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Meeting Caraway-san again, I finished introducing her to Anima and the others, who she had never met before. I didnt know why, but Anima had an unusually good impression of Caraway-san for some reason.

Do they feel some kind of connection between them, being that both of them are beast-type Demons

At about the same time this question popped into my mind, a voice suddenly called out.

[……Sorry for waiting, everyone!]

Vigorous familiar voices…… Turning towards the voice, Sieg-san held her head in her hands.

At the end of our gazes, two shadows came running.

A familiar-looking man and woman came running towards us, dashing towards us in a zigzag pattern while crisscrossing with each other. As they intercrossed in front of us, they did a cartwheel in the air before landing. They then did a backflip, stood back-to-back, and ended it with a pose.

[Long time no see, everyone!]

[We have arrived~~]

Of course, it was Sieg-sans parents who showed up with an aura that blew away everyones mind…… Ria-san and Fia-san.

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[We totally nailed it, Rei.]

[Yeah, all the practice we did for this day paid off. It was a perfect entrance! Everyone seemed so moved that they were speechless.]

Youre mistaken. We were so dumbfounded that were speechless.

Also, Rei-san and Fia-san, its fine and all for you to be proud of your achievement but…… If you dont step on the brakes soon, Sieg-san would start focusing on you, you know

But of course, the two wouldnt settle down easily, and Sieg-sans usual scolding was about to begin…… but for some reason, I heard “a voice different from earlier”.

[……Fufufu, ahaha, haa–HAHAHA! You call that a perfect entrance Naive! Youre as naive as a new-born baby!]

[W- Who are you!]

……As far as I knew, she was the worlds greatest idiot.

[It cant be helped. For the sake of the young chicks who dont yet know the vastness of the sky, Let me show you what true entrance looks like!]

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With her headache-inducing monologue, an idiot and the clone of said idiot came running from the distance…… in a cat and dog stuffed costume……

Then, the idiot dog and the idiot cat jumped in the middle of the group, crossing with each other while doing horizontal spins.

Their movements certainly look amazing, but if its her, even if she made an entrance like that……

[T- Thats impossible! C- Could that possibly be…… “The Divine Exchange”!]

[T- This is unbelievable…… Isnt that a lost technique!]

However, there were two people who were actually hooked by her movements.

In front of their gazes, the idiot dog and idiot cat landed and immediately did a twisting backward knee trip, and with a spin, they kicked each others legs in the air to return to their original positions.

[How could this be! You linked the Divine Exchange with a “Double Crescent Moon”!]

[I- Its not possible for ones body to withstand that! What is with these two, are you monsters……]

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Ive been wondering about this for a while, but what is this Whats with the very cool names Who the heck gave it those names

After running and lining up in a row, the idiot dog stepped on the idiot cats shoulder and leaped high into the air while spinning around. The idiot cat approached her, leaping across the ground like a gymnast, and then struck a pose at the area where the idiot dog landed with their backs facing each other.

[……A- Aaahhhh…… “Shooting Star”…… How could…… this be……]

[Moreover, the other one did a “Ground Combination”…… T- Theres no way humans can do that!]

……You two arent humans either, Rei-san and Fia-san. Youre elves, remember

For us, what the idiots did didnt really matter, but for Rei-san and Fia-san, the idiot duos entrance was really shocking, as they both fell to their knees and hung their heads at the same time.

[……We lost.]

[……I never thought there would be performers like them in the world…… Who in the world are you!]

……Theyre the irredeemable idiots.

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[Fufufu, Im glad you asked. Im the star that shines on the world…… the Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan!]

[ [ W- What did you say! ] ]

Rei-san, Fia-san, youre getting too into the mood. Somehow, even though Im just watching them, I felt really tired.

[The Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan…… W- Who in the world are you!]

[I- I dont know who that is at all…… That must be why she calls herself the Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan huh!]

No, thats just because thats her name, okay! For crying out loud, she just said her name was Alice!

[Fuuu, I cant tell you who I am but……]

Even though you just said your name to them! You arent hiding anything, youre being completely open!

[You guys have a lot of potential. All I wish is that you dont become complacent. The pinnacle of your career as performers is still a long way off. Please keep that in mind and keep working hard.]

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[The Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan…… T- Thank you very much!]

[Yes, well try our best to catch up with the Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan one day!]

I couldnt keep up with them anymore……

In front of me, who couldnt keep up with them at all due to the difference in tension, Rei-san and Fia-san were in tears, as if they were overcome with emotions…… until swords were thrust towards their necks.

[……U- Ummm, Sieg T- This is……]

[Sieg-chan, calm down……]


Sieg-sans eyes were filled with murderous intent. Well, they reaped what they sowed.

[……You two are being disrespectful to Phantasmal King-sama!]

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[ [ ……Eh Phantasmal King…… -sama ] ]

When Sieg-san told them that, they completely stiffened…… before a few moments later, they slowly turned to Alice.

[……Errr…… youre…… Phantasmal King-sama]

[Yes, the true identity of the Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan…… Tadahh! The Phantasmal King!]

With exaggerated movements, she took off her stuffed costume and appeared in the form of the Phantasmal King, clad in a black hood with dangling chains.

When Rei-san and Fia-san saw this, the color completely disappeared from their faces…… and they smoothly knelt down in a dogeza.

[M- M- M- My apologies! W- W- W- We didnt know you were Phantasmal King-sama……]

[P- Please excuse us for our rudeness……]

Perhaps remembering their flippant conversation from earlier, they both shuddered and said their apologies.

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Hearing this, Alice nodded once in satisfaction and began to speak in a pompous tone.

[Well, its no wonder you dont recognize me. Not only am I the Phantasmal King, Im also a top-notch performer…… Each of my movements are perfectly sophisticated beauty brought into existence. Just for this moment, you can buy this “Performance Textbook” that I wrote for the special price of———- Fugyaaahhh!]

[……Stop fooling around and behave yourself.]

[K- Kaito-san! N- No, I was just instructing them as fellow performe——– Migyaaahhh! Y- Youww teaw off my chweeks…… Youww teaw them off! Youww teawing them off!]

[……Come here for a sec.]

[Niyaahhh! Dont dwag me whiyle youw hand is on my chweek…… I- Im sowwwwwwy! I got cawwied awaaaayyy!]

Beating up the idiot who started coercing the two frightened people to buy her stuff, I forcibly dragged her away.

Just because Ive been spoiling her a bit lately, shed become like this…… Its been a while since I scolded her. Lets do that.

[……Hey, Sieg-chan Is that person really Phantasmal King-sama]

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[……Ummm, Miyama-kun is making her sit in a seiza and scolding her……]

[……Shes the Phantasmal King.]

Dear Mom, Dad———- I rendezvoused with Rei-san and Fia-san. It would have ended with just a few words of greeting, but a certain idiot made it take a staggering amount of time. Unnn…… Its been a while since I straightened her out———- so Ill scold her.

Alice-chan is idiotically cute.

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