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The 13th Day of the Tree month. With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow, many women are making chocolates today.

And in a certain kitchen, three women were also making their own chocolates.

[M- Mnghh……]

[As expected, Eta is clumsy. Giving such trashy chocolate to master…… That wont do. Do it again.]

[K- Kuhh…… D*mn you, Theta. Just because youre a little better than me at cooking, youre getting carried away……]

[No. Its not a little. Im “overwhelmingly” better than Eta at cooking. Thats just pure facts.]

[G- Gununuuuu……]

In response to Thetas provoking words, a vein popped out of Etas forehead…… but since shes in the position of the one being taught, she cant complain much even when her mouth twists to a frown.

Theta seems to be enjoying the situation where Eta can hardly defy, as a mischievous smile could be seen on her lips.

[In the first place, it was a mistake to struggle right before the very day you need it. You should have practiced before. You really should plan your schedule well, Eta.]

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[Guhhh…… D*mn it…… I have no words to respond with. Sorry, please teach me how to make it……]



[When you want someone to teach you, you would need a befitting attitude. “Sensei, please teach me”…… Am I right]

[Y- You freaking woman…… As if youre a fish in the waters……]

Eta glares at grinning Theta, grinding her teeth but…… in fact, if she wasnt taught by Theta, she alone wouldnt be able to properly make a chocolate.

Chocolates to give to her master, Kaito…… Naturally, the more delicious it is, the better.

[……P- Please teach me…… S- Sensei……]


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[D*mn it…… You better remember this……]

[What did you say]

[I- I said nothing.]

Looking at Eta, Theta nodded with satisfaction and resumed cooking.

Suppressing the humiliation by thinking about Kaito, she embarrassedly asked for her teachings but……. she looks like shes already on the verge of snapping, and it looks like she wont be able to last very long…… For the umpteenth time, she warned her with a tone mixed with spite……

[I- I cant take this anymore! Just because someones not good at something, youre acting full of yourself…… Lets bring this outside, Theta!]

[……Fine with me.]

A fight immediately broke out, and the both of them respectively took out their spear and shield but…… they forgot that there are “three” people making their chocolates in the kitchen……

[Let me beat that impudent mouth of yours down your—— Iihhh!]

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[Thats enough, you big idiots!!!]

[ [ C- Chief Retainer Anima…… ] ]

Anima hits Eta and Theta in their head with high-speed knuckle strikes, and releases an angry shout that makes the air shake.

Overpowered by her anger, the two women kneeled down in front of Anima, holding the part of her head that was hit.

[Even though were making our gifts to master…… The two of you, are you not aware that youre masters retainers!]

[Y- Yes. My apologies.]

[I- Im sorry.]

[Good grief…… Eta, you know best how poisonous Thetas tongue is. Stop acting belligerent over every single thing!]

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[Y- Yes.]

[Theta too, stop provoking her every single moment and teach her properly. If youre going to teach her, do it properly!]

[U- Understood.]

Anima scolds them, and after giving them instructions, she returns to her cooking.

Seeing that she went back to cooking, Eta and Theta looked at each other…… they averted their gazes once before looking at each other again.

[……Eta. Ummm, Im sorry.]

[No, it was me who had a short temper. Please teach me.]

[Unnn. Leave it to me.]

Just as how quick Eta and Theta are to fight, thats also how quick they make up.

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As they made up with each other with a smile, Anima, who was glancing at them while working on her chocolates, let out a sigh of relief and gently smiled.

[Speaking of which, is Chief Retainer Anima also good at cooking]

[No, Im rather unskilled at it instead.]

[Really…… even so…… you look quite skillful.]

[Well, its because Sieg-dono had taught me well. Ive properly prepared for this event.]

Anima has been learning to cook for Valentines Day from her friend Sieglinde for several months now.

Animas greatest strength is her simple honesty, and she has become quite good at making chocolate by diligently practicing even her least favorite dishes.

Thereupon, as if she suddenly remembered something, Anima turned to Eta and smiled.

[Well, in that regard…… theres some truth about how you should have practiced days before you need it.]

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[Ughhh…… I have no words to respond with.]

[Fufufu, Theta too. If you are about to become late with your own chocolate, I can take over teaching Eta, so just call out to me.]

[Yes. Thank you very much.]

[Eta too, your skills arent that bad. You just have to try to do each task a little more carefully.]


Its been a few years since she became Kaitos retainer. Anima has shown her firm work ethic and has been his splendid manager. Kaito has been relying upon her and she is truly proud about this.

Thats why, even now that she is married to Kaito, she still calls him “master” and wants to continue to be his retainer.

Granted…… Looking at the large heart-shaped chocolate that shes making, its easy to imagine and she herself is aware of it, that the thoughts held in Animas heart go far beyond how a retainer feels for her master.

[Even so, the one receiving this chocolate is my master who would happily receive it with a smile after all…… Thats why I dont have to hide these overflowing thoughts.]

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[……Eh Chief Retainer Anima Did you say something]

[No…… We still have our usual jobs to do, so lets quickly finish this.]

[ [ Yes! ] ]

Unintentionally muttering those words, it was fortunate that “these two” didnt seem to have heard her, and with a slight blush on her cheeks, Anima resumed cooking.

Just behind the door of the kitchen, near the position where Anima is standing…… Kaito, who was about to enter the kitchen to have something to drink, scratched his face in embarrassment…… and silently turning away from that place, he left.

His lips, even though he himself didnt notice it…… have a smile filled with happiness.

This kind of event where they just accidentally heard about something, I like it.-

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