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Now then, Ein-san had now finally revived and the troublesome things were safely resolved…… Ahh, no, Alice is still diving under the onsen right……

Putting her aside, this ends the mixed bathing chapter…… or so I wish was the case. It would be great if I could skip through time…… Seriously, wheres the skip button Right at this moment, I never thought there would be a time where I would seriously wish for the power to control time.

Well, even if I could manipulate time, it felt like the people around me would just cancel it out……

[T- Then, Im going to wash my body……]

At any rate, I still dont dare to soak my body in the hot water yet. I need to calm down my chaotic mind. If it were possible, Id like to do some zen meditation here and focus my mind.

I need more time at this moment. Alices appearance from the very beginning of this mixed bathing was too intense for me…… To be honest, I dont feel like I can even look at her face properly now, and my heart beats faster just thinking about it.

However, I had completely lost my composure. I wonder what would happen if I made such a statement now…… I would have known this would happen if I just thought about this for a bit but……

[Ahh, then, Ill wash your back for you!]

[……I also…… want to wash…… Kaitos back.]

Kuro and Isis-san reacted immediately. At that moment, the events at Isis-sans castle came back to my mind…… T- This is bad! If they make a pursuit attack when Im already in this state, theres no way Ill be able to endure it!

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Is there something I can do Anything A way for me to convince Kuro and Isis-san to let me wash my body on my own…… D*mn it, I cant think of anything.

[Kuromu-sama, please wait a moment.]

[Unnn Whats wrong]

Just when I realized that I was about to leap into a cliff and was thinking of a way out, Ein-san stopped Kuro.

[I know its rude of me to ask this, but please grant me this request. Would you please turn this role over to me]

[……To Ein]

[Yes. I just regained my pride as a maid thanks to Kaito-sama. It would be a shame for a maid not to repay the favor she has received…… Please grant me this request.]

[H- Hmmm…… If Ein says that much, Im fine with it. What about you, Isis]

[……Unnn…… Im also…… fine giving it…… to Ein.]

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[You have my gratitude. Kaito-sama too, are you fine with it]

……Hmmm. This may have been a great help.

If the diligent Ein-san said that shed wash my back, shed probably do just that. I still feel some nervousness, but I think I can endure this.

At least I wont have to face the fear of not knowing what Kuro and Isis-san will do to me.

[……W- Well then, I will be in your care.]


[……Ah, thats right! Isis, lookie here! I brought a duckie!]


Agreeing to let Ein-san wash my back, I sat down on a small wooden chair.

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As I sat down, I saw Kuro pull out a rubber duck out of nowhere and started playing with Isis-san, which made me feel relaxed.

As I looked forward, I couldnt see Ein-san, but she seemed to be preparing quickly as I heard faint sounds from behind me.

Ein-san could probably finish washing my back before I even noticed it, but I somehow got the feeling that she wasnt going to use her usual super speed.

[Well then, I will start washing your back.]

[Ah, yes. Thank you.]

Just as I responded to Ein-sans voice from behind me, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a neatly folded towel.

I wonder what that is Im guessing that shes using that to wash my back…… but then, it kinda looks a little far away……

No, this cant be…… Theres no way that is the case, right She definitely just put it away for a moment, right Theres no way that…… “the towel that Ein-san was wearing” would be left over there…… right

I mean, she doesnt have to do that! Shes just going to wash my back, so she doesnt need to be completely naked, you know! W- Well~~ Kaito, you really are no good. Virgins like you really are too imaginative…… Haha…… hahaha……

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[E- Ein-san. Ummm, whats that towel over there]

I decided to just ask her directly. Its alright, theres no problem. Im sure that Ein-san will answer “Ahh, Ill be using that later” or something like that.

No, I didnt really need to ask, but when I saw it, I couldnt help myself. I was just a little curious……

[……Its the towel I was wearing.]

[Wha! E- Ein-san!]

However, Ein-sans actions were the opposite of my expectations, betraying them at mach speed.

All of a sudden, I heard a quiet, yet seductive voice whisper to my ear.

The heck is this! What the heck is happening! Why the heck is Ein-san, who seemed to be in her birthday suit, whispering to me from a distance where her lips were almost touching my ear!

[……Kaito-sama, thank you very much for earlier.]

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[Ah, n- no…… ummm……]

[Im really happy to hear that youre thinking well of me.]

Her voice was so erotic that I couldnt imagine it from her usual cool impression. Whenever she whispered in my ear, I felt an inexplicable feeling within me that was making me tremble.

[This is the least I can do…… Please allow me to “serve you” with all my heart.]

Why does that sound like it means something weird! When a nude maid says something like serving, it would completely make me think in a different direction, you know! N- No, theres no way that she means it that way, right

I thought I drew the safest card in the pile, but I never thought it would turn out to be a joker, the worst card of all……


Something soft touched my back just now! Was that a sponge Thats a sponge, right! I felt the sponge that was as warm as the human body, but why the heck do I feel like the warmth reaches wider than a sponge should!

I- Im also feeling something a little hard and elastic in some areas but…… Ahh, those parts are that, right! The feeling on my back, isnt this Ein-san! What the heck are you doing there!

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[This kind of way where you make use of your body like this to clean a gentlemans body exists, right I heard about this from Shalltear.]

[W- W- W- Wha……]

That f*cking idiot! What the heck are you spreading around! This kind of washing someone certainly exists, but this isnt something normal and is only done in shady establishments, you know!

Ahh, I cant move, Ein-san! This is bad, Im telling you! This is seriously bad!

The inexplicable warmth and softness I felt on my back, everytime they moved up and down, it also felt like they were aiming to rub away my sense of reason.

[Regrettably, my breasts arent very large but…… I will just make it up with my skills.]

[A- Ahh…… W- Wait, that is……]

Its sometimes strong, sometimes gentle and sometimes slow and steady, giving me a heavenly feeling of pleasantness. It feels like my head is suffering in hell though……

W- When is this going to end M- My head is boiling already…… S- Someone, help me……

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[……Theres such a way to wash someone huh.]

[……As expected…… of Ein…… Next time…… Ill try…… that too.]

I dont have any allies! Using this as a reference, what are you even thinking Dont do that, okay Dont ever copy her, okay!

Dear Mom, Dad———— At first, I thought it was the best option for me to have Ein-san wash my back. But now, I know firsthand that she was the most dangerous choice. No, please hurry up and end this. If it continues like this————— My reasoning will completely disappear.

Serious-senpai: [Gwfaaahhh! (Vomits blood)]

~~ Kaitos choices ~~

Have Kuro wash his back => She would wash his back normally

Have Isis wash his back => It would be an embarrassing, yet happy event

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Pull Alice out of the onsens and have her wash his back => Self-destruction for the 3rd time

Have Ein wash his back => Kaito will receive “service” from the maid

Have everyone wash his back => Nocturne only

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