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Without my intention, the Old Maid game to select the person who would sleep next to me had started.

I was the first one out of the game, Isis-san was out second, and now, it had become a one-on-one battle between Kuro and Alice…… and like that, “one hour” passed.

No, no! Why is it that the first and second place were outed so quickly, but the game still went on for an hour! Is it that the both of you are just drawing the Old Maid!

[……Kuro-san, why dont you stop “manipulating causality” Lets have a fair and square fight.]

[……How about you stop “magically switching the pattern” of the cards the moment I draw it, Shalltear This game wont end, you know]



What the heck are you two doing! Its just a game of Old Maid, how serious can you possibly be!

Staring at each other with serious expressions on their faces, they then stiffened while holding their cards in their hands.

A few moments later…… The occasional sound of bursting air began to echo.

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[It seemed like both of them were drawing cards at a tremendous speed. In the last few seconds, theyd already drawn a “thousand” times.]

[…..Seriously, what the heck are you two doing……]

According to Ein-sans input regarding the situation, Kuro and Alice were currently drawing cards at a speed I cant perceive. This doesnt even look like Old Maid anymore……

[……Ein-san, is this game even going to end]

[Its hard to say. If Kuromu-sama gets serious, it would be possible for her to draw cards at a speed that Shalltear wouldnt be able to react to but…… If that happens, the impact will “wipe out this room”.]


[If Kuromu-sama moves at a speed that wont affect the surroundings, Shalltear would be able to react to that. If we were to wait for when one of them makes a mistake…… This game should end after “10 days”.]

[The Six Kings Festival would be over by then though!]

For a game of Old Maid between two monsters to be this tremendous…… Well, as far as Im concerned, Ive already given up on opposing their decision of sleeping with me, so I just want to get this game over with.

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However, Kuro and Alice seem serious, and neither of them seemed to have any intention of letting up.

[……It cant be helped…… There can only be two people…… who can sleep next to Kaito…… thats why…… this game is very important.]

[No, youre just exaggerating……]

I exhaled a sigh as I responded to Isis-san, who told me that with a solemn look on her face.

Thereupon, Ein-san put her hand on her chin as if she was thinking about something and a little while later, she spoke.

[Rather than fighting for that spot…… Wouldnt it be better if one of you “sleeps above Kaito-samas body”]


[ [ Theres that! ] ]

The moment Ein-san muttered something really outrageous, Kuro and Alice turned towards us and shouted at the same time.

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No, no, you dont “Theres that!” here! No matter how you think about it, thats not a good suggestion!

Two people on both of my sides, while one sleeps on top of me…… No, that wont do. It would be quite the problem for my reasoning……

[No, as expected, thats kinda……]

[Thats a great idea, isnt it, Kuro-san! If we do that, it would certainly be alright for the three of us!]

[Unnn! Unnn! As expected of Ein!]

[N- No, like I said……]

[……Everyones together…… Im glad.]

[I- Isis-san……]

Ahh, this wont do. From my experience, I already knew whats going to happen. I would be pushed around again and swept along with their decisions.

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Looking at Kuro and Alice, who were nowhere near as serious as they had been just now, I let out my greatest sigh of the day.

The time for sleep has arrived…… It seems that Ein-san isnt going to sleep and is waiting for commands outside the door. Kuro and the others also normally dont sleep, but they sleep with me when Im around.

Incidentally, the Old Maid game between Kuro and Alice was settled as a draw. Anyhow, both of them had no reason to really fight each other anymore, so they ended it that way.

[Hmmm. It would be better if Shalltear or I were on top, so that we can adjust our weight without weighing down on Kaito-kun too much, right]

[I guess so. However, it feels embarrassing for me to be on top…… so can Kuro-san be on top]


Dont you have any thicker clothes A yukata, you see…… Its fabric is thin and it has some gaps one can peek through, and while it may be easier to sleep in, its the worst possible clothing for this situation.

I mean, if were all going to sleep together like that, doesnt the size of the bed make no sense at all No, I would feel like Id already lost if I tsukkomid that…… This is no good. I cant calm my thoughts at all.

[……Four of us together…… How fun.]

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[Youre right. We havent had many opportunities like this since we left Kuro-sans place and lived on our own…… Well then, lets go to bed!]

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form…… Nothingness. I am now becoming nothingness. To be honest, Im not really sure what those words meant, but I feel like Im on my way to enlightenment.


[I- Im alright. Lets go to bed.]

Empty my mind…… Empty it of everything……

With Isis-sans urging, I laid down on the bed on my back.

To my right, Isis-san came and held my arm, making me feel the soft touch of her body from across the thin cloth. Evil thoughts, dissipate! Evil thoughts, dissipate!

On my left side, Alice lay down and embraced my arm just like Isis-san did. Alices petite body was tightly pressed against my arm, making me completely feel her smooth skin.

Stop that, remove all such thoughts in mind! Im totally alright, its not like Im feeling strangely aroused or anything like that. Im enduring it, Im enduring it, Im enduring it……

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Finally, Kuro climbed on top of my body. Just as she said she would adjust her weight, Kuros body was surprisingly light, and I hardly felt her weight.

However, even though I couldnt feel her weight, I could still feel the touch of Kuros body. Kuros face was so close to mine that I could smell her fragrant scent tickling my nostrils, and if I turned my gaze even slightly towards her body, through the gap in her yukata, I could see her brea…… aaaaaahhhhhh! This really wont do! This is bad, the blood in my body is really going to boil……

The feelings were slightly different from each of the three directions. However, theres a beautiful girl when I look forward, and there are also beautiful girls when I look to the side…… Even though Ive already left the bath, I feel like I would faint from dizziness.

The most dangerous of all of them was Kuro…… She had been happily smiling since a while ago, but her thighs had been accidentally grazing my dangerous zone, which is a very dangerous situation for me.

[Ehehe, youre quite big, arent you, Kaito-kun]

Could you stop that! It sounds different in my ears, so could you stop that! Also, could you not whisper in my ear…… just feeling your breath grazing my ears makes me feel something dangerous, you know!



Y- Youre even adding a pincer attack with that…… Are you all really trying to kill off my reasoning!

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I- I need to somehow calm my mind…… Wait, Kuro! “Could you not put your hand into the gap of my yukata”! W- Why the heck did this happen……

Dear Mom, Dad———— Due to Ein-sans dreadful comment, the three of them had ended up sleeping attached to me. As I felt the warm and enchanting bodies of these beautiful girls all over my body————– Theyre also melting my reasoning at a frightening speed.

In the activity report, Eins character design has been released. I also have some special information for you this time.

Also, the popularity poll will be closed tomorrow…… Now then, as for that very special extra chapter…… I wonder what I should right…… Should I go with Noctu…… Hmmm.-

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