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Fortunately or unfortunately, a good amount of time had passed since the trouble () with Pandora-san, so I decided to check on Lilia-san.

A few beautiful dress-like clothes were hung on the wall in front of Lilia-san. She crossed her arms as she looked at them.


[Ahh, Kaito-san. Im sorry it took me so long.]

[No, it seems like youre feeling troubled]

[Yes, Ive narrowed down my options, but there are still a bit too many of them…… I was just trying to decide which one to buy.]

When I was told that, I took a look at the clothes that were laid out.

There are about ten outfits…… which was certainly a few too many. The Six Kings Festival lasts for seven days, so if the purpose was to find clothes to wear at the Six Kings Festival, then the maximum number of clothes she was going to buy would be seven.

Of course, she could also just buy all of them and wear the remaining three during her private life but…… with Lilia-sans character, she probably wouldnt want to waste money like that.

I think thats why shes having a hard time deciding which ones to buy, because shes thinking of buying only what she needs.

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Keeping this in mind, I looked at the clothes one by one again. All of them would look good on Lilia, and its hard to decide which ones to buy.

Lilia-san looked troubled about this, and Id like to give her some advice…… but Im not really an expert in womens clothing, so Im not sure if I can give her any good advice.

So, I decided to simply tell her what I thought.

[……Hmmm. In my personal opinion, I like these kinds of clothes.]

I thought that the white base color with gold threads interwoven in a not too flashy way would look good on Lilia. It would do well to contrast her blond hair and blue eyes.

I think a chic black dress is also good, but I think white suits Lilia-san.

[I think Lilia-san would look good in any of them, but I think this dress fits the image of the innocent Lilia-san perfectly.]

[I- I see, t- thank you…… P- Please wait for a little longer. Ill decide soon.]

[You dont really have to rush.]

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Lilia-sans face reddened a little at my words. After she replied, she started picking up each piece of clothing, as if she was starting to make her choice.

As for the dress I said looks good on her, she picked it up first, gave it a quick glance and then moved it to a separate place from the rest of the clothes…… How cute.

As I watched Lilia-san earnestly choose clothes with a smile, I heard the door of the store open and I reflexively moved my gaze in that direction.

[……Excuse me, Im fine with those not as expensive as a nobles, so can you help me find some slightly expensive clothes…… Oya]



To our surprise, it was Sieg-san who came into the store, and both Lilia-san and I were astonished at the unexpected encounter with her.

It was the same for Sieg-san. Looking a bit surprised, she called out and approached us.

[……Kaito-san, Lilia…… I didnt expect to see you here.]

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[Sieg, its your day-off today, isnt it Are you going to buy some clothes]

[Yes, it wouldnt be necessary if I were to participate as Lilis escort, but Ive been invited directly…… As expected, I couldnt just dress like usual.]

[I see……]

[Is Kaito-san and Lili also shopping for clothes]

After exchanging a few words, I answered Sieg-sans question with a nod.

Thereupon, for some reason, Sieg-san gently smiled and alternately looked at Lilia-san and I.

[……I see youre on a date.]

[Wha! T- T- T- That is……]

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Lilia-san…… Theres a chance that she may be trying to deceive her, but shes really easy to understand.

[Fufufu, how enviable…… Ahh, thats right. If its fine with you, “can I also join your date”]

[Eh E- Errr, that is……]

[Of course, I dont mind.]


While I was at a loss for what to say to Sieg-san, who nonchalantly asked me to go on a date with her with a calm smile…… For some reason, Lilia-san readily agreed.

As I raised my voice in surprise, both Lilia-san and Sieg-san tilted their heads in wonder at me.

[Kaito-san, is something the matter]

[Eh N- No, ummm…… Is that alright]

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[What do you mean]

[N- No, I mean, going on a date with the two of you at the same time……]

[Unnn Isnt that “pretty normal”]


Unlike the confused me, Lilia-san looked like she really didnt know why I was asking her that.

At that moment, as if she understood what I was talking about, Sieg-san clapped her hands.

[Ahh, thats right…… Speaking of which, monogamy was the norm in Kaito-sans world, wasnt it]

[Y- Yes…… Could it be that this isnt uncommon in this world]

[Yes. Polygamy is the norm in this world…… It isnt particularly unusual for one man and several women to date. Well, of course, I think its more common for just two people to go on a date.]

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[I- I see……]

When she put it that way, it certainly did make sense.

[……If Kaito-san feels bothered about it, its fine to decline, you know]

[Ah, no, its just that Im a little surprised by the cultural differences…… I also enjoy being with Sieg-san, and you would never be a nuisance.]

[Fufufu, hearing that makes me happy. Well then, if Kaito-san doesnt mind, I would certainly like to go with you.]


I was surprised, but as long as Lilia-san and Sieg-san didnt mind, Id be happy to have a fun date with my two lovers.

When I agreed to Sieg-sans request, not only Sieg-san, but also Lilia-san smiled happily. For the shy Lilia-san, having the familiar Sieg-san might be comforting for her.

[Ahh, but before that, Sieg-sans clothes. The size may be a little different, something like this would be great…..]

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[No, Lili…… Please dont bring me such an expensive item. I dont have as much money as you do. I can barely afford to buy the lowest grade of clothing in this store…… Also, if possible, not a “skirt”……]

[……Speaking of which, you dont really like skirts, do you]

[Rather than me not liking skirts, what I dont like are “clothes that make it hard to move around in a forest”……]

Like I said, arent your standards quite strange! Lilia-san and Sieg-san, what exactly do you think youre doing at the Six Kings Festival! Theres no way you would need to go around in a forest there……. You wouldnt, right……

As I watched the two women get excited about choosing clothes, I quietly called out behind me.


[Yes, yes.]

[When its Lillywood-sans turn to host the festival, would she turn the venue into a forest]

[……She did say that the theme of her event would be “interacting with nature”.]

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[I see, thanks.]

[No, no, Ill be excusing myself then~~]

…….Could it be that Im actually the wrong one here After all, its a festival hosted by those dense Six Kings. Is it the right answer to prepare ourselves for a battle Im starting to lose my mind……

[……Ahh, can I ask you something again]

[Hey, hey.]

[From Alices point of view, what do you think about going on a date with another girl]

[Hmmm, Im fine if its with Kuro-san or Fate-san…… but I feel that it would be “too troublesome” if it was with the others, so I would have to pass.]

[I see, thanks. Ill keep that in mind.]

Dear Mom, Dad———– We met Sieg-san by chance at the clothing store. To my surprise, Sieg-san decided to also join our date. I see, in this world———- This kind of date is possible huh……

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Serious-senpai: [What! Isnt it the common rule that if you meet another heroine on a date, it should end up in a scene of carnage!]

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