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After I finished explaining the situation to Lilia-san and Dr. Vier about Eden-san to some extent, there was a considerably heavy silence.

A little while later, Lilia-san spoke in a grave tone.

[…..In short…… This Eden-sama is the God of Kaito-sans world that you had told me about before…… and that God likes Kaito-san…… Thats why she helped you for this matter……]

[Y- Yes, well, something like that.]

I dont think Eden-sans affection is on the level of liking me…… Well, lets just let this matter remain unclear.

Well, you know…… As expected, I couldnt just say “The God of my world is a Yandere” or anything like that, right…… Right

[……I thought that since I had met most of the powerful beings in this world…… that would be the end of it…… And now, you even went and asked the assistance of a God from another world…… No more…… You arent even trying to restrain yourself at all.]

Lillia exhaustedly muttered.

[……My apologies.]

I deeply bowed to Lilia once again. Thereupon, Dr. Vier, who had been silently listening to me up to that point, spoke to me, looking somewhat convinced.

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[Miyama-kun, in other words, is it correct to say that…… she is someone like the God of Creation-sama of our world]

[Y- Yes, probably.]

[I see…… No wonder I was feeling so helpless before her. I thought that I was a pretty strong person but…… the tops of worlds really are different.]

Dr. Vier was surprised by Eden-sans identity, but she nodded her head, looking like she understood why she had been overpowered.

[……Dr. Vier.]


[…….Do you have any…… good stomach medicine]

[Unnn. I think we should get you to try to stop relying on medication first. What youre feeling is something psychological, so a change in pace would probably be good. I think it would be good for you to take a walk under the morning sun.]

[……What am I supposed to do]

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[Hmmm. Lilia-chan is a very serious person, so you probably already have a lot on your plate. I cant say much because Im the one who caused the problem this time but…… I think its best if you dont stress out about things too much.]

Somehow, doesnt it seem like theyve started some sort of counseling! No, Im really sorry, Lilia-san……

[Itll be easier if you voice your complaints and worries to others. How about you talk about it to someone like Lu-chan]

Unnn. Dr. Vier certainly made a sound argument but…… I think that her choice of person is a complete mistake.

However, I cant really say “Im here to listen to all of your complaints.” to her. After all, Im the cause of her worries……

[Ahh, thats right! Why don‘t you go on a “date with Miyama-kun” for a change of pace]

[Ehh! A d- d- d- date……]

[Unnn. You two are lovers, right]

[T- That certainly is t- t- t- true but……]

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Hearing Dr. Viers unexpected suggestion, Lilia-sans earlier depression disappeared and with her face turned bright red, her gaze swam about as she spoke.

[H- However…… a date…… a date is…… If I were to regard Kaito-sans circumstances…… and go on a date with him…… the date would turn into a date…… and if we were to go on a date…… W- Wouldnt it be difficult]

[Im sorry, I have no idea what youre talking about! Could you calm down for a bit……]

[Y- Yes……]

[Do you not want to go on a date with Miyama-kun, Lilia-chan]

[T- Thats not it! That isnt the case! Rather, Ive been wan…… I- Its nothing!]

I felt like the conversation was going in a weird direction, but a date with Lilia-san would always be welcome.

We hadnt had a chance to go out alone together since that trip we had before, so I think it would be nice to wander around the city.

[……If its okay with Lilia-san, why dont we go shopping together tomorrow]

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[K- K- K- Kaito-san! I- I- I- Is that a d- date]

[Yes. The Six Kings Festival is near too, so I think it would be a good idea to get some new clothes.]

[Auu…… auuu……]

[Lilia-san If its not convenient for you, we can always do it another day, you know]

[N- No! I- Its awright!]

……She bit her tongue. She just strongly bit down on her tongue. Each of her reactions were just too cute.

As I happily looked at Lilia-san, who accepted my date invitation with a bright red face, Dr. Vier clapped her hands.

[Ahh, thats right! Ive got something good for you.]

[Something good]

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[Unnn. This was something given to me too…… Its a ticket for a play. Errr, it should be here somewhere…… Found it! Here you go.]

[Eh Errr, can I really have it]

[Of course. Im really glad for the thought they had when they gave it to me, but it isnt really convenient for me to go there myself…… I think its going to expire in about 10 days, so you should go check it out soon.]

[……Thank you.]

[Youre welcome…… Well, I only have one ticket, so youll have to buy another for the other person…… I heard theyre playing something pretty popular.]

A play huh…… I knew that there were things in this world, but I have never been to one, even in my world.

Gratefully accepting Dr. Viers kindness, I confirmed if Lilia-san would like to go there, to which she nodded her head several times with a cute blush.

Thereupon, Dr. Vier announced that she was going back to her clinic. After thanking and apologizing to us once again, she left.

I also left the office after having a short discussion with Lilia-san about our plans for tomorrows date.

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After dinner and a bath, I went back to my room and was writing in my diary, thinking about the day. This was when Kuro appeared, just as usual.

[Kaito-kun! Im here~~]


[Hey, Kaito-kun. This might be sudden…… but how about we go on a “date”]

[Ehh Date Right now]

Kuro appeared in my room, and with her usual bright smile, she requested something out of the ordinary.

It was currently 9:00 pm…… Early enough to go to bed, but its late enough to wander around outside.

[Unnn…… Id like to go to a place with Kaito-kun. Is it no good]

[Not really, its alright with me…… Hold on, Ill get my jacket.]

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When I agreed to her date invitation, Kuro nodded with a sincerely happy smile on her face.

Dear Mom, Dad———– It had only been a few hours ago that I promised to go on a date with Lilia-san, and Kuro has now asked me on a date. Ive been trying to write all the things that happened today in my diary but…… It looks like Ill have more things to write———– Ill continue writing after I get home.

Q: Serious-senpai: [You said that the date would be at the Six Kings Festival! Thats a false start! A foul!]

A: Its because theres not enough sweetness.-

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