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When the scolding of the idiot was over, it seemed that Sieg-sans scolding also ended at the same time, and the battered Rei-san and Fia-san stood up.

[Even so, its amazing, isnt it Its a festival hosted by the Six Kings, so I knew that it would be large-scale…… but for it to be this large……]

Rei-san was quick to recover and switch gears as usual, he was muttering to himself as he stared at the large city that would become the venue.

I could totally agree with that statement. In fact, the place was much bigger than I imagined, and the tower in the center is so big that it felt like it was going to pierce the sky.

Im not really sure if Ill be staying there but, its a bit…… no, it makes me feel dwarfed, but I dont think I really have the right to refuse.

[Even so, as expected of the Six Kings……. How much money did they spend on all of this]

[I cant even imagine.]

Lilia-san muttered, and Lunamaria-san agreed with a mystified look on her face. An inordinate amount of materials must have been used just for that one central tower. Where in the world did they gather such a large amount of materials in such a short time……

Well, its really going to be a festival on a scale Ive never experienced before, thats for sure.

[However, with the place this big…… It seems like it would be difficult to go around the place.]

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[Yeah, indeed…… It seems to be as big as the royal capital of Symphonia…… I dont know if we can visit all of the places in seven days.]

I replied to Fia-sans very agreeable mutterings. The city where this event will be held is too big. If all the stalls were lined up in this city, we would probably only be able to visit half of them.

Just as I was thinking that I needed to plan out where I would be going…… Caraway-san said something unbelievable.

[……No, Miyama-sama. Not just seven days. If you want to go around and see everything, you shouldnt think about going around for seven days. You should think about how you could see everything just for one day.]

[……What No, I mean, the Six Kings Festival lasts for……]

[Ive only heard about it but…… It seems that the Six Kings Festival “switches all the events except for the Central Tower and the accommodations every day”.]


Caraway-sans words left not only me, but everyone here in awe.

In other words, theyre going to change all the stalls every single day No, no, no matter how I thought about it, thats kinda……

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[Its hard to believe, but I heard that “even the buildings would also change”.]

[……I- Is that even possible!]

[I dont know. But if its the Six Kings…… I cant say its impossible.]

Lilia-san asked in astonishment, and Caraway-san replied with a hesitant expression on her face, as if she herself was also half-doubting her words.

But it certainly was as Caraway-san said. Even if it was impossible to our common sense, the Six Kings might be able to do it.

However, this would make the problem that Fia-san mentioned earlier more serious.

When a festival on such a scale that you cant even visit half of it over the course of seven days is switched every day…… One would really only be able to enjoy a little bit of the festival.

In that case, it would be great if we can walk around with some idea of what we would like to see…… With how big this place was, I wouldnt even know where anything is……


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Just as I had that thought in mind, Alice sneakily walked in front of us with several pieces of wood…… Why the heck do I feel like Ive seen this pattern before

Just as I expected, Alice took out a hammer and after hitting the pieces of wood three times…… a stall was created.

Looking at the sign, written on it was “This is the Perfect Alice-chans Special Guide to the Six Kings Festival ~~ Complete Edition ~~”.

……Not bad. Accurately identifying demand and presenting it when everyone wanted it…… and leaving me no choice but to buy it.

But what Im worried about is the price…… How much was she going to overcharge me now……

Looking at her with trepidation, I saw that she had prepared a wooden tag with a price written on it this time. And the price written on the wooden tag was……

Kaito-san: 100R per book

Random Riffraff: 100,000R per book

I was paying 10,000 yen per book, while others would have to pay 10 million yen…… That was quite a frightening disparity.

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No, 10,000 yen per book could still be considered as expensive, but the pricing for the other was just too much of a rip-off.

[……A- Alice No matter how I think about it, thats kinda……]

[No, Miyama-sama. Thats a reasonable price.]


[Miyama-sama and Phantasmal King-sama are “the best couple in the world”, so the special pricing is understandable. But other than for that, just the fact that this was a book written by Phantasmal King-sama made it more than worth it. For a complete guide for the Six Kings Festival…… One white gold coin would be considered rather cheap instead. This is “how great of an existence the Phantasmal King-sama” is.]


[Thats why Phantasmal King-samas price tag set for her partner as the “best couple”, Miyama-sama, is a special price.]

What is this I somehow feel like Lunamaria-san was trying to flatter Alice. Shes also emphasizing that were the best couple in the world.

A few moments later, I immediately understood Lunamaria-sans intentions.

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After listening to what Lunamaria-san said, Alice took the wooden tag on which she had written the price, wrote something on it, and put it back in its original position.

The sentence that was added was……

“Lunamaria-san: 1000R”

……She just boldly gave her a 99% discount, selling an item worth 10 million yen down for 100,000 yen. It seemed that she was very happy with Lunamaria-sans compliment.

Unnn, as expected of Lunamaria-san…… Shes strong. However, I just thought of something…… but if I can do that……

[Hey, Alice…… Can I buy several copies]

[Only for Kaito-san!]

[……Then, I can just “buy copies for everyone” huh……]

[Thank you for the purchase~~]

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When I muttered this, Alice gave me a big smile, as if she knew the meaning of my words.

[……Youve been aiming for this from the start]

[……I wonder]

……This f*cking b*stard. She has been trying to get me to buy them all from the start! She wrote about prices for other people, but I was her only target from the start!

It seems like her business skills grow really quickly while shes aiming at me huh…… I really cant let my guard down around her.

Dear Mom, Dad—————- Alice, who never misses a business opportunity and just as she expected, I was forced to buy her stuff again. I somehow felt like I lost but…… seeing Alice happily receiving my money, I dont feel like complaining———- Does the words “weak are those who fell in love” mean this

Even though hes saying all sorts of things, Kaito still spoils Alice…… Well, Alice is much more devoted to him though……

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