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After eating an expensive, but delicious meal at Alices stall, Neun and I chatted for a while. This was when Alice suddenly spoke.

[……Oya It seems that the conversation over there has ended. Then, I will go clean up now~~]

Saying that, Alice took out a hammer and after making sure we were out of our seats, she tapped the stall a few times, breaking her stall into multiple pieces of wood.

I dont really know why she had to disassemble her stall with a hammer, but this is Alice were talking about here, so lets not worry about it too much.

Confirming that Alice had disappeared with the wood, I expanded the reach of my Sympathy Magic…… and surprisingly, I could feel magic power coming towards our direction.

This magic power… I wonder if its just Dr. Vier It doesnt seem like Kuro is with her……

Just when I was thinking that, a hummingbird from Kuro appeared in front of me……Unfurling the message, “Ill come say my thanks again later. Thank you.” was written on it.

I finished reading, almost as soon as the words vanished…… I saw Dr. Vier running towards us.

[Hikari! Miyama-kun!]

[Dr. Vier, are you finished talki…… Eh W- Wait, Dr. Vie……]

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When Dr. Vier spotted us, her speed increased a frightening amount and she moved in front of me in an instant…… and held my head as if she was hugging me…… Eh

[Miyama-kun, Miyama-kun!]

[D- Dr. Vier! W- What are you suddenly…… It hurts……]

Pushing my face against her chest, she held me within her embrace…… What I meant is that my face was inevitably pressed against Dr. Viers ample bosoms……

The texture of her silky robe and the feeling of her soft breasts wrap around my face. Also, was this from the herbs she was raising A gentle and pleasant, nature-like scent tickled my nostrils.

I hurriedly tried to resist the sudden situation, but with my strength, let alone getting out of this situation, I wasnt even able to move properly.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Neun-san hadnt been able to keep up with the situation and was frozen with her mouth agape.

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And Dr. Vier, seemingly oblivious to my reaction, not only hugged me but also brought her cheek closer and rubbed it against my head.

[Thank you, Miyama-kun. Its thanks to Miyama-kun that I…… Ahh, geez! How could I say this…… I dont know. I dont know how I could ever express my gratitude.]

[F- For the time being, lets stop the conversation for a moment and……]

Still tightly holding me in her embrace, Dr. Vier expressed her gratitude in a very emotional way.

The pressure on my face suffocated me and the vivid feeling of her womanly softness was making me feel faint, as if I was suffering from a fever.

[What should I do Youve done something for me that Ill never be able to repay you for…… Even if it includes the sins that Ill have to atone for the rest of my life, I owe you more than I can ever repay…… Im glad, I feel really glad……]

[T- That makes me feel glad too…… But we should…… end the talk soon…… It hurts……]

[Ehh Aahhh! I- Im sorry! Are you alright, Miyama-kun]

[……Y- Yes. Somehow……]

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It seemed like my voice finally reached her, as Dr. Vier hurriedly released my head.

When I looked up while catching my breath, I saw Dr. Vier look at me with tears in her red, swollen eyes, but she still looked sincerely happy.

[……Hah! V- Vier! What are you suddenly doing!]

[Im really grateful to you too, Hikari!]

[Ehh A- Ahh, yes. Youre welcome]

Thereupon, it seemed like Neun-san finally snapped out of her confusion and began protesting against Dr. Viers hug, but she was quickly overwhelmed by Dr. Vier, whose tension was at its highest.

Anyways, Dr. Vier seemed to be at the peak of her happiness right now. It seemed like her talk with Kuro had gone well.

Thanking Neun-san several times, Dr. Vier then turned to me again and bowed deeply.

[Miyama-kun, thank you again. Im sorry for all the trouble I caused you.]

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[No…… It seems like the talk with Kuro went well huh]

[……Im going to continue working as a doctor, so I cant live in Kuromu-samas home…… Kuromu-sama said I could come visit anytime…… and shed also come visit me at my home……]

[……Thats really good to hear.]

[……Unnn. Its all thanks to you, Miyama-kun……]

Wiping the tears away from her eyes, Dr. Vier then looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

The smile on her face, looking as if she had just been released from a long period of suffering was so beautiful, it even made her seem like she was shining……

[Miyama-kun, “Ive come to love you as someone of the opposite sex”……]


……U- Unnn Arehh Did I just mishear what she said I think I just heard something strange.

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Before I could fully understand the meaning of what Dr. Vier had said, Neun-san flusteredly spoke to Dr. Vier.

[Vier! W- What are you suddenly saying!]

[Eh Did I say something strange]

[N- No, I mean…… A- About how youve fallen in l- l- l- love with Kaito-san……]

[Unnn. I dont think its anything strange though, after all hes done for me. After getting to to finally do the thingI had never had the courage to do…… He made my dream of making up with Kuromu-sama come true. If such a man like that looked at me while doing all sorts of things for my sake…… I would obviously fall in love.]

[F- Fall in love…… That is……]

I- It was a very straightforward confession. I couldnt keep up with the sudden development, but I knew that my face was blushing really red.

Neun-san was also dumbfounded, but Dr. Vier didnt seem to mind at all and continued speaking.

[Ahh, its alright Miyama-kun. Its not like I wanted you to respond to my feelings or anything like that.]

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[E- Errr……]

[Its just as Miyama-kun told me…… Of course, I will continue to atone for my sins, but at the same time, I also want to be happy.]

[H- Huhh……]

[I really came to love you, who made me realize this feeling…… However, I still dont think Im fine enough of a woman to get your response…… Thats why, I will do my best from now on!]

[W- Work hard, you say… What do you mean]

[Of course, I will work hard to make Miyama-kun love me! Fufufu, be prepared for it. It might be unbelievable since Im the one saying this, but Im very single-minded and persistent.]

Both Neun-san and I were simply overwhelmed by Dr. Vier, who conveyed her feelings without any shame at all.

I- I guess I could say that its to be expected from someone who started a war just for the sake of the one she loves…… How should I say this…… Shes a very passionate woman.

[Ahh, but I want to ask you something first…… Miyama-kun, is there anything about my appearance or personality that you dislike If theres anything you dislike about me, could you tell me so I can fix it]

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[Eh N- No, I think Dr. Vier is, ummm…… a very beautiful and wonderful woman.]

[Is that so Fufufu, thank you. That makes me feel so happy.]

After softly giggling as she said this, Dr. Vier took a step closer to me and spoke again.

[……Then, Ill work hard to make you love me…… Once again, I will be in your care, Miyama-kun.]

[Y- Yes……]



That action was instantaneous. Dr. Vier approached me, and with a quick, fluid motion, she brought her face to my cheek and lightly kissed it.

In an instant, I felt like blood rushed up over my head and I was speechless from astonishment.

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[W- What are you doing, Vier!]

[Ehh What, you ask…… Showing my affection]

[K- K- K- Kissing before your m- m- m- marriage……]

[Its not like I kissed him on his lips though Ill only do that after Miyama–kun loves me.]

[Thats not that point though! T- T- T- Thats disgraceful!]


In contrast to Neun-sans red-faced exclamation, Dr. Vier just tilted her head in genuine wonderment.

Dear Mom, Dad———— A lot of things have happened, but it seems that the matter between Dr. Vier and Kuro has been settled. Well, putting that aside, Dr. Vier…… errr, how should I say this…… I dont know if I should say that shes more straightforward in her expression of affection than I imagined———— but shes a passionate woman.

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“Vier arc complete!” isnt really happening yet…… because theres still some flirting with Kuro left.

Serious-senpai: [Isnt it fine to end the arc already!]

T/N: 75/266 33……-

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