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Even as she stared at Neun-san and I, there wasnt a trace of impatience in Dr. Viers expression.

From the way she looked at us, I could sense that she was determined and that “her answer wouldnt change”.

Such a Dr. Vier alternated looked between at me and Neun-san when she spoke with a gentle smile on her face.

[……Thats quite the nostalgic look you have, Hikari. Unnn, as I thought, Hikari looks better with short hair.]

[Thank you. I also agree that this hairstyle feels nostalgic…… Facing you like this reminds of the time we first met.]

[Unnn. I guess so…… What are you going to do now though Should we fight just like in the past]

[No, sorry, but Im not here to defeat you as the “Hero”. Im here to persuade you as your “friend”.]

It seemed like they were having a calm conversation. However, both Neun and Dr. Vier never averted their gazes from each other as they continued to speak with serious expressions on their faces.

It may have had a different form and meaning from when the Hero and the Demon Lord once faced each other…… I had a feeling that the battle between them had already begun.

I continued to watch that scene without interrupting them. This wasnt something that I could interfere with.

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They were conversing with each other now as both of them were people involved in the matters of the past, and if I, an outsider, joined in, Id only disrupt the conversation…… If Neun could convince Dr. Vier herself, that would certainly be the best outcome.

However, if it doesnt happen…… If Neun-san couldnt convince her because theyre both related to that matter and because she knows her suffering…… Im going to have to join the conversation.

Thats why I continued to stare at the two of them so as not to overlook anything in their personal conversation.

[……Im glad to hear that. I also think of Hikari as a very important friend of mine…… But what exactly are you trying to convince me of]

[Ill get straight to the point. Please go meet Kuromu-sama.]

[In that case, Ill also give you a concise answer. I cant do that.]

[However, you yourself want to meet Kuromu-sama. Isnt that right]

[Youre not wrong…… Im not going to hide it. I want to meet Kuromu-sama. I want to talk to her again…… but thats something I cant do.]

Its not that “she doesnt want to meet her”, its that “she cant meet her”…… Naturally, Neun-san knew that Dr. Vier would answer like this and continued speaking to her without being shaken at all.

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[……Vier, how long are you going to keep suffering like this Thats enough already…… I painfully understand how long youve already been suffering in this millennium…… and how long youve tried to atone for it for.]


[Youve saved the lives of many people, and when dangerous monsters arose, you would find the time to exterminate them in secret. Youve even been donating most of the money you earned as a doctor. You were actively involved in the development of new treatments for diseases that had been thought of as incurable, and generously spread them through the doctors you knew. You dont accept being praised, and keep on blaming yourself…… How long are you going to keep on doing this to yourself]

[……There wouldnt be any end to what Im doing. My atonement is just for my self-satisfaction…… It would never end.]

[….. Youve done enough……You should be forgiven by now. For what are you even doing this for Even when you were called the Demon Lord, you didnt harm those without the power to fight, nor did you ever kill anyone, not even those who fought you.]


Im sure thats what Neun-san had been thinking all along.

Dr. Vier didnt kill anyone. However, that isnt the case for the Demons that she had under her command.

As Alice said, Dr. Vier must have been responsible for not being able to control the situation. However, as Neun-san claimed…… She certainly wasnt a cold-blooded Demon Lord.

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But even if thats so, for Dr. Vier…… Shes definitely the most horrible being in the world.

[……So, why do you think you havent been forgiven yet Why cant you just happily smile……]

[……Thats obvious. Even if others have forgiven me…… “I just cant forgive myself”…… so I mustnt be forgiven. This me who has foolishly sinned and hurt the person so dear to me…… “I dont deserve to be happy”.]

Dr. Vier replied to Neun-san with words filled with sadness but…… I wonder why Im somehow getting slightly angry.

[Why are you saying that…… You also have the right to fulfill your desires! You want to meet Kuromu-sama…… Then, shouldnt you just meet her!!!]

[I said I cant meet her! I cant look at Kuromu-samas face anymore…… Im not qualified to do so!]

[You wouldnt know bef———- [ Stop messing around ! ] ———–Ehh K- Kaito-san]


Before I noticed it, I reflexively shouted at her.

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I had no intention of joining the conversation. I thought it would be best for the related parties to talk to each other, so I stayed on the sidelines…… But when Kuros name was mentioned, I couldnt suppress the feeling of “anger” in my heart.

I glared at Dr. Vier, who turned to me in surprise.

[……What the heck is this…… Why are you saying such incomprehensible things like “those who have sinned in the past shouldnt be happy”!]

[Eh W- What are you……]

[Im not going to say anything about you atoning for your past sins, Dr. Vier. You can make all the amendments you want until youre satisfied. Im not related to any of that, and Im not interested in interfering in that…… However! “The you today” doesnt need any qualification to be happy!]

[M- Miyama-kun…… Like I said, I am……]

[……Youre just freaking “afraid to meet Kuro”……]


I was feeling so agitated that I lost my respectful tone, and Dr. Vier, for the first time today, clearly looked shaken.

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[What if Kuro still doesnt forgive you after you met her again…… Thats what youre so afraid of. Youre just running away with the excuse that you cant face Kuro!]

[……T- Thats not it, I was……]

[……If you really care about Kuro and think that youve caused trouble for her…… Then why dont you just apologize in person]

[ ! ]

From what Ive heard so far, Dr. Vier left Kuros home without meeting Kuro.

Shes saying that she cant allow herself to be forgiven by Kuro…… but I think the real reason is something else.

What Kuro sadly muttered is that…… she wants to see Dr. Vier, but Dr. Vier might not want to see her…… and Im sure Dr. Vier feels the same way.

[Kuro might be loathing you. That was what you were thinking, and you ended up not being able to see her until the end, didnt you]

[That…… is……]

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[You said that…… you love Kuro like a child does to her mother…… Arent you using it as an excuse just so you can escape]


Apparently, my thoughts werent far off the mark.Dr. Vier looked extremely shaken as she backed away.

I guess I hit the mark…… She wants to meet Kuro. On one hand, she wanted to apologize to Kuro and ask for her forgiveness, but on the other hand, shes afraid to take the step forward, afraid of what would happen if she was rejected.

If she wasnt at least somewhat aware of it, she wouldnt have been so upset.

[……As I thought, that is the case, right Its not that you cant see Kuro…… Youre just afraid to meet her. But at the same time, you wanted to meet Kuro and ask her forgiveness, right]

[……T- Thats not it…… Youre wrong…… Im not……]

Dr. Vier shook her head in denial, but her voice was very weak.

Im glad…… Its not that Dr. Vier doesnt want to be happy or doesnt want to be saved.

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She was just like I used to be, wanting to be saved, wishing for a helping hand, but rejecting that hand all the while.

[……Dr. Vier. Please meet Kuro.]

[No…… No! I will not…… meet Kuromu-sama!]


[No! I dont want to meet her…… Because, if Kuromu-sama rejects me…… I wont know what to do anymore……]

Dr. Viers composure, which had been firm just a moment ago, completely collapsed, and she just shook her head like a spoiled child when Neun-san and I called out to her.

I guess its just a matter of willpower at this point. She wants to meet her, but she also doesnt want to meet her……

[……Unfortunately, Dr. Vier, Ive already made up my mind. I wont choose the means anymore. I dont care about what youre saying anymore. I wont mind if you hate me. Its fine for me even if you despise me…… Even if I have to “use force”, Im going to take you in front of Kuro.]

[I- Im not going! I am…….]

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Dr. Vier screamed that she didnt want to see Kuro, but it no longer matters to me.

Kuro said that “she wants to see Dr. Vier”…… Then, Ill grant Kuros wish. No, that may have just been another excuse, I, myself, want to make them meet.

[H- However, what are you going to do, Kaito-san With her like that, we wont be able to easily make her move. And even if you say by force…… Vier is actually quite strong, you know If she seriously resists……]

[Neun-san, it is just as I said…… I wont choose the means anymore…… I will use my “trump card”.]

[……What in the world is that trump card…… that “feather”……]

Quietly answering Neun-sans words, I took out a pure white feather from my pocket.

[……I want Dr. Vier and Kuro to be reunited. To fulfill Kuros wish…… No, I also couldnt assent to the current situation myself. Yes, this is just my selfishness…… So, to make it happen……]

Muttering to myself, I tossed the feather in my hand.

Staring at the feather fluttering down as it was pulled by gravity, I spoke the keywords.

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[Please lend me your strength, “Eden-san”!]

Instantly, silvery-white wind blew inside the church, and ten pairs of wings appeared in the shape of a giant sphere.

Then, one by one, the wings unfurled, and the God from another world descended, radiating overwhelming magic power.

[…..Details, Acknowledged.]

Q: Why didnt he use that trump card in the fight against Sechs and the others

A: Because Kaito could see the future where Eden would beat down everyone, “including Kaitos allies”.

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