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————–From now on, lets start from this moment onwards! Lets do something different……!

Looking back in the past, that may have been the greatest start of everything.

————–……where you——- are the protagonist of this story!

Yes, it did indeed begin at that moment……

When I finished showing Kaito-kun around the accommodation facility, before I knew it, it was already nighttime. This place really is big, isnt it

To be honest, I didnt think I was going to put too much effort into this place, but when I thought about how I was doing this for Kaito-kun, I couldnt help but overdo it.

Normally, we would have gone straight to dinner, but before that, there was a place I wanted to go with Kaito-kun. Id already told him about going to this place before dinner beforehand, so Kaito-kun and I went to that place together.

The sun had completely set and the sky was filled with the light of the stars. The place we went to was the rooftop of the Central Tower…… The highest place on this island.

[……No, like I said, why is there a tatami here]

[Ahaha, after all, you really should have tatamis when going for “otsukimi”, right!]

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(T/N: otsukimi/moon-viewing)

[……But the teacakes are probably baby castellas, right]

[Of course!]

I couldnt help but smile at those nostalgic words.

Moving over to the tatami and sitting down, I looked at Kaito-kun and lightly tapped my lap.

[But before we eat our sweets…… Kaito-kun, here.]

[……Huhh…… Whats with you all of a sudden……]

He wryly smiled as if he was somewhat dumbfounded, but Kaito-kun still followed my wish, laying down his head on my lap.

Lap pillow…… I really liked doing that to Kaito-kun. The feeling of warmth in my lap and the feeling of his skin touching mine makes me realize that Im with him.

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While gently stroking Kaito-kuns head, I quietly shifted my gaze to the sky.

[……Hey, Kaito-kun.]


[Do you remember On the night when you first came to this world…… We gazed at the moon and stars together like this.]

[……Yeah, I remember it well.]

A pleasant night breeze gently caressed my cheeks, enveloping me in a peaceful atmosphere.

Without saying another word, I stroked Kaito-kuns head and he closed his eyes, as if he felt pleased with my pats.

[……Kaito-kun, you can just go ahead and get some sleep, you know]

[……Unnn. Is this where Kuro wanted to go]

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[Unnn. You see, Ive grown to love doing this…… looking at the stars together with Kaito-kun.]

[……I see.]

Well, Im sure that Im a little to blame for it, but he has been through a lot today and is probably tired.

Hearing my words, Kaito-kun softly spoke, his voice soundly slightly sleepy.

All it was was just idle chatter. Even so, I felt inexplicably happy about this. Of course, thats because Im with Kaito-kun.

The first night I saw the stars with you, I never dreamed that our relationship would be like this.

At that time, Kaito-kun was but a baby bird who didnt know anything yet, and you looked as if you were afraid of where youd end up if you reached out your hand.

Thats why…… I decided to raise you. Just as I have done countless times in the past……

I wondered how beautiful your wings would be one day when you acquired them and flew away from the nest…… I was really looking forward to seeing you unfurl your wings up close.

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However, you easily surpassed my imagination. Your unfurled wings were so much bigger than I had ever imagined, and so dazzlingly beautiful.

Ive been busy raising baby birds that I had “given up on flying myself”, but you still “willingly took me to the skies”……

Hey, Kaito-kun Do you remember

I told you that time, didnt I That from now on, it will be the start of “your story”……

But, I think of it this way now. That it was actually the start of “our story”. Ahaha, I guess I might be being a bit too conceited However, youve given me so much that I truly do feel that way.

The second night I saw the stars with you…… the day we ate barbecue together, you had changed. Youd become much cooler and stronger than ever.

No, I think you were always stronger than anyone else. However, youd just forgotten how strong you were. I wonder if I was able to help you remember that If I did…… That would make me glad.

The third night I saw the stars with you…… it was at the Sacred Tree Festival, right

Looking back, I think thats when you started to become a bigger and bigger part of my life.

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It didnt take much time for me to fall in love with you.

And then…… You challenged me.

Even though I was such a monster…… You still desperately reached out your hand to me, giving me your love. I still cant find the words to describe how happy I was at that time.

When my relationship with you changed from friends to lovers…… I felt like the world became more beautiful than ever.

Even the starry sky that I had seen countless times felt like completely different scenery with Kaito-kun by my side.

It was then that I finally noticed. Youre not the only one who was growing up, and thanks to you, my heart is stronger than ever.

Thats exactly why, with the way I am now, even if its Shiro…… No. If its for Kaito-kun, I can beat anyone. For your sake, I will be stronger and brighter than anyone. Thats what I think.

Kaito-kun…… You really are amazing.

Its only been half a year since I met you, a blink of an eye compared to what Ive experienced in my life. However, that short time had left the strongest impression on me out of anything Ive experienced.

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When I close my eyes and think of your face, I can clearly remember the conversation we had……

And you saved not only me, but Vier as well. The thing that I couldnt do, the one that I lost…… As if it was something normal, you picked it up and held it out to me.

Its really difficult to convey my feelings for you. My love for you is so great that I dont know how to put them into words.

Sometimes, I think about it…… How I wish that I could convey the feelings I have within my heart as they are.

Im having so much fun every day now. Every time I see your smile, every time we talk with each other, I fall more and more in love with you. I love you so much that I think there is no limit to how much I can love you.

I wonder what you call this kind of feeling Ahh, Im sure…… its something like this.

[……Kaito-kun, I love you.]

I whispered softly to Kaito-kun, who had begun to breathe peacefully in his sleep.

This love is different from the one I had for my precious family members. This feeling I hold isnt just making me feel the need to watch over and protect you…… It makes me wish to walk together with you, supporting each others backs.

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Loving someone you love is such a happy thing, isnt it Fufufu, I thought Id lived a long time, but it seems like I still have lots of things to learn~~

Hey, Kaito-kun I wonder if you remember about that time I clearly remember it, you know The first time I saw the night sky with you…… and the things we talked about……

Thinking about that time, I feel like my future with you will be happier than ever before.

No. This isnt just a premonition, but something that Im certain about…… Because I can always smile from the bottom of my heart when Kaito-kun is with me.

Look, if you turn your gaze up in the sky, you could see that the starry sky stretches out forever. Its a wide world we live in.

[……From here on out too, lets see a lot of things. Lets smile a lot. With you who I love, more than anyone, more than anything……]

[……Mnnhhh…… Kuro……]

[Unnn. Ill be right here by your side, Kaito-kun. I have been…… and will always be.]

Lightly kissing the cheek of the sleeping Kaito-kun, I turned my gaze to the starry sky again.

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Unnn, tonights starry sky…… is the most beautiful ever.

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