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The 14th Day of the Tree month…… A Duchess of Symphonia Kingdom, Lilia Albert, is currently standing in front of a house with a serious expression on her face.

Her purpose, of course, is to give her chocolate to her lover, Kaito.

It has been a really long journey for Lilia to arrive at this moment.

No, physically speaking, Kaitos home is just next to Lilias mansion, so its only about a minute walk…… but that isnt her dilemma, as its more of a mental problem.

She begged Sieglinde to teach her and desperately made her chocolate.

But unfortunately, theres no way that Lilias devastating cooking skills can improve in a short amount of time. Honestly speaking, her work couldnt be described as good…… but she had filled it with plenty of love.

Thats why Lilia had confidence that Kaito would be pleased with her gift…… but the world isnt as simple as that.

At such a climactic moment, Lilias shyness appeared again…… For her, this is the first time she has given chocolates to a man other than a family member on Valentines Day, and this chocolate is undoubtedly a honmei chocolate. (T/N: honmei choco is valentines chocolate with feelings in it, unlike its counterpart giri (obligatory) chocolate.)

Even if she and Kaito are already lovers, no matter how kind she knows Kaito is…… Because of Lilias personality, she was ridiculously nervous at the moment when she would hand it to him.

Because of this, it turned into a shamefully slow march, having her walk a distance that would have normally taken her only a minute to walk, for about half an hour.

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She would almost turn back several times along the way, but she frantically pushed herself to walk forward. However, there stands another obstacle in front of Lilia.

[……P- Pressing the doorbell…… If I push that, Kaito-san will come out…… If comes out, I can give him this chocolate.]

In front of Lilia who was muttering to herself, there was the doorbell of Kaitos home.

Its a magic tool that has a function where if someone lightly touches it, it will let out a sound that will certainly let Kaito know that someone has come. Moreover, she had already confirmed that Kaitos servants, Anima and the twins, are currently outside.

Kaitos residence, which doesnt employ many servants, only has three servants: Anima, Eta and Theta. And those three are outside——– So, Kaito is currently alone in his home.

For Lilia, the conditions couldnt be any better. All she has to do now is press the doorbell……

[……A- As I thought, I think I should just go back later……]

However, Lilia, whos always been terrible at romantic relationships, was still embarrassed about this kind of thing even now that theyve been lovers for a few years and they have already engaged in a sexual relationship.

Well, in the first place, Lilia tried to give chocolates to Kaito last year and the year before that…… They were commercially-sold chocolates at that time, but she still prepared them. However, when the day came, she wasnt able to gather the courage and the day ended without her being able to give her chocolate to him.

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So, she thought of cutting off her path to retreat by making her own chocolate, by asking Sieglinde to ask her but…… after all the pretense, her weak-willed self appears again.

But then, Kaito would have complicated such a Lilia as being cute but……

[N- No, this is no good. If I dont give it to her now…… A- Alright!]

As she tried to turn on her heel, Lilia managed to stand her ground, and after taking a deep breath, she reached for the doorbell…… and immediately pulled her hand back.

[……A- Arehh, my hand is shaking…… I- I need to calm down……]

Lilia immediately pulled back her trembling hand, and after taking another big deep breath…… she began to restlessly wander around Kaitos door.

She looked so pathetic that such a scene isnt that she could show to her subordinates.

However, Lilia had one big miscalculation…… that because of her nervousness, she had forgotten about it. It was……

[……What should I do Should I call out to her]

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Lilia-san is currently in front of my house…… I dont really know what shes doing, but through my “Sympathy Magic”, I could feel that she was feeling troubled, coming and going in front of the door for a while now.

Did she need something from me No matter how I look at it, I cant see any sign that she would ring the doorbell no matter how long I wait.

Ive known Lilia-san for a long time, so I know that when shes like this, its usually when shes feeling embarrassed…… I wonder what could the reason be

After thinking that far, I suddenly remembered what day it is.

I see, today is Valentines Day…… I understand now. Lilia-san probably made me some chocolate.

I thought she wasnt interested in Valentines Day because I never felt such emotion from her last year or the year before that but…… Could it be that she couldnt make up her mind for all these times now

Even after weve dated for several years, there are still times when Lilia-san feels innocent…… or rather, acting bashful.

Its not that Im complaining about it though, I mean, she looks absurdly cute. Just kissing her, even after the years weve been together, would make her red and flustered, making her look so cute that I reflexively pushed her down.

Well, if I just leave her that way, its unlike that the doorbell will be ringing even after the sun goes down so…… I made up my mind. Feigning coincidence, I opened the door.

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[Eh Arehh Lilia-san…… You were here Sorry, I didnt mean to scare you.]

[N- N- N- No, i- its not like I- Ive been here for half an hour or anything……]

Lilia-san…… Youre too unskillful at deceiving people. Wouldnt anyone feel worried when theyre honestly told that theyve been waiting for 30 minutes already……

F- For the time being, lets just ignore her statement just now.

[We could certainly talk while standing here, but how about we talk inside]

[Y- Yes! I- Ill be intyuding then!]


……She bit her tongue. Shes really cute.

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I was filled with the desire to hug her right now, but I resisted the urge to do so and led Lilia-san to my room.

Why my room instead of the reception room or the dining room Well, I already know her purpose…… This is just to avoid the places where we might encounter Anima and the others after they come home from shopping.

Leading her to my room and making Lilia-san sit on the sofa, I then brewed a cup of tea.

Putting it on the table in front of the sofa, I then sat down on the seat in front of Lilia-san.

[You came to visit me today]

[T- Theres that too, but I also have another purpose.

[Another purpose, is it]

[Y- Yes! Errr, errr…… ummm…… H- Here……]

[Could this be……]

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[Y- Yes…… I- Its a Valentines Day gift…… U- Ummm, I- Im sorry if it isnt tasty. Sieg taught me and I tried making it but……]

[You went all the way for me…… Thank you, Lilia-san. Im really happy.]

I received the box that the shaking Lilia-san gave to me.

I had expected it to be a Valentines Day chocolate, but I didnt realize it would be handmade by Lilia-san…… Unnn, Im glad. Its alright, the feeling of joy is properly exceeding my anxiousness on how this would taste like. I should have received it with a smile.

H- However, Lilia-sans handmade chocolate huh…… H- Hmmm. Sieg-san supervised her while she was making it, so it should be fine but…… but Im still a little nervous.

Ive always felt uneasy whenever I heard that it was Lilia-sans cooking based on experience. After asking her permission, I opened the box…… Unnn Whats this

Inside was a heart-shaped chocolate, which looked pretty good but…… the question is this picture drawn in it. It looks like a “crushed frog” but, I dont think Lilia-san would really draw something like that in there, right

W- What should I do! If I react poorly here, it will hurt Lilia-sans feelings. Think, I need to think…… Think of a good way to respond here……


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[Ah, no, its just that it looks beautiful. I- I really like this picture drawn in it!]

[T- Thank you! Im glad youre happy with it. As expected, if I had to describe something that is like me, it would be a “dragon”, so I draw it. Its a brown-scaled “ground dragon”!]

[Ah, eh Yeah! I knew it! I thought that was the case!!! Well~~ Its really, ummm, got a nice, tasteful feel to it!!!]

[P- Please dont praise me so much……. I- Its embarrassing.]

I- Its a dragon huh~~ I- I see, I should have expected it…… This is more difficult than those pop quizzes Im really bad at.

However, it seems like I managed to respond well, and while Lilia-san looks embarrassed, she has a somewhat happy smile on her face.

As I felt cold sweat running down my spine looking at Lilia-san, I suddenly noticed some bandages on her hands.

[L- Lilia-san! What happened to your hand Could it be that you got injured……]

[Ahh, n- no, this is, ummm…… when Im making chocolates…… Sieg banned me from using Body Strengthening Magic, so I ended up slightly cutting myself with the knife.]

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[I- Is it alright!]

[Y- Yes…… “The knife was broken”, but I was slightly injured.]


Whoa there, did I just hear something strange just now It somehow sounds like the kitchen knife broke due to Lilia-sans strength even while her Body Strengthening Magic was turned off, but I guess its just my imagination.

P- Putting that aside, the fact that Lilia-san is injured is more important.

[W- What about using Recovery Magic on it]

[Eh No, neither Sieg nor I can use Recovery Magic, and its just a minor injury. I also didnt have the time to go to the hospital, so I just disinfected and bandaged it.]

[N- No, but…… Ah, thats right! I have some Fruit of the World Tree here!!!]

[Kaito-san! P- Please wait! What are you trying to feed me…… I- Its really just a small cut…… Could you please not put such an outrageous thing on the table!!!]

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I was shaken that Lilia-san was injured, so I hurriedly laid out about 20 Fruits of the World Tree on the table, but Lilia-san stopped me.

[H- However, doesnt it hurt]

[Thank you for your concern. However, Im really fine. It will heal soon.]

[I- Is that so……]

[……Besides, ummm, these were wounds I received from doing my best for Kaito-san, so just a bit…… Really just a bit proud of it. A- Ahaha, its just because Im not a good cook though.]

Saying that with a blush on her face, Lilia-san looked incredibly cute with her shy smile. To be honest, I cant stand it anymore.

Seeing my lovely girlfriend cook for me and have an injury on her hand, thinking that she really did her best for me makes me feel happy and loved.


Lilia-san tilted her head curiously at my sudden standing up, but such a gesture was also a factor in making me feel more lustful at the moment.

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Approaching Lilia-san, I hugged her body as tight as I could.

[Hyaaahhh! K- Kaito-shan!]

[……Lilia-san. Youre too cute. I dont think I can hold back anymore.]

[Eh Eeehhhh! B- But, ummm, i- its still morning…… errr……]


Lilia-sans face turned bright red and looked flustered, but her resistance was weak.

Lilia-san is very shy and yet, shes very kind…… At least, in this kind of atmosphere, shell somehow accept it.

As expected, Lilia-san shyly moved her gaze around but…… after being held in my embrace for a while, she looked into my eyes and relaxed her body on mine.

[Hauuu…… ummm, errr…… I will contact the mansion…… but today…… can I stay for the night]

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[Yes, of course.]

[Auuu…… P- Please…… be gentle.]

Lilia-san, the always prim and lovely Lilia-san.

Since it was said that today is also called Lovers Day…… I wont be punished for monopolizing my beloved lover for today.

With my eyes closed, I slowly moved my face close to Lilia-sans, feeling her loving warmth in my arms.

I was going to write Alices chapter today, but Lilias chapter got too long, so Ill write Alices chapter tomorrow.

Lilia-san is so cute, so it cant be helped.

T/N: Im getting slower these days. I blame the cold weather. It feels good to sleep. Anyway, the next chapter would be the last Valentines Day chapter.-

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