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After she finished telling me everything, Dr. Vier exhaled and looked at me.

[……This is what Ive been keeping from you. Do you despise me now]

[No, well, to be honest, my mind hasnt quite caught up yet but…… as for despising you……]

[I see…… Thank you.]

Im not going to criticize her for the fact that Dr. Vier was the Demon King.

However, because I received so much information, I couldnt put my thoughts together and could only give a vague reply.

Seeing me like this, Dr. Vier smiles and speaks.

[……Thats why Im not going to the Six Kings Festival…… I cant go. Even though you went out of your way to invite me, Im sorry.]

[Ah, n- no……]

[However, Im glad that Miyama-kun invited me. Well then, Im sorry to call you so late at night. Youre able to return using Teleportation Magic, so Im sure youll be fine. Have a safe trip home.]

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After saying that, Dr. Vier let out a very sad smile and turned her back to me, before starting to kneel down and pray before the moonlight.

She seemed to be saying that she had nothing more to say, I wasnt able to say anything…… Bowing once to Dr. Vier, I left.

I could have directly gone back with Teleportation Magic, but I wanted some time to clear my head, so I decided to walk down the dimly lit street for a bit.

Surrounded by the quiet, cool night air, my footsteps were the only sound that could be heard.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[……What is it]

[……Does Kuro know about Dr. Vier……]

[She knows. It doesnt seem like theyve personally met though…….]

When I called out, Alice appeared next to me and answered my question as she walked down the street at night, having a slow stride like mine.

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[……Doesnt Kuro…… ummm…… “walk around Symphonia Kingdoms royal capital often”]

[……Yes, Kuro-san enjoys eating while strolling, so she goes here and there…… but she visits this royal capital much more often than other places.]

[Then, as I thought……]

[Well, shes definitely checking on how shes going…… Thats why she often brought Hikari with her when she came to the capital.]

[I see……]

As I listened to Alices words, I continued thinking, even though my mind still hasnt caught up with everything.

Is this really something that I, a third party, can easily step into

If Dr. Vier was as arrogant as the Demon Lord I had imagined, I might have been able to condemn her.

However, Dr. Vier regretted her past actions and continues to suffer in atonement.

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[……Hey, Alice. What do you think I should do]

I found myself saying these words. I dont think I can do anything about it, but I cant forget about it either……. I also dont think its okay for it to stay like this though.

[……I dont know. Its not my place to say anything about it.]

[……I see.]

[However…… I will respect Kaito-sans opinion.]

[……Thank you.]

Depending on how you look at it, her opinion might have sounded cold. However, the words Alice said…… were very gentle words….. as she said it didnt matter what path I chose, and when I needed help, she would always be there to lend a hand.

After thanking Alice, I walked through the night streets for a while before I used Teleportation Magic to return to my room.

Even after a night of sleep, I still felt fuzziness in my mind. I also didnt think this is something I could talk about with Lilia-san and the others.

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I was so troubled that I didnt go out that day, which was unusual for me, and stayed in my room, lost in thought.

But no matter how long I thought for, I couldnt come to a conclusion on what to do. No, I dont even know what Im worried about anymore.

The easiest choice would have been if I could dismiss it as none of my business, but I guess its in my nature to get in

volved in these troublesome matters.


[Eh Yes, come in.]

I smiled a bit awkwardly back at Kuro, who had been in the room before I knew it.

Since its Kuro, I think she knew that I talked to Dr. Vier. Thats probably why shes a bit sad.

[……So youve met Vier.]

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[Unnn. No, well, its more accurate to say that we already met before without really getting to know each other……]

[……Hearing Viers story, what did Kaito-kun think]

[……My honest opinion is that I dont know.]

No, it might just be that Im being slightly partial towards Dr. Viers side.

I didnt see Dr. Vier with my own eyes when she was the Demon Lord. The only Dr. Vier I know of is the current Dr. Vier.

She might be a bit klutzy, but shes a kind person who always thinks of others…… That was the impression I had of Dr. Vier.

[Hey, Kuro Can I ask you one thing]


[……Do you want to meet Dr. Vier]

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[……Unnn. I want to see her. After all, shes my “family”…… I want to see and talk to her.]

With a lonely look on Kuros face…… she called her “family”……

Dr. Vier said that she used to be Kuros family member, but Kuro told me that she was her family without hesitation. No, I think Dr. Vier still thinks of Kuro like family too.

She even tried to start a war for Kuros sake…… I think that deep down inside she also wants to see Kuro.

[……However, I think Vier will feel hurt again if she sees me…… thats why I cant meet her.]

[……I see.]

I guess thats probably the biggest factor Dr. Vier felt guilty for making Kuro cry. Kuro also feels guilty that Dr. Vier became the Demon Lord because she didnt speak her true feelings.

I think its because they both felt guilty about each other that they have misunderstood each other even though they love each other very much.

Ahh, I see…… I finally understand why I had been so worried about this matter.

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I want to…… “try do something about it”….. I want to bring Dr. Vier and Kuro together again.

However, both Kuro and Dr. Vier said that they couldnt see each other. Thats why I was having a hard time figuring out what the right thing to do was.

Maybe its none of my business to get involved in a family matter as an outsider. Im sure it would be easier if I could dismiss it as none of my business.

However, as I thought, this wont do. It seems like Im the kind of person who cant give up on something once Im involved in it.

Then, theres no point worrying about it…… Ill go meet Dr. Vier again tomorrow.

To be honest, I dont even have a plan, but I think I should start by talking with her first.

I dont have an answer to what I should do. However, I understood what I wanted to do.

So, the day after I talked to Kuro, the 20th Day of the Light month…… I came to the front of Dr. Viers clinic with Teleportation Magic.

However, in that place…… someone unexpected was waiting for me.

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[……I knew youd come.]


A few meters in front of where I teleported leisurely stands Neun-san, holding a sword similar to a Japanese katana in her hand.

[……My apologies, Kaito-san…… I cant let you through here.]


[I dont mean you any harm, but I wont let you pass…… Please leave.]

The prickly, strong emotions conveyed by my Sympathy Magic made it painfully clear to me that Neun-san was serious about not letting me through.

Dear Mom, Dad————- After talking with Kuro, I understood what I wanted to do. Thats why I thought of talking with Dr. Vier again…… However, the one who stood in front of me was the one who once defeated the Demon Lord————- The legendary hero.

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Ah, this is bad…… I cant put the April Fools Day Extra Chapter in the middle of a development like this…… I guess Ill just put it off until the Vier arc ends.-

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