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In Lilia-sans office, Dr. Vier explained the situation.

As a result…… Were currently in a situation that can best be described as a scene of carnage.

[Please let me go, Dr. Vier! Im already— Im already at my limits.]

[That wont do, Lilia-chan! As a doctor, I cant overlook the fact that youre taking so much “stomach medicine”! You need to follow the proper dosage……]

[I cant do without drinking all of it!!!]

[Its not alcohol! No matter how much you drink, it wouldnt have any sort of calming effect on your mind!]

After learning the fact that Dr. Vier was the Demon Lord and fainting several times, Lilia-san took out “several kinds of stomach medicine” and was about to drink it when Dr. Vier gave her the Doctors stop order.

And now, the situation where Lilia-san trying to take the stomach medicine and Dr. Vier trying to prevent her from doing so occurred.

As for me, I couldnt even intrude in this situation and just watched what was going on while drinking the tea that Lunamaria-san had made for me.

Unnn, its not like Im afraid to talk to Lilia-san or anything……

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[……Ahh, this tea is a little different than usual. Its still delicious though.]

[Why in the world are you in laid-back rest mode! Kaito-san!!!]


……Ah, sh*t. I was just escaping from reality, but I didnt realize that I said that out loud, and in response, Lilia-sans target shifted to me.

With tears in her eyes, Lilia-san approached me and fluidly grabbed my collar.


[What in the world does this mean!!! I know! I know that this time isnt your fault, Kaito-san! But I still have my limits, you know!!!]

[L- Lilia-san…… It hurts…… Youre strangling me……]

[Seriously, what in the world is wrong with you! Youve only been in this world for less than half a year, so how in the world are you attracting all these crazy people one after another! Didnt I tell you Ive already reached my limit!!!]

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[What exactly are you aiming at! How many of the mysteries of this world are you going to gather in front of my doorstep! Are you still hiding someone in there! Youre definitely hiding someone, arent you!]

As my collar was being grabbed, I allowed myself to be violently rocked back and forth…… Im definitely feeling sorry for her…… but Lilia-san, c- could you calm down for a bit…… It seriously hurts…… Im going to fall.

Receiving the onslaught of Lilia-sans tearful screams as she looked completely fed up with my deeds, I moved my gaze towards Lunamaria-san, asking for her help.

[……The cookies are delicious. Please give me some more!]

[Understood, Phantasmal King-sama.]

Oi, you idiot…… Why the heck are you naturally relaxing over there, munching on some cookies Could you help me out here…… Im going to end up fainting here, you know!

[L- Lilia-chan…… Calm down, its not like Miyama-kun meant any harm……]

[No mooooooreeeeee! Kaito-san is scarrrrrryyyy!!! Kaito-san is bullying meeeeeeeee!]

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Dr. Vier tried stopping Lilia-san, but her voice didnt reach Lilia-san, whos about to blow her fuse.

Sobbing like a child, Lilia-san rocked me back and forth even more vigorously.

[Lilia-chan, listen to me! Miyama-kuns face is already turning blue so…… Let go of your hold…… Errr…… “Gravity Fall”!]


With Dr. Viers words, Lilia-san was knocked down to the floor and my body was released half-forcibly.

In front of the me, who had finally been released and was trying to inhale as much oxygen as I could, Lilia-san was slammed face-first into the ground, and with her eyes rolled back again, she fainted.

[……Im really sorry.]

[N- No, Im sorry for always bringing you trouble.]

After recovering with Dr. Viers Recovery Magic, Lilia-san seemed to have calmed down and apologized to me with a deep bow.

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No, well, how should I say this…… There was no way I could complain with the deeds I accumulated in the past, so I was the one who desperately needed to apologize.

Lilia-san and I continued to say “Im the one who should say sorry instead” for a while. After we had both calmed down to some extent, we resumed our conversation.

[……Im sorry for digressing, Dr. Vier. I understood what you said.]

[U- Unnn…… Rather than that, are you alright, Lilia-chan Im not talking about just now, but with the usual situation……]

[……Do you have any good stomach medicine]

[H- Hmmm…… I guess its stress huh You became a duchess at a young age after all. I know its a lot to take in, but you shouldnt rely on medicine too much.]

[……No, I certainly feel some stress, but that isnt the cause……]


When Lilia-san muttered with her eyes looking in the far distance…… Dr. Vier tilted her head, looking as if she didnt understand what was going on.

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Yes, Im sorry…… Most of it was my fault.

[Even so, not only the First Hero, but for the Demon Lord to still be alive…… My common sense has been shattered in the last six months.]

[A- Ahaha…… Im sorry for startling you.]

[No, it isnt Dr. Viers fault. I know very well what kind of person you are, and I dont intend to say anything about something that happened a thousand years ago.]

[……Thank you.]

Lilia-san, who had finally calmed down, announces with a gentle smile that she accepts Dr. Viers past, to which Dr. Vier happily thanked her.

[……Well, putting that aside…… I have something else I want to ask Kaito-san.]


[My intuition is telling me that Kaito-san is still hiding something…… To be more specific, the fact that I felt an inordinate amount of magic power I felt earlier. What was that]

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[Ahh, Ive been wondering about that too. Miyama-kun, who is that person Even though she holds such incredible power, Ive never even seen her before……]

Both of their eyes turned to me.

Ahh, I see…… Even after I had finished explaining about Dr. Vier, there was still something I needed to explain.

Yes, its about Eden-san…… I only briefly told Lilia-san about her, but to Dr. Vier, she must have been a truly unknown monster.

However, I wonder how I should explain to them about that absurdly dense Eden-san……

Realizing that the conversation wasnt over yet, I opened my mouth to explain to them about her.

Dear Mom, Dad———— Even though she was about to blow her fuse when she heard about Dr. Viers matter, Lilia-san had understood Dr. Viers situation. After that, I now had to explain to her about Eden-san…… but I really dont know how to explain it. I mean, shes certainly the God of my world but———— Its hard for me to say that shes sickeningly frightening.

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~~ Duchess-samas Magnificent Path of Stomach-aches ~~

> The Hero Summoning causes an accident for the first time in a thousand years when shes in charge.

> Kaito gets lost on the first day and gets acquainted with a mysterious Demon.

> Kaito is invited to a dinner party by the worlds largest trading company.

> Kaito gets tea leaves from a God.

> Happens to run into a Supreme Being, who almost never visits the Human Realm, and receives her interest.

> Finding out that the Demon who Kaito met was actually the Underworld King.

> The Underworld King comes to visit her mansion.

> Kaito meets the Death King and comes back as her friend.

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> The Death King comes to visit her mansion.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the World King at the Sacred Tree Festival.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the God of Fate.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the Emperor of Archlesia Empire.

> Kaito comes back with a lot of money and a Behemoth.

> The War King comes to visit her mansion because of Kaito.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the Dragon King.

> Kaitos friend is actually the Phantasmal King.

> Kaitos acquaintance is actually the First Hero.

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> Kaito tries to give her the patent for the calculator.

> Kaito becomes Underworld Kings lover.

> Kaito becomes Death Kings lover.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the God of Life in the God Realm.

> Kaitos pet has super evolved after being fed with Fruits of the World Tree.

> Kaito receives a Black-rank invitation.

> Kaito gets acquainted with the God of Disasters.

> Kaito gets acquainted with a God of Another World.

> Kaito becomes Phantasmal Kings lover.

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> Learns that an acquaintance is actually the Demon Lord, due to the involvement of Kaito. ← N E W

Most of it was because of Kaito.

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Just one bonus chapter today. I only managed to complete 2 chapters yesterday, so……-

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