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Theyre having a performance. When Kuro announced this, the first person to move was Magnawell-san.

Pulling back his neck that has been leaning over towards the plaza, he slowly turned it towards the sky.


Magnawell-san let out a tremendous roar that seemed to split the air, but there was no shockwave reached our location. Kuro and the others must have put up a barrier.

Even with the barrier though, I could still a tingling sensation as Magnawell-sans roar seemed to shake not only the air, but the earth as well.

Then, some distance away from the city where the venue is located…… The earth rose up, forming a huge mountain range that surrounded the city.

Looking at the mountain range of rocks as huge as Magnawell-san, reaching thousands of meters high, even when I look at them from a distance…… The people gathered here were astonished by the power of Magnawell-san, who created this with just one shout.

However, as if it was obvious, it didnt end there. Next, jet-black magic power gathered around Kuro, and like a conductor of an orchestra, Kuro raised her hands…… and the donut-shaped mountain range that had surrounded the city immediately floated up into the sky.

[……A- Amazing…… Without any chants or magic circles, for her to lift up such a large mass……]

I heard Lilia-sans voice as she dumbfoundedly muttered, but I didnt have the time to look in her direction.

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After confirming that the mountain range had risen quite high, Megiddo-san thrust out his right arm, which was clad in crimson flames, towards the sky.

Thereupon, a tornado of flames that seemed to burn the heavens was released from his fist, shattering the floating mountain range with a huge explosion.

Just as I was admiring the tremendous amount of firepower Magnawell-san had, before I knew it, in the center of the explosion…… Isis-san appeared, pushing away the smoke from the explosion.

Then, as Isis-sans body spun around as if she was a fairy dancing in the air, not only the shattered pieces of the mountain range…… but she also “froze the flames” blazing brightly, and a huge number of ice lumps appeared in the sky.

Looking at the ice lumps slowly fall down to the ground, the thought of the ground turning into a hellscape because of this rain of huge ice lumps popped into my mind…… but that didnt happen.

As if to enclose the city, “three trees” appeared, and their branches extended out at a startling speed, catching the falling ice lumps as if these trees had a will of their own.

Im sure that the one who did was Lillywood-san…… Those three huge trees which didnt look any inferior compared to the World Tree, seemed to show how powerful Lillywood-san was.

Then, as a finishing touch, Alice, clad in her black robe, leaped high into the air.

And then, Alices body blurred out as if it was going through static…… before a tremendous number of clones appeared, filling my field of vision.

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If the main body controls them, I heard that she could create 100,000 clones but…… actually seeing them was quite an amazing sight to behold.

Alices clones ran like meteors through the branches of the trees in all directions before they returned back to Kuro and the others side as one.

……Just a few seconds had passed. Thats all it took…… for the entire scenery to suddenly change.

The three trees surrounding the city were gorgeously and beautifully decorated with “multicolored ice” and the three trees were connected by “flames trapped in ice”, forming like a ring around it.

And carved on these three trees were the words “Human”, “Demon”, and “God”, the name of the respective Realms.

I see, the three trees are the three realms…… I guess that means that the ice ring that encloses fire, giving off a shimmering light, is showing that the three realms are connected huh……

It may have been simpler if they just said it. However, these decorations that surrounded the city…… To be able to create such a thing so easily, the Six Kings really were amazing.

As admiration and astonishment could be heard from everywhere, Kuro spoke again.

[……This year marks exactly a thousand years since the Treaty of Friendship was signed between the three realms. The three realms have carved out their history by standing close together and helping each other. We are proud that this Treaty has stood for a millenium, and we are proud that we were able to hold the first Six Kings Festival on this day. And in the future, I hope that another millenium…… No. I hope that the days where we walk hand-in-hand with our dear neighbors will continue forever……. Leaving you with these words, I hereby declare that the Six Kings Festival to have begun!]

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At that moment, the plaza was engulfed in a round of applause.

[Amazing, amazing!]

[……They even changed the terrain itself in an instant…… As expected of the Six Kings!]

[Ahh, for such amazing Six Kings to call us dear neighbors. We should act in a manner in which we wouldnt be ashamed to call ourselves as such.]

[Yes! We may not be able to compete with them in terms of power, but the Humans have their own strong points, just like the Demons and Gods do. Lets do our best to help each other!]

[Ohh, of course!]

Here and there, words of praise for Kuro and the others, and words of pride for the Treaty of Friendship rang out. And then, as if it were a matter of course, we heard voices telling us not only to help others, but also to help each other out.

Ahh, this world really is…… a good world. Everyone is trying to look forward to a better future, doing what they can do without feeling spite against others.

This should have been a really difficult thing to do but…… the beautiful scene of Humans, Demons, and Gods smiling and cheering together everywhere is a sight that will show the many races living in this world that even though we may look different…… we would always be close neighbors.

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Dear Mom, Dad————— I thought to myself once again, that I was glad to have come to this world. I could feel the warmth of the atmosphere around us, uniting our hearts. I could also feel that little by little, Im also becoming part of everyone…… Somehow, just like the others———— Im also feeling really proud.

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