checked the guidebook for the location of the next arena and moved on.

I also sent a hummingbird to Lilia-san and the others that I was going to the next arena with Anima, so there should be no problem there either.

Or rather, quite frankly, I just want to see the stalls. Since its a festival, lets just take it easy on the way to the next arena, since Ive only been seeing violent scenes today.

[……Speaking of which, Anima. When you said that Lilia-san and the others were still collecting stamps, I guess they were going to fight against someone huh]

[No, there were different kinds of things they could do…… but it seems like most of them were sports. I dont know much about them, but theres that ball game called “squash”, then theres that “bowling” game.]

[……The heck is that, that sounds fun……]

Thats weird, isnt it What I experienced just now was certainly a refreshing change of pace, but you know, I would have preferred playing those games, you know!

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N- No, theres no need to panic just yet. The Six Kings Festival has only begun…… We could also just go around now.



[From here to the next arena…… Lets go on a date.]

[Hahh! ……Hwoehh]

[Alright, lets go!]

[M- M- M- Master! W- What are you saying G- Going on a date…… Awawa, w- wait a moment!]

Its quite the distance to the next arena, so lets play at the booths and facilities where we can get stamps in the meantime.

It would be a shame to just walk straight to the arena with such a cute Anima by my side.

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Probably because of the backlash from what I had felt until now, but I was feeling a bit excited as I walked towards the stalls, pulling the flustered Animas hand.

Dear Mom, Dad———— In the midst of this series of violent development, a refreshing being appeared…… namely Anima. Thanks to her, I felt much better and decided to go on a date with her. Unnn, Ive already given up about the fact that I would have to challenge the War Kings Five General, but its a festival after all———— If you dont enjoy it, it will be your loss.

Ive told you before. The Six Kings Festival consists of seven consecutive dates…… and thus, the date for the first day is Anima.

When she first appeared, she was supposed to be something of a yandere (). But before I knew it, she had turned into a loyal dog (bear).

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