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On the thirteenth day of the month of Fire, it has been two weeks since I arrived in this world. The first week was filled with surprises and confusion, and I feel like that week had passed in the blink of an eye.

However, humans really are creatures that adapt to their environment, and Im gradually getting used to living in this unknown world.

Nevertheless, I have also changed. The biggest change is that I can now use my magic, although its still a simple one.

After receiving guidance from Kuro, I became able to use magic faster than Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, and Im currently working on the basics of Non-Transmutation Magic that uses magic power as it is—— and with my current abilities, I can now do things like make a palm-sized object float.

Incidentally, both Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san are still practicing how to become aware of their own magic power while looking at the Introduction to Magic created by Kuro. From what Lilia-san can tell, it will be ready for use in another week.

According to Lilia-san, this Introduction to Magic that was written by Kuro is at the level where “if it was brought to the magic academy, it would cause a revolution”, and because of that, the three of us are advancing at an extraordinary speed in learning magic.

Its a good thing that the rest of the world is relatively peaceful.

However, since Kuros visit, Lilia-san has been very busy, so Im a little concerned.

Ive already told Lunamaria-san about Kuros suggestion of attending a festival for Lilia-san to have a change of pace, as well as for us to do some sightseeing, in which she agreed.

And the other big event thats about to come to Lilia-san…… I cant say that Im unrelated to this matter, but the talks with the Goddess of Time is coming up tomorrow.

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The designated place is in the temple where we visited to receive our blessings before, and weve already received a call from the other party, and as if they have expected it, theyve also permitted my participation.

By the way, I also asked Yuzuki-san and Kusunoki-san if they would like to participate, but they vigorously answered that they absolutely dont want to, so Lilia-san and I are going to be the only ones participating.

[Even though I said that, theres still some anxiousness in me……]

[Eh You said something]

As I muttered to myself while making an empty teacup float in front of me to practice my magic, Kuro, who was laying on the sofa, asked me as she raised her upper body.

[No, its just we were going to talk with the Goddess of Time tomorrow…… and Im just wondering whats going to happen……]

[With Chronois-chan]

(T/N: クロノア / Kuronoa)

[Unnn. I didnt know her name though……]

Amazing, I guess thats to be expected from the Underworld King. She knows the name of a Supreme God, which is supposed to be unknown to most people, as if it were normal. Moreover, she even calls her with “-chan attached to her name……

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[Isnt it alright Chronois-chan may sound self-important when she speaks, but shes very generous to the humans, so I dont think that there would be anything strange that would happen though]

[I see…… No, well, were still meeting someone important, and this time, its not like someone I know from the beginning like when Kuro visited us, so Im quite nervous.]

[Fumu fumu. Then, do you want to take Ein with you]

[Eh Why Ein-san]

Yes, the biggest difference between these talks and Kuros visit to Lilia-sans mansion is that I dont know much about the Goddess of Time…… I still have lots of composure in my mind when it was at that time with Kuro, but I dont really know whats going to happen this time.

When I mentioned such concerns, Kuro replied with something I didnt expect.

[If I remember correctly, Ein was close with Chronois-chan, so it would be easier to talk with her if you brought her with you, right]

[Really! Indeed, if thats the case, it would be really reassuring…… But its really sudden, so I wonder if it would be convenient for Ein-san to come]

[Itll probably be alright. Wait for a sec, okay…… Ein~~ Will you go to the temple with Kaito-kun tomorrow]

[I respectfully obey.]

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Right after Kuro muttered in empty space, before I knew it, Ein-san was right next to me and answered back to her.

Eh What the heck Do all high-ranked demons have to appear in a way thats bad for my heart

In response to the surprised me, Ein-san bows at a beautiful angle without seeming to be particularly bothered by what she did.

[Kaito-sama, its been a while.]

[Ah, Ein-san…… When did you……]

[Responding immediately to her masters call is basic knowledge for a maid.]


As I thought, the maids shes talking about are somehow different from the maids I know.

But, well…… Ein-san is a very dependable person for some reason, and since shes on good terms with the Goddess of Time, Im really grateful that shes going to accompany me.

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I was worried about tomorrow, but with her, I guess I could feel relieved, right

Yes, thats what I thought at that time. However, I should have made sure when we were planning on bringing her a little more properly. I should have made sure about the relationship between Ein-san and the Goddess of Time……

Early in the morning, when the sun had just risen, Lilia-san and I were once again in front of the luxurious temple.

The Goddess of Time seemed to have paid attention to the schedule of this interview, and since it was still quite early, there were hardly any people around the temple.

And at the entrance, I met up with Ein-san who had arrived earlier than us.

[I have heard from Kuromueina-sama. We will be in your care today, Ein-sama.]

[I will also be in your care. Lilia-sama, Kaito-sama.]

After exchanging a brief greeting with Ein-san, we walked to the reception desk of the temple.

It seems that they have already been told of our talks in advance, and as soon as Lilia-san named herself, the priest began to lead us.

[Nevertheless, Im really thankful. Its reassuring to have Ein-san here.]

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[It would be my honor if I could be of any use…… But, why am I told to accompany you here]

[……Eh Errr, I heard from Kuro that you were quite close with the Goddess of Time……]

When I spoke with her as we walked, Ein-san tilted her head like shes really wondering about it, and looking at her response, I somehow felt some uneasiness.

[……Were quite close Me and “that” Dear me…… I wasnt really aware that we were like that, but if Kuromu-sama said it, then it must be so.]


Arehh Its somehow different from the reaction I was expecting. Ein-san seems to be really wondering if shes really close to her……

Just as my anxiety was growing because of Ein-sans response, we reached the largest door in front of us.

The priest held out his hand toward the door, and after bowing, he moved away. After a little while later, the huge door standing several meters in length, quietly opened.

Inside is a very large, cathedral-like hall, with the Goddess of Time standing in the center, clad in a presence that a Goddess would definitely have.

[Youve arrived huh. Im sorry to have called you out on this da—–]

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When the door opens, the Goddess of Time turns her red and blue heterochromatic eyes towards us and speaks with a faint smile on her face—– but her expression stiffened while shes in the middle of speaking.

Silence fell as the tall, model-like figure of the Goddess of Time looked down towards us, and we waited for her next words, feeling inexplicably uncomfortable.

The Goddess of Time has a surprised look on her face for a while, then her expression somehow changed to one that looked like she just bit down on a bitter bug and muttered.

[……Why the heck are you……]

For a moment, I was freaked out thinking that she was talking to me, but I realized that the Goddess of Times gaze wasnt on me, but towards Ein-san next to me.

Then, she glared with eyes that were clearly filled with anger and disgust.

[A midget of a woman walked in, so I thought some “trash” slipped in, but its you of all people huh…… Ein.]

[Oyaa Please excuse me, I had seen something standing without any curves at all…… so I unconsciously thought that the people had weirdly placed a “stone pillar” in the center of the room, so it was just you huh…… Chronois.]



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Arehh I feel like theres something weird in the atmosphere though I thought they were close friends…… They dont feel like that at all though!

Just as Ein-san quietly stepped forward, the Goddess of Time also went towards Ein-san at the same time, and the two confronted each other near the center of the room, staring at each other.

To be honest, I couldnt understand the situation, so I hurriedly turned to Lilia-san, but she seemed to be in exactly the same state, shaking her head while looking pale.

[……Considering that its been a long time since weve seen each other, I see that youre still as annoying as ever…… You dont mind settling the past that we havent before right here, right]

[Hohhh… It seems like Gods are suicidal these days huh. I dont really mind though If that really is your wish, I guess I can help you prepare for your journey to your death.]



After they quietly announced those words, I thought I saw something like sparks clashing between them.

No, doesnt this look dangerous The heck, Kuro, whats going on here! This is totally different from what you said, isnt it!

In the midst of that atmosphere where the words “explosive situation” perfectly fits, immediately afterwards, the positions in which both Ein-san and the Goddess of Time were standing were swapped.

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Its not that I blinked, but as if the frames were completely switched, the two changed from facing each other to facing away from each other, and for some reason, the Goddess of Time seems like shes shaking in anger.

[……Like I said, you b*tch! Why the heck can you calmly move through my “Suspended Time”, do you even freaking care about the laws of time!]

[It shouldnt be unusual, for I am a maid. A maid is always in struggles with the constantly moving time, making sure that every moment is spent to serve my master…… Something like this is something every maid can do.]

[Stop saying foolish things, theres no way every maid can do that!!! How can such a nonsensical theory lead to the mass production of monsters like you!]

[Only her master can bind her maid, and a true maid can not be bound by anything but her master…… Following this rule, even manipulating time at will is only natural for a maid to do.]

[Theres no freaking way thats the case!!! Stop with that ridiculous all-maids-are-omnipotent theory!]

To be honest, even if its just one argument, Im in total agreement with the Goddess of Time. In fact, Id rather applaud her for saying it so well to her.

But seriously, this situation…… How did it come to this

[This poor-breasted goddess is just lacking in understanding that shes really envious of my prowess.]

[How the heck is the size of my breast related to this! Or rather, youre not that different either!]

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[No, mine is certainly larger than yours. This maids eyes cant be deceived.]

[It looks like its as midget as your height though……]



[ [ Die! Worthless Goddess! (Rotten Maid!) ] ]

Dear Mom, Dad—— Kuro recommended that I bring Ein-san with me, but Ein-san and the Goddess of TIme—— Theyre totally not getting along though!-

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