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I left Lillywood-sans residence and returned to Lilia-sans mansion.

According to the servants, Lilia-san and the others are in the training grounds, so I decided to head that way.

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan often use the training grounds from mid-morning to around noon, but theres actually a reason for that.

Its because the people in charge of the mansions security often use it in the afternoon, and theres a chance that they will be in the way if they train around their time.

Incidentally, we are free to visit that place, and Ive had the opportunity to visit a few times as well.

It seems like the people training now arent only Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san, but also Anima, Eta and Theta as well.

When I arrived at the large training area behind the mansion after a short walk, I heard the sound of what seems to be the clashing of swords.

As I looked around, I saw that while the guards were watching from a distance, a tremendous battle was taking place, which honestly looks too frightening to be called as a training exercise.

The sight of Sieg-san, using her two swords to handle the attack of Lunamaria-san, who was holding a short spear in one hand and a slender sword in the other, is also amazing, but the battle on the other side looks even more eye-catching.

Lilia-san catches Animas arm, brandished with her claws elongated and possesses overwhelming physical strength, with her greatsword disproportionate to her slender body…… I guess you could call it a power battle, as tremendous sounds resound with each of their blows.

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In the training Ive seen so far, Anima has just been training Eta and Theta, and this is the first time Ive seen her fight against Lilia.

Anima once fought Theta and won, but that actually isnt a reference to Animas strength at all.

After all, Anima ran over the mountains without sleep or rest after finishing her work with joining the guard force at Rigforeshia. She may not have shown it in her face, but she was terribly tired.

In fact, in a mock battle after Theta came to serve me, Anima won against her with just one punch.

Animas fighting strength is comparable to that of a Viscount-level, high-ranking Demon so…… of all the people in Lilia-sans mansion, I think Anima is the strongest.

However, even if she isnt fighting her seriously, I would say that Lilia-san is very strong because shes able to fight head-to-head with Anima.

As I was thinking about this while observing their battle, Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san seemed to have finished with their fight and approached me.

[……Lilia-sans battle with Anima is amazing, isnt it]

[Yes, as one would expect from Anima-sama. To be able to fight with My Lady head on……]

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Lunamaria-san reacts to my words and responds with words of praise for Anima.

Hearing her praise Anima makes me feel happy as if Im the one being complimented, and I cant help but have a smile appear at the corners of my lips.

[Speaking of which, Ive been wanting to ask you for a while…… Putting aside Lunamaria-san, is Sieg-san not as strong as Lilia-san]

[Miyama-sama, Miyama-sama Why do I feel spite in that statement……]

[Lunas strength is that of an all-rounder. It cant be helped if her combat ability is a step behind from us…… And to answer your question, I wasnt able to match Lili anymore after she became “16 years old”.]

[Eh Really!]

I thought that Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san, and Sieg-sans fighting strength were all somewhat equal, but it seems that Lilia-san had a slight edge in overall strength.

In fact, Lilia-san said something like that during the Sacred Tree Festival…… The way Sieg-san is saying it now, Lilia-san is prominently stronger than them.

Looking at the surprised me, Lunamaria-san explained to me with a gentle smile.

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[……Previously, when Miyama-sama didnt know that the Demon you met was the Underworld King……. When I thought that the one you met was a peerage-holding, high-ranking Demon, this is what she said. “I wish that I wont have to fight a Demon of that class if its possible”……]

[Y- Yes, I also heard that she was relieved that she didnt have to fight.]

[……However, My Lady never said anything about “not being able to win when she fights”, didnt she]


Indeed, if you ask me, before she found out about Kuros true identity, Lilia-san said that she was glad that she didnt end up having to fight a high-ranking Demon, but she never said anything about being unable to win.

[……Lili, how should I say this…… I dont want to sound like Im being strangely pretentious, but its like she doesnt want to appear too uncivilized. Thats why she has never seriously fought anyone.]

I nodded in agreement with Sieg-sans words. Its true that Lilia-san is concerned about being ladylike. Or rather, she doesnt like to be frightened by others, so she tries to hide her strengths…… Well, she cant hide how strong she is most of the time though.

[My Lady is a natural prodigy at fighting…… and shes strong enough to be called as the “strongest human”.]

[……The only Human who can fight head-on with Lilia would be her Majesty Laguna, the “strongest being in the Human Realm”.]

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(T/N: human refers to humans itself, while Human refers to the species. Elves like Sieg and mermaids like Laguna are also under Human.)

As I recall, her Majesty, the King of Hydra Kingdom was once a member of the First Heros part, right

To be compared with such an amazing person…… No, for a person in her twenties to be able to match the strongest being in the Human Realm, someone who has already lived for over a thousand years, that shows how extraordinary her talent is.

[……Incidentally, which one of them is stronger, Anima or Lilia-san]

[If they were to fight seriously, it will definitely be Lili.]

[Shes that strong……]

Apparently, Lilia-san is stronger than I thought she would be.

Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san are also supposed to be among the strongest fighters in the country, but for them to say that they are still no match for Lilia-san…… Hmmm. Thats amazing.

I wonder if Ill ever have the chance to see Lilia-san fight seriously someday With that thought in mind, I turned my gaze back to the still ongoing battle between Lilia-san and Anima.

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Dear Mom, Dad———– I knew that Lilia-san was strongest, but I never expected that she was stronger than Anima. However, when I heard about it…… frightening it may be——– I thought Id like to see Lilia-san fighting seriously at least once.

This is a very easy-to-understand flag for the young ladys entrance in the Demon Lord arc. I guess this may be good news for the young ladys fans

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