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An onsen is a place where you can soak your body in hot water with a variety of effects while enjoying a wide open view. It is the very heart of the Japanese people.

However, even though I came to take a bath in an onsen, why is it that I am so tired Heck, I havent even taken a bath yet……

I was caught in the strongest ambush by Ein-san, who was washing my body with her body as a sponge. Feeling her body behind my back, I could only assume that this was an attempt to destroy my reasoning, but one thing is for sure. Her attack had left me severely exhausted.

However…… I repeat, however! I got over it. It was definitely one of the strongest trials Ive ever faced, but I fought through it.

If I say this out loud, I may suddenly be slapped by Buddhist people, but I think I have achieved enlightenment just now. In the latter half of this event, I felt like I could see myself from the eyes of another.

Well, even though its already over, Im still feeling anguish over the feeling of Ein-san on my body……

Anyways, I finished washing my body and was finally able to soak in the hot water. The thick, murky water was a little hot and soaked into my tired body.


I really like onsens. Ive never had the chance to go to a hot spring as a college student living alone, but it seems like I really like onsens.

Thanks to the extraordinary ordeal I just went through, I now felt like I was quite mentally composed. Or perhaps, my mind was just so worn out that I didnt have the time to mind the small details anymore……

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[……Heres Kaito-kuns!]


[Rubber ducky!]

[……T- Thanks.]

What Kuro gave me was a childs toy that floated in water. Ahh, speaking of which, werent Kuro and Isis-san playing with them while waiting for me

Looking at their sides again, I saw that Kuro had a yellow duck and Ms. Isis had a white duck floating in front of them.

[……My ducky…… is the strongest.]

[Mnhh! My ducky wont lose!]

I dont think youre supposed to compare strengths with rubber ducks…… Well, this is kind of relaxing, so I guess its fine.

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As I watched Kuro and Isis-san having fun, I looked at the toy Kuro had just given me.

Mine was brown and a little slimmer than Kuros duck…… Hey, doesnt this look more of a “goose” instead

[Kaito-sama, would you like some alcohol]

[Eh Ahh, thank you. Thank you for the drink.]

As I was leisurely watching Kuro and Isis-san, Ein-san came up to me with a tray floating on the water. On top of the tray, there was a sake bottle and a sake cup…… Ahh, that would be great. As expected of Ein-san, she knows her stuff.

After thanking her, I picked up the sake cup and Ein-san fluidly poured the sake in it.

Making sure that it doesnt spill, I took a sip and found it to be dry and strong, yet refreshing, and it seemed to gradually seep from my mouth to my throat and then, down to my stomach.

[……Its delicious. This is Japanese sake, right]

[Yes. It was made at Neun-sans request, and since Kaito-sama came from the same world as her, I thought it would suit Kaito-samas palate, so I prepared it.]

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I see, Neun-san prefers Japanese sake as well huh…… That certainly seems like her.

[I have prepared for Kuromu-sama, Isis and Shalltear too.]

[Thanks, Ein~~]

[……Thank you.]

As Ein-san took out new trays from nowhere, Kuro-san and Isis-san moved over to us.

What was placed on the trays for Kuro and Isis were wine glasses and an ordinary cup.

[Is the wine for Kuro]

[Unnn. I dont really like the spicy alcohol. I prefer drinks like wine.]

[What about Isis-san]

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[……I dont really…… like alcohol…… thats why…… Im having juice.]

Fumu fumu, I guess we each have our preferences huh. What about me though I liked all kinds of alcohol, but I guess I didnt like those with a strong smell.

Rather, putting our preferences aside……

[……Alice, how long are you going to be diving]


The one Im bothered about is Alice, who was still diving underwater…… She seemed to be still reeling away because of that incident earlier, and she wasnt even responding to my call.

[……Im sorry I wasnt careful enough. Ill buy you dinner again sometime to make up for it.]


[Alright. Thats fine, so just come out already.]

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When I said that I would buy her a meal, only a hand with three fingers came out of the hot water. I recognized this as her asking me to treat her to three meals, to which I said I was fine with.

Thereupon, from inside the onsen waters, Alice, “with only her head from above her nose showing”, slowly approached me.

Alice moved closer to us and showed her face with the bottom of her chin completely submerged in hot water. Her face clearly looked red, and her blue eyes werent quite as tense as before…… Looking at her like that, I unconsciously thought she was kinda cute.

[……Uuuu, Ive been sullied. Kaito-san, please take responsibility for this.]

[……There are lots of things I would like to tsukkomi, but before that…… “The ducks on your head”, you know]


By some coincidence, the yellow duck that Kuro was floating around just now was now perched on Alices head.

When I pointed it out to her, she silently removed the duck from her head and submerged her face up to her nose into the hot water again. It seems like she was embarrassed.

Seeing Alices reaction, which was, in a way, refreshing among the current members, I couldnt help but chuckle……

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[Up we go~]


While my body was stretched out in the onsen, Kuro climbed on top of my legs as if it was natural.

What are you doing, Kuro! No, you certainly have been sitting on my lap a lot lately but…… Between sitting on the lap of someone while wearing clothes while sitting on the lap while nude, do you realize how different the destructiveness of these two are…… Ahh, h- how soft…… wait, stop all that!

[Ehehe, sitting together with Kaito-kun~~]

[K- Kuro, g- get off……]

[……Not fair…… me too……]


In any case, I tried to move my free hand to get Kuro off my lap, but before I could do so, that hand was grabbed by Isis-san.

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As she hugged my arm, Isis-sans soft, smooth body snuggled with it.

T- This is bad! Just when I was starting to compose myself a little bit, this happened again…… And with Ein-san standing on the other side, there was no space for me to move at all.

As I felt like my head was about to start releasing steam, I tried to struggle, slightly moving my body…… but it seems like that caused even more trouble for myself.


[Eh Ahh, I- Im sorry!]

[K- K- Kaito-san! W- Where do you think youre touching…… H- How much do you want to shame me!]

[N- No, it wasnt on purpose……]

When I tried moving my foot, it accidentally touched something soft and squishy, and right after that, Alice flinched and moved her body away.

The position of my feet, Alices reaction and words…… That means, what my foot touched just now was…… N- No, stop right there! Dont think about it!

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Nothing! Fill your mind with nothingness……

[Unnn Ahh, could it be that Shalltear wants to come here too]

[Ehh Kuro-san W- What are you……]

[Its alright. Kaito-kuns legs are long, so theres plenty of room…… Hoi~~]

[Myaaahhh! K- Kuro-san! Please let go of me. N- No……]

With Kuros words, I felt more softness on my legs. This is bad, this is bad……

[……Mhmm, Shalltear…… Doesnt it look like your breasts are bigger than mine……]

[Hyaaaahhh! W- Where do you think youre touching, Kuro-san! Y- You cant, nuaahhh…… wai……]

They started fooling around above my legs. My mind is slowly being whittled away…… Somebody…… Help me……

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Dear Mom, Dad————— How should I say this…… At that moment, I really think that my reasoning might have reached its limit. No, rather, whether my reasoning reaches its limits or my head boils up so much that I lose consciousness…… Either way———– Im completely cornered.

Victory Condition: Without being noticed by the others in the onsen, make Kaito explode.

Defeat Condition: Show even the slightest of your presence. Make a sound of at least 0.1 db. Breathe. Move your body by at least 1mm. Blink.

Success Reward: The isejuu will explode.

Defeat Penalty: His guardians will deal with you.

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