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The 22nd Day of the Light month. The 24th, the day of the Six Kings Festival, was approaching, and we were planning to arrive there before the festival itself occurs, so today was like the last minute preparations day.

I asked Alice for help while I was on my shopping date with Lilia-san and Sieg-san, so I should be able to get my clothes in time without any problems.

As for what to bring with me, I usually keep most of my things in my magic box, so its not a problem.

So now, Im checking the “badges” I received this morning.

It was black with a special magic technique written on the back, its like an ID card for my companions to wear at the Six Kings Festival.

It apparently has a special magic technique built into it that makes it impossible to forge or duplicate. Well, unless youre Shiro-san.

Id be handing these over to my companions when we leave tomorrow, but right now, I was just checking to make sure that I hadnt missed anyone in my application.

[Well, if that situation happens, Ill just make it quick and easy, so you dont have to worry about missing anyone.]

[Unnn, thanks…… Speaking of which, are the clothes going to be ready in time]

[Its already been made though]

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When I asked Alice, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and spoke to me as usual, she told me that the clothes I had asked for were already finished. I didnt know if I should say that its to be expected or not, but she works really fast.

In that case, should I give them to Anima and the others first, along with the badges

As I was thinking about this, Alice suddenly took out what seemed to be a notepad and spoke.

[By the way, Kaito-san. Youre going there tomorrow, arent you]

[Yeah, thats the plan.]

The Six Kings Festival is held for seven days, and all accommodations are provided free of charge. However, I heard that the lodgings you could stay at are determined by the rank of your invitation…… Well, I heard that even the worst accommodation is about the same as a super luxurious hotel……

Of course, its also okay to attend only on certain days, and in that case, you can get free transportation.

However, Id be staying on the top floor of the central tower…… I heard that Kuro and Isis were very excited about this decision…… and it was making me very anxious.

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[……Well then, Im going to have someone guide around you at that time…… Kaito-san should also know some of our subordinates, do you have someone youd like to guide you]

[Ahh~~ I see…… Hmmm.]

Our subordinates…… From the way Alice spoke, I guess that includes Kuros family. I certainly am acquainted with some of them. I knew Fafnir-san and Pandora-san. Id only talked to them a few times, but I also knew Lillywood-sans subordinates.

Even so…… Hmmm. A guide…… I guess that would be until we reached our inn Fafnir-san was too big. As for Pandora-san…… I didnt really know her that well, and I havent talked to others that much either. Above all, many of them were people that Lilia-san and the others would meet for the first time.

In that case, that leaves Kuros family…… hey, wait a moment Thats right! Theres also that person!

[……How about Caraway-san]


Caraway-san, the cat-eared Demon who brought the invitations and explained the Six Kings Festival to us…… Shes already acquainted with Lilia-san and the others, and her explanation of the Six Kings Festival was detailed and easy to understand, so I think she should be able to easily explain things to us.

It seemed like she was the perfect person for the job, but for some reason, Alice had a complicated look on her face.

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[……Errr, did I say something wrong]

[No, its just that Caraway-san…… She isnt “a subordinate of any of the Six Kings”, you see.]

[Ehh! Is that so]

[Yes, she isnt a subordinate of any of the Six Kings. She also wasnt invited to the Six Kings Festival, so she isnt qualified to participate in the first place.]

Its not like I was thinking all Demons would be a subordinate of one of the Six Kings but…… since Caraway-san was the one who brought me the invitation, I thought for sure that she was someones subordinate……

[She is, well, as Kaito-san knows…… the one who casted Recognition Inhibition Magic on Kaito-san.]

[U- Unnn.]

[She seemed to be very remorseful about the incident, and she asked for a chance to somehow make amends…… Thats why I entrusted her with doing some small chores. However, that was only behind the scenes, and she isnt allowed to participate in the Six Kings Festival. Well, she might be tasked with cleaning or other odd jobs……]

[…… Is…… that so.]

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[The reason I had her deliver the invitations to Kaito-san and the others was because she volunteered. She wanted to directly apologize to you.]

It was just a guess but…… Could it be that Caraway-sans situation wasnt good because she casted Recognition Inhibition Magic on me

It could be said that she reaped what she sowed, but as the person concerned, I didnt mind about that matter at all anymore because I received her sincere apology and there was no real harm done……

As I was in a complicated mood, Alice looked at me for a while…… before she smiled.

[……Then, Ill send Caraway-san to guide you around, okay]

[……Is that alright]

[Rather than asking me that, shouldnt I be asking you, Kaito-san, if thats alright Even though she regrets it, she was someone who tried to kidnap you once, you know]

[And youre someone who actually kidnapped me once.]


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Alices wry smile looks so gentle that I could see it even through her mask…… It was like she already knew what I was going to say.

[Shes already apologized to me, and I dont mind about that matter at all…… I mean, it was because of that incident that I met Kuro. Im rather grateful that she did that instead.]

[……I see, roger that. Well then, Ill go make the arrangements.]

[Unnn, Ill be counting on you on that…… Ahh, also…… If its possible……]

[Yes, yes. Youre asking me to “invite her to the Six Kings Festival as Kaito-sans companion”, right Ill make her a badge and Ill have it given to her later.]

[……Thank you, Alice.]

[No, no, something like this is easy-peasy…… Well then!]

Alice seemed to know everything I was thinking and gave me the answer I wanted before disappearing.

Unnn, well, seriously…… Alice had been helping me a lot. I guess Ill take her out for a nice meal again soon.

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Dear Mom, Dad———— Preparations for going to the Six Kings Festival are steadily in progress, and Im getting more and more excited by each minute passing. Its a festival held by all the Six Kings, and its going to be quite large, so Im really looking forward to it. Anyway, the Six Kings Festival———- will be held soon.

Finally, the Six Kings Festival (which is actually a date competition in disguise) is about to begin.

Serious-senpai: [……………………]

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