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While Kaito and Neun were enjoying Alices cooking, the people who had gathered in front of the church in Symphonia Kingdom were beginning to disperse.

When Alices clone told them that Viers situation had been resolved, the people present looked relieved.

[Umu, he has successfully accomplished it huh…… Hmmm, that man…… I really like him. Hey, young Lilia…… Could I take him back to Hydra Kingdom]

[You cant.]

[A- An immediate reply huh…… Hmmm, what a shame. Well, fine. Its not really my thing to force people…… By the way, young Lilia It seems like youve become stronger than before huh]

[Is that so If its Her Majesty Laguna telling me that, it makes me feel that it really is the case.]

As soon as the situation settled, Laguna spoke to Lilia, someone who she was familiar with, and Lilia replied to her with a wry smile.

The two women had crossed blades in the past, and because of the presence of Laguna, who was even stronger than her, the genius Lilia continued with her training without becoming complacent at all.

[You dont need to be modest. Good gracious, young people grow up so fast…… With the speed of young Lilias progress, it looks like youll take the title of the Strongest in the Human Realm soon.]

[Its Her Majesty Laguna instead that shouldnt be so modest…… The way I am now is still no match for you. If luck were on my side, I would be very happy to get a draw.]

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[Hohoho…… In that case, would you like to have a fight with me now]

[I dont really mind but…… Do you not have any work you need to do, Your Majesty Laguna]

[Ughh…… T- That is……]

Seeing how much Lilia has grown since the last time they fought, Lagunas blood as a warrior rose and she proposed for a match, but Lilia calmly asked her such a thing back.

[……Did you sneak out again Wouldnt your subordinates be frantically searching for you right now]

[M- Mnghh…… Id like to abdicate my throne as soon as possible but…… Guhh…… Hahh…… Guess Ill go home. If I get home late, theyll start nagging about things again.]

Just as Lilia expected, Laguna had slipped out of the royal castle without telling anyone. Even though she usually does this…… No, its exactly because she usually does this, that she knew that her subordinates would scold her for this again.

As her shoulders slumped down, Laguna let out a sigh before she carried her large spear again, waving her hand as she left.

After seeing her off, Lilia spoke to Lunamaria and Sieglinde, who were standing nearby.

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[……Shall we go home too]

[Yes…… However, errr, My Lady What in the world was that fight all about anyway I understand that Dr. Vier was involved in this matter but…… I dont really know the details.]

[I actually dont know the details either…… Well, lets just ask Kaito-san when he comes back.]

[Unnn, I wonder why though. This situation, this lineup, the people who gathered here…… and Kaito-sans involvement in this matter…… Could this be another situation that would make Lili faint]

[……Please dont spout ominous things, Sieg. Well, it should be alright. Ive already met the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods. Ive also briefly greeted the God of Disasters this time, and it seems like Kaito-san got acquainted with Her Majesty Laguna through this matter…… There are no other outrageous people that Kaito-san would get to meet anymore.]

When Sieglinde mentioned her worries, with a forced smile on her lips, Lilia said this as if she was trying to convince herself.

[……Kaito-san is involved in this matter, so theres a chance that the Demon Lord had actually survived the war and is currently targeting Dr. Vier, you know]

[Fufufu, if the Demon Lord really survived the war, that would turn this into a really important matter…… But then, there wouldnt be any reason for Sechs-sama and the others to get involved, so perhaps, this may have something to do with Underworld King-sama]

[Ahh~~ That seems to be the most likely scenario.]

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Lilia laughed off Lunamarias comment, which was actually the closest to the real situation. Calling out to Anima and the others, they returned to the mansion.

What she didnt realize though, was that Sieglindes ominous premonition would later become reality……

After Lilia, her group and the other Demons left, Sechs and Shea, who remained until the end, exchanged a few words.

[……Even so, Miyama-dono really is quite amazing. Starting with you, to have so many allies……]

[Its not like Im his ally. I mean, I “hate” him.]

[Oya Is that so You seem to have been very enthusiastic in helping him though.]

[……Thats ridiculous. I only helped that human because he bowed down his head and begged me for my help.]

[Doesnt that mean that you like Miyama-dono]

Shea claims to hate Kaito, but Sechs asked her if its because she likes him that she lent him a hand.

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Thereupon, Shea let out a loud sigh. Turning her back from Sechs, she spoke to him while walking away.

[……Great Sage of the Dead. Let me tell you one thing.]

[What is it]

[Emotions arent just something being simply positive or negative, you know The opposite of like isnt hate…… In this world, there are complicated feelings of “liking someone, but hating them, and hating someone, even as you like them”.]

[……Fumu…… Well then, what do you think about Miyama-dono]

In response to Sechs question, Shea stopped in her tracks…… And without looking back, a faint smile formed on her lips as she mumbled.

[……Well, you could say that he barely passes. If something like this happens again…… I would probably lend him a hand again.]

[Hohh…… My, oh my…… In short, you say all sorts of things, but you like him huh]

[……How the heck did you get that idea from what I just said]

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[No, its just that no matter how I heard it, it sounded like you were evaluating Miyama-dono…… Ahh, I see!]


Sheas tone was clearly sounding irritated, but clapping his hands as if he had suddenly thought of something, Sechs aloofly spoke.

[……Its that thing, isnt it This is that rumored “tsundere”, right]

[……Huh Youre wrong. What the heck are you talking about……]

[Its that trope…… Where youre saying you hate this person, but you actually……]

[Theres no way that is the case! I hate him……]

[But you also like him, right]


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Shea, her calm demeanor that she had a moment ago had completely changed…… No, more like, the mask she wears as the pinnacle of the High-ranking God had been removed, as she flusteredly denied Sechs words.

Sechs, however, continued to speak with an amused smile on his face.

[Well~~ Miyama-dono is quite the lucky man~~ Even the God of Disasters likes him……]

[S- S- S- Shut up! Didnt I tell you youre wrong! Die! Go rot somewhere, you sh*tty skeleton!!!]

[O- Oya! W- Wait!]

With her face becoming redder and redder, before Shea knew it, she had taken out her scythe and turned towards Sechs.

All for the sake of sanctioning a certain Lich for his lack of decency…….

Serious-senpai: [What the heck is this…… This feeling of being betrayed by myself……]

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