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How did it come to this

[I knew that one of these days, I would have to settle things with you once and for all.]

[Ehh~~ Why dont you just keep on running away That is if you dont want to be defeated…… Dont you think]

[Fufufu, thats really funny. Ive always known you would be a great clown, Shalltear.]

[Ahaha, I think you shouldnt be saying anything too cool, you know Youre really funny, you know Ein-san.]



Both of them were smiling, but in front of me, sparks were flying in between Ein-san and Alice. Both of them look as if Hannyas were floating behind their backs, and cold sweat runs down my back.

I didnt know if Kuro couldnt carelessly interject between them or not, but she flusteredly looked between them.

[……Kaito…… Tea…… Here.]

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[T- Thank you.]

However, amongst this atmosphere, only Isis-san was acting normal. With a cute smile on her face, she only offered me a cup of tea.

It all started just a few moments ago…… around an hour or so, after we came back to the accommodation facility together after I slept on Kuros lap.

After that, Isis-san came and we all decided to have dinner together……

[Well then, Kuromu-sama. I will start preparing dinner.]

[Unnn. Ill leave it to you~~]

Yes, just as Ein-san was about to head for the kitchen to make dinner, Alice, who had appeared before I knew it, muttered.

[……In that case, should I make it myself Im very familiar with Kaito-sans taste after all.]

[……Shalltear Can I take that as a challenge to me]

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[Ehh No, I didnt mean to pick a fight with Ein-san. If its Ein-san cooking for us, Im sure that you will prepare a very sumptuous and delicious meal, and thinking about it now makes me look forward to it…… Well, its not just about being very sumptuous though.]


Around that time, for some reason, things started to get unsettling. I think it was probably at that moment that the first sparks flew.

[……Thats a really amusing joke you have. Are you saying that youre better than a maid like me]

[No, no, thats not what I was saying~~ Well, what Im saying is that Im better at you in terms of cooking food that Kaito-san will like……]

[……E- Ein S- Shalltear]

Kuro seemed to have also sensed the situation, and tried to make a follow-up but…… she was too late.

[H- Hey, Kuro Do these two not get along with each other]

[Thats not the case! Rather, this is even the first time theyve ever had a fight, you know! Shalltear normally wouldnt be so stubborn about things either……]

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It seemed that Ein-san and Alice werent particularly on bad terms with each other. According to Kuro, Alice was more likely to back down when the atmosphere became like this but…… It seemed that Alice was getting stubborn because I was involved in this matter.

……What should I do

And now, there were two cooking tables in front of me, set up like those cooking shows on TV, with Ein-san and Alice facing each other. It feels like a true cooking competition.

[……Are you okay with those ingredients, Shalltear]

[……Its not all about how sumptuous the ingredients are. I know all about Kaito-sans tastes! I even remember the moment when “he cried after he accidentally ate bell peppers”!]

[Oi! Why the heck do you know that!]

Seriously, where the heck is my privacy! Why is my black history being spread around all the time!

This is weird. This is supposed to be a confrontation between Ein-san and Alice, but why the heck am I receiving damage here Oi, Kuro! Youre their guardian! Dont just sit next to me with a resigned look on your face, eating baby castellas!


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Isis-san too, why are you acting like a referee there! No more, I cant follow whats happening anymore!

With Isis-sans call, both of them immediately started moving.

In the blink of an eye, Ein-san was chopping a large amount of food and preparing it in a complicated manner. Meanwhile, Alice cooked with a number of knives, brilliantly making use of all of them at the same time.

To be honest, the both of them were so fast that I couldnt see them, but theyre probably evenly matched…… I guess

[……Youre doing great, Shalltear. As expected of the one I recognize as my equal.]

[Ein-san too, youre as great as ever…… As expected of a maid.]

……Well, Ive got a lot of things I want to say but…… Dont nonchalantly use the word “maid” as if youre talking about a superhuman. Its just Ein-san thats monstrously powerful here.

I didnt really know whats going on, but it seems like they recognized each other and a heated battle was going on.

As I look at them, a white container and a spoon were placed in front of me.

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[……Here…… Kaito.]

[Eh Isis-san Whats this]

[……Gratin…… I made it…… for Kaito.]

[T- Thank you…… Arehh]

I feel like somethings strange. Why did Isis-san, who was acting like a referee just now, present me a gratin as if it was natural

I mean, this gratin…… When in the world did she make it

[……Because Kaito was coming…… I made it.]

[Ahh, I see…… So thats why Isis-san met up with us later.]


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The reason why Isis-san wasnt here when I arrived at this accommodation facility was that she was making gratin for me huh.

Unnn, this makes me…… kind of happy. Not eating this isnt an option.

[……Here…… Ahhhn.]

[……With this, Im fini——- Isis!]

[Im also done——- Whats happening!]

At the same time as Isis-san offered to feed me with a smile, Ein-san and Alice also finished cooking…… and their eyes widened in astonishment when they saw Isis-san.

[W- Wait, Isis-san W- What is that……]


[No, thats not what I was talking about. Ummm, what about the match between me and Shalltear……]

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[……Theres one…… for everyone, okay]

[ [ ……I- I see……. ] ]

Apparently, Isis-san didnt quite understand why Ein-san and Alice are fighting against each other. They certainly didnt say anything directly, and they were just indirectly throwing taunts at each other……

Thus, I didnt know if the malicious thoughts in their minds were cleared away by Isis-sans pure smile or not, but both of their shoulders slumped down.

Seeing the situation, Kuro took out a blue flag out of nowhere and declared.

[……This is, unnn…… Isis victory!]


[The Dinner Showdown for Kaito-kun.]

[……Unnn ……I dont really know…… whats happening but…… I won.]

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After saying that while tilting her head, Isis-san turned to Ein-san and Alice and gave them a lovely smile.

[……Shalltear and Ein too…… Lets eat ……If everyone eats together…… It becomes…… even more delicious.]

[…..Roger that. By the way, Ein-san, that looks delicious, doesnt it Please let me have a taste.]

[……I dont mind. In return, let me have a taste of that too.]

After accepting the request of the pure-hearted Isis-san, Alice and Ein-san wryly smiled before preparing a chair. Then, Ein-san glanced at Kuro, and after she received her nod, she sat down.

Of course, Kuro put away her baby castellas and began to eat the gratin that Isis-san had made with a smile.

Dear Mom, Dad————- The cooking showdown between Ein-san and Alice started before I knew it, but in the end, the match didnt come to a conclusion. However, seeing the two of them enjoying themselves somehow, it seems like its just as Kuro said———– Its Isis-sans victory.

War King: [……Eh]

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World King: [……Arehh]

Dragon King: [……What about us]

War King & World King: [Theres no way youd fit in there.]

Dragon King: [……Inconceivable.]

In addition, just as Acht said before, Ein is just a self-proclaimed maid. Kuro perceives her as family.-

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