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After a pleasant and peaceful dinner, we had a chat over a cup of tea made by Ein-san. I didnt know if she thought it was a good time or not, but Kuro suddenly made a suggestion.

[I think its a good time, so lets take a bath “together”!]

The moment I heard those words, I ran away. I think my movements at that moment were the quickest and swiftest movements Ive ever done.

With minimal movements, I stood up from my chair and ran as fast as I could without looking back at Kuro and the others.

And then, a few seconds later…… I found myself in the changing room. This wouldnt do, I was surrounded by people whose existence were filled with cheats. For Kuro and the others, my all-out sprint was just as slow as a snail. They took me to the changing room faster than I could even perceive them.

[……Kaito…… You wanted to take a bath that badly]

No. Thats not it, Isis-san…… I wasnt dashing towards the bathroom, I was trying to dash away from it. The reason that I was in this place was all because of that monster maid.

The wooden changing room, with its pure Japanese style, really had the feel of an onsen resort, but I didnt have the time to relax and enjoy this.

[……H- Hey, Kuro Ill ask just in case, but this place is divided by gender, right……]

[Eh Were going together! Lets rub each others back!]

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[……Ill also…… wash…… Kaitos back.]

As expected, it was a mixed bath…… Somebody help me! No, this is seriously dangerous! I mean, having to bath together with Kuro, Isis-san, Ein-san and Alice…… Four beautiful women, it would difficult for me to stay even conscious.

Was there something I could do Anything A way to get out of this…… H- However, if I said that I didnt want to bath with them, Isis-san and Kuro would be sad…… Ugghhh…… What should I do……

[Please wait a moment! A maidens soft fair skin isnt something to be exposed so easily!]

Mhmm It feels like Im getting some support from a strange source…… Ah, no, thinking about it, Alice has always been really shy. She would be someone vital if I want to get out of this situation.

Alright. Thats three against two. Were still outnumbered, but weve got enough members to oppose……

[I mean, Im still traumatized by that “incident before”! After taking a bath with Kaito-san, my…… My…… my “body has already turned into something that gives me no other choice but to marry Kaito-san”!!!]

[Stop with those misleading words!]

Alices trauma was about that accident in the bathroom before…… but the way she said it! Doesnt that sound like shes talking about something else!

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[……How surprising. I never thought that Shalltear would just push Kuromu-sama to the side and have such a thing with Kaito-sama……]

[Wait a second there, Ein-san Im telling you, its a misunderstanding…… Youre mistaken……]

[Just remembering it now makes me feel like dying of embarrassment. Even “my most precious place” was “plentifully seen”……]

[Hey, you shut up!!!]

Just when I thought you were my ally, you turned out to be my worst enemy! I know that youre feeling embarrassed and flustered, but please dont say anything else.

[Thats why, I strongly recommend everyone to wear a “bathing suit”!]


[Why, you ask, Isis-san…… As I said before, if you dont wear one, youd be naked then.]

[……If its other than Kaito, I dont want to be seen but…… if its Kaito…… if Kaito wants to…… Its fine…… with me.]

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[Youre more aggressive than I thought!]

Its not just Alice that was surprised, as I was also stunned by Isis-sans careless words.

Hearing her words though, I was also reminded about the snow-white skin I saw when I took a bath in the onsen together with Isis-san…… and I reflexively gulped down. T- This wont do, keep your calm…… Keep calm and stay composed!

Isis-san definitely doesnt know anything thats beyond that. Shes simply saying that “Shell do anything I want” just to express her pure love…… Thats also why its really difficult for me.

[……Me too…… W- Well, ummm, it feels embarrassing but…… if Kaito-kun wants to see it……]

[Kuro-san too!]

The words Kuro said while slightly looking down were incredibly destructive due to the gap compared to how she normally acted, further chipping away my mind even before we entered the bath.

I take back my previous words. Alice, you dont have to shut up, but please do your best to somehow stop this…… This strange flow of conversation……

[T- That wont do! Kaito-san is still a man…… “a sheep disguised as a wolf in sheeps clothing”!!!]

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[……So, in short…… a sheep]

However, Alice also seemed to be quite flustered and started to say something incomprehensible, before she received a sharp tsukkomi from Ein-san.

The situation had turned into quite a mess, but then, Kuro approached Alice and whispered to her.


[……Ehh A- Ahh, theres that way huh…… I see……]

[E- Errr, what are you two talking about……]

[Its a good opportunity, Kaito-san. Lets have some naked socializing with everyone!]

[Seriously, what the heck did you two talk about!]

This is impossible! I never thought that Alice would change her mind so easily…… What in the world did Kuro tell her I definitely didnt think it was just something I could just brush off……

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Eh Was the decision already made Is it already decided…… that Im going to take a bath with everyone

With the betrayal of my only ally, Alice and the disappearance of my only way out, I unconsciously took a step back……

[Isis-san! Please dont start taking off your clothes! Could you at least do that in a separate changing room!!!]

[……Eh ……Unnn…… Okay.]

T- That was close. I was about to be caught completely by surprise…… Unnn. I didnt see anything. Not even a glimpse of the thin blue clothing on her chest or anything like that.

Its alright, its alright…… Calm down and empty your mind.

A- As I was thinking about that…… Ein-san bowed to Kuro before she spoke.

[……Well then, Ill be waiting here, so if you have a command……]

[What are you saying, Ein Youre also coming with us, you know]

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[……N- No, as a maid, I cant take a bath together with my master, Kuromu-sama……]

Arehh Is it just my imagination It feels unusual for Ein-san to sound evasive or rather, she somehow looks flustered.

[E- Ein-san If you dont want to join, you dont have to force yourself, you know!]

[……N- No, its not that I dont want to bath with Kaito-sama…… The problem is ummm, with me……]


“If you dont like it, just say so and Ill try to persuade Kuro” or so I told her, but Ein-san still evasively replied.

In the end, Ein-san was forced by Kuro and together with Isis-san and Alice, they moved to the changing room next door.

Dear Mom, Dad————- As I thought, I seem to be cursed by the bath, as Im suddenly faced with an impossibly difficult ordeal. Also, Ein-sans unusual condition kind of bothers me……———- I have a feeling that another upheaval is coming.

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Now then, its finally mixed bathing time! Are you ready for this Im ready!

Serious-senpai: [Well, Im not ready for this though!!!]

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