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The 16th Day of the Light month. I had come to visit Lillywood-sans residence in the Demon Realm.

I feel apologetic since shes already busy, but there was one thing I wanted to suggest, so I sent a hummingbird before I visited.

As I waited alone in the great hall of her residence, guided here by Lillywood-sans subordinates, and after a little later, the door opened and Lillywood-san came in.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

[Ah, no, I should be the one apologizing for intruding…… instead]

When I turned my gaze towards the sound of the voice, I saw Lillywood-san…… and I could clearly see that she was extremely tired.

I dont think to think about why too much…… After all, theyre “withered”, her hair…… no, her leaves, I mean……

[……Errr, Lillywood-san…… Are you alright Ummm, errr, youre withering, you know]

“Y- Yes, Im sorry for seeing you something unsightly…… Its just that when Im extremely fatigued, the color of my leaves change in color as if they were withering. Once I got some rest, they will return to normal……”

[Y- You must be quite tired.]

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“……Yes. Im quite tired.”

Usually, she would have said something like “No, thats not the case.”, but it seems like she doesnt have the composure to keep up appearances anymore.

How should I say this, seeing Lillywood-san looking more terrible than I imagined, what I was going to talk about wouldnt come out of my mouth.

Thereupon, as if to save me from that dilemma, Lillywood-san called out to me.

“……You wrote in the hummingbird that you wanted to talk about something, but is something the matter”

[Ah, yes…… Errr, ummm, I didnt really need to ask you this in person but…… I have a suggestion.]

“A suggestion”

Yes, I could actually tell my suggestion through the hummingbird, but I was curious to see how Lillywood-san was doing, so I decided to meet her in person.

However, when I saw Lillywood-san looking more tired than I had imagined, I felt very bad about it. As expected, I should have just told her with the hummingbird…… No, since were already here, lets just tell her my suggestion as soon as possible.

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[Errr…… this is just for example, okay For example, I invite Isis-san on a date…… Lets see…… Would it help Lillywood-san if you were freed for a day or so]


[Ahh! No, its not like Im going to trick Isis-san! I really wanted to go on a date with her…… Its just that I dont want to cause you any inconvenience, so Im just asking confirmation for the time being……]


[Ah, no, of course, if its not possible…… Its just a suggestion after all.]

When I heard from Alice about Lillywood-sans current situation, I came up with the idea of reducing her burden by spending a day with Isis-san.

Well, I also wanted to go on a date with Isis-san, so this suggestion wasnt actually 100% filled with good intentions……

I would be happy to have a date with Isis-san, Lillywood-san would be happy since she would be able to focus on her work, and I think Isis-san would also be happy when she enjoys herself in our day. It was a plan that killed not just two, but three birds with one stone.

However, upon hearing my suggestion, Lillywood-sans head lowered and her body began trembling.

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I may have been unnecessarily touching upon something that isnt my business, so I tried to tell her that it was just a suggestion…… but Lillywood-sans hands moved around my head, bringing me within her firm embrace.

“T- Thank you very much! Y- Youre the only one on my side here!!!”

[Mwaahhh! L- Lillywood-san, w- wait……]

Whats happening isnt just a metaphor, as my face is literally buried in her chest.

My face was tucked in between Lillywood-sans very stout breasts, and their shapes seemed to change, plugging the holes in my nose and mouth.

Soft elasticity like a marshmallow, her warm body temperature…… Before I could consider such a situation as lucky, the tragedy of not being able to breathe struck me first.

“Uwaaahhhh, I- Im already filled up with work, you know…… but since I can tell that Isis is really trying to do her best, I cant possibly say that shes a hindrance…… and yet, the other members of the Six Kings just threw every responsibility of watching over Isis towards me…… I thought I dont have anyone on my side anymore!!!”

[W- Wai…… It hurts…… breathe……]

Although I desperately struggled to escape from her massive breasts…… but for someone like me, whose ability is “just about as strong as a slime” according to Megiddo-san, theres no way I was able to pull away from Lillywood-sans embrace.

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Her chest was in front, her chest was on my right, and her chest was also on my left…… My entire face was squeezed into her chest and I became dizzy in all sorts of meaning.

However, she seems to have been overcome with emotion, as my voice doesnt reach Lillywood-san…… and rather than relaxing her arms, Lillywood-san embraced me even more tightly.

“Im sure Ill be able to finish most of the work in a day with Isis absence! Really, thank you very much!”

[……Your…… breasts…… Im drowning……]

“……Oya Kaito-san”


“Eh Ah, m- my apologies! Kaito-san, please hang in there! Kaito-san!”

Soft, warm, plump puddings of life…… The only fate awaiting me was this shameful end…… drowning and being swallowed within this ocean of breasts……

Hearing Lillywood-sans faint voice, flusteredly calling out to me…… I lost consciousness.

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“……Im really sorry.”

[N- No, its alright.]

Today, on this day, a new page is engraved in my minds black history.

Fainting from being suffocated by breasts…… Big breasts are definitely weapons. No, seriously……

“……Even so, that really helps me. How could I possibly thank you……”

[Lillywood-san dont have to thank me for that…… I just wanted to go on a date with my beloved lover.]

“……Im feeling a bit envious of Isis now.”


“No, I havent said anything. Kaito-san, do you mind if I request one thing”

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[Eh Yes, what is it]

I nodded my head to Lillywood-san, who told me that she had a favor to ask with a gentle smile on her face.

I wonder what her request is Since its Lillywood-san asking it, Im sure that it wouldnt be anything strange but……

“In the Six Kings Festival…… If its fine with you, can I ask you to go around with me on the day of the festival that Im organizing”

[……Eh Ah, errr, yes. I dont really mind but……]

“Thank you. Well then, I can leave my thanks for today at that time……”

[N- No, like I said, you dont have to thank me……]

“No, I would be the one bothered by it instead. It may sound selfish, but Id like to repay you for the debts of gratitude Ive received, even if only a little bit.”

[……H- Huhh…… Well, if Lillywood-san is fine with it……]

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“Yes. Well then, Ill be looking forward to that time.]

From what Ive heard from Alice regarding the Six Kings Festival, Lillywood-san said she would be willing to go around with me if Im fine with it, but just like an extremely honest woman, she still confirmed it with me since she got the chance huh

Hmmm. Well, I also think it will be fun to go around with Lillywood-san, so I immediately agreed.

And thus, in addition to the plans that have already been decided regardless of my intentions regarding the Six Kings Festival, it was decided that I would go around at that time with Lillywood-san.

Dear Mom, Dad————– In my whole life, I never thought that I would pass out because of breasts. No, what is this Thinking about it now is making me feel pretty embarrassed. Seriously, in more ways than one————- Big breasts are weapons.

Serious-senpai: [I dont want that…… I dont want that date…… Lets go with the Demon Lord arc already……]-

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