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The Guide for the Six Kings Festival that I received from Alice was so thick that I wanted to ask if what she had given me was actually a dictionary.

Fortunately, all of us had magic boxes, so we stored them there.

Since it would be annoying to make any more of a ruckus in front of the gate, we decided to enter.

[They would be checking everyones invitation over there. If youre someones companion, please pass through after the invitation holder passes themselves.]

After listening to Caraway-sans explanation, we headed to the place where there were people who seemed to be the gatekeepers. It seemed like there were a good number of people checking the invitations, so I didnt feel like we would wait too long.

Soon, my turn came around, I took out the invitation from the magic box and showed it to the gatekeeper.

[Yes…… Eh Black-rank! T- This “dull chap” is!]


No, it was undeniably true but……

Just as the gatekeeper said those words out of reflex, I heard the sound of shimmering nails behind me. No matter how I thought about it, that could only be Anima.

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Just as I was about to turn around to stop Anima, the gatekeeper was blown away with a thunderous roar, and I saw Pandora-san in the same position where the gatekeeper had been standing a moment ago.

[……That trash is now removed from the invitation confirmation assignment. Let him clean the outer wall.]

[Y- Yes!]

After Pandora-san informed another gatekeeper nearby in a cold voice, she started mumbling.

[……This is why I was against deploying War King-samas subordinates. With a job that requires face to face confrontation…… I knew we shouldve assigned one of our people to Miyama-sama instead. For a beast with no manners, how dare he show disrespect to Miyama-sama…… Should I have him chopped to a hundred pieces No, lets pulverize him. No, should I go with poison instead ……Lets have him drink so much poison that he would wish for his own death…… Lets also pull off all his fingers. Shall we also have a public execution so that Miyama-samas anger will subside a little]



Pandora-san muttered such in a whisper, as if she was cursing someone. No, from the atmosphere around her, it feels as if she really was throwing a curse at him.

[……Now, now, youre creeping Kaito-san out…… House.]

(T/N: House here is written in katakana. So, its like how you tell dogs to sit.)

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[Eh Ah, wait……]

As I was too stunned to speak to her, Pandora-san was taken away by her guardian, Alice.

She was a different kind of scary from Eden-san…… Eden-san would wipe someone out in one shot without any mercy, but Pandora-san would slowly torment them…… Shes someone who should never be offended.

[……Im sorry for the rudeness, Miyama-sama.]

[Eh Ah, no…… Unnn]

As I watched Pandora-san being taken away, before I knew it, an unfamiliar person appeared near me.

A woman who wore her long, crimson hair, as red as blazing flames, in a large braid at the back of her head…… A hairstyle that looks like a scorpions tail, and her black upturned eyes looks sharp.

A slit-eyed beauty with a sharp vibe, coupled with a height as tall as Chronois-sans, bowed deeply to me and said she was sorry.

[I apologize on behalf of Megiddo-sama for the misbehavior of his subordinate.]

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[N- No, I dont really mind…… Umm, thats why, please…… dont do anything too brutal to him.]

[Thank you for your generosity.]

[Y- Yes…… Errr.]

This woman seemed to be Megiddo-sans subordinate, but I didnt recognize her. She, at least, wasnt one of the members of the party we had back in Lilia-sans garden.

As I was wondering who she is…… I heard Eta and Thetas shocked exclaims from behind me.

[…… A- “Agni-sama”……]

[Mhmm You two are…… Ahh, youre the twins who were under Bacchus command, that are now serving Miyama-sama, right]

[Y- Yes!]

[T- Thats right…… desu!]

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When the woman called Agni spoke to them, Eta and Theta straightened their backs, clearly looking nervous.

[Fumu, it seems that your magic power has become more refined than before. Thats good…… Keep up the good work.]

[ [ Hahh! ] ]

……Unnn, I cant follow what theyre talking about at all.

As I was thinking this, Agni-san, perhaps noticing my state, slightly bowed her head again before speaking.

[Excuse my discourtesy. I havent introduced myself yet, have I My name is Agni. Megiddo-sama has bestowed upon me the second name “Hell Fire” and the position of the “Head” of the Five Generals, and I am the one who organizes Megiddo-samas subordinates. It would be my honor if you could keep my name in a corner of your memory.]

[Errr, Im Miyama Kaito. P- Pleased to make your acquaintance.]

With one knee on the ground, just like a knights salute, Agni-san promptly introduced herself.

Shes the Head of the Five Generals…… Does that mean shes the most important person under Megiddo-sans command I- Ive met someone great again……

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I- Is Lilia-san not here She already got in first Unnn, I guess I would have to explain this later…… Im sure of it now. My life would probably be in danger.

[I would like to apologize for the rudeness youve experienced today again. My apologies, but I still have a lot of work to do. We can talk about the details of other things later.]

[Y- Yes.]

[Well then, if youll excuse me. I believe…… you two were Eta and Theta]

[ [ Hahh! ] ]

[Risk your lives to continue to be Miyama-samas shield and sword. Even if its only for some time, youre still considered as Megiddo-samas subordinates. If you were to behave poorly, that would also dishonor Megiddo-samas name…… Never forget that.]

[ [ Hahh! ] ]

After intimidatingly telling Eta and Theta that with her sharp eyes glaring at them, Agni bowed to me once more before disappearing.

Unnn, how should I say this…… It kind of feels like shes a military captain…… She was polite to me because Im Megiddo-sans acquaintance but…… Looking at Eta and Thetas reactions, I guess shes usually quite strict and scary.

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However, unnn…… Ive just entered the place, and I already got caught up in a strange uproar again…… Could it be…… am I cursed or something

[……I see, so trouble like that happened huh…… You also met Agni-sama, the head of the War King-samas Five Generals……]


[……No more. I just took my eyes off you for a moment, you know And yet, for this to happen……]

[My Lady, please get ahold of yourself……]

After Agni-san left, I had my invitation checked again and went inside the gate. When I explained the incident at the gate to Lilia-san and the others who had joined us, she crouched down with her head in her hands. No, Im really sorry.

[Miyama-sama is black rank…… That means he is the most important guest, right If he faced any disrespect, its only natural that someone in her position would come out to apologize.]

[……As for me, Im fine with just a normal apology though.]

Hearing Caraway-sans words, my shoulders slumped with my sigh.

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We got a lot of attention like that right from the start…… If its possible, Id like some peace and quiet until we reach our accommodations……

Hopefully, there wont be any more disturbances…… Im praying this to you, Oh God.

(Should I do something)

No, its okay. Im not praying to you. If you make a move, it will cause even more trouble than there already was, so please dont do anything strange.


Alright, now thats one troublesome being sealed…… Did I really…… seal it though It would be great if that seals the trouble…… its most probably impossible though.

Well, Im sure nothing will happen during the walk from here to the accommodations.

[Oiii~~ Kaito-kuuuun~~!]


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Cant you at least give me a little bit more peace and quiet! Why the heck did it look like the Underworld King was running towards me with a really cute smile, waving her hand at me!

Or rather, the surroundings were crazily buzzing, you know! What happened to your Recognition Inhibition Magic! Dont tell me…… Since its a festival hosted by the Six Kings…… You arent going to use it

Dear Mom, Dad————- We finally entered the venue of the Six Kings Festival, but it seems that I am loved by trouble. I encountered Agni, the head of the War Kings Five Generals. And then, Kuro comes running towards me with a big smile on her face———— It seems like a problem appeared just after another ended.

Death King: [Death Penalty]

Phantasmal King: [Death Penalty]

Phantasmal Kings chief subordinate: [Death Penalty]

God of Fate: [Death Penalty]

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Underworld King: [Forehead Flick (Strong)]

God of Creation: [Forehead Flick (Medium-spicy)]

Earth God: [Atomic Disintegration (Physical)]

MC-kun: [I request for some amnesty.]

Death King: [90% Death]

Phantasmal King: [Mental Destruction]

Phantasmal Kings chief subordinate: [Torture]

God of Fate: [Death Penalty]

Underworld King: [Forehead Flick (Weak)]

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God of Creation: [Forehead Flick (Medium, without the wasabi)]

Earth God: [Atomic Disintegration (Physical), Revival Later]-

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