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The royal castle of Archlesia Empire. There was the figure of Hydras King, Laguna, invited by Emperor Chris.

[……Valentines Day huh, umu, I know of it. Its an event where you give confectioneries to a person in your mind.]

[Yes, and thats why I thought that if King Laguna is fine with it, I would invite you here.]

[Fumu, but you see, young Chris. Ive never baked a single confectionery in my life, you know Would giving salted fish be no good]

[Salted fish are indeed very tasty, but unfortunately, it isnt suitable for Valentines Day. It will be alright. Ill teach you how to cook them.]

[Hmmm…… what a cumbersome event it is……]

As if she isnt familiar with such events, Laguna mumbled to herself, but Chris encouraged her with a gentle smile.

Laguna reluctantly agrees and joins in making the chocolate, thinking it would be rude to refuse after being asked that much by the king of a country.

While Chris was teaching her how to cook, Laguna seemed to have suddenly remembered something and spoke.

[Speaking of which, young Chris…… I heard that youre “abdicating” your throne as the Emperor, was that true]

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[Unnn Yes, well, its true. It will still take a few years before I could hand over the throne, so I wont be able to officially announce my abdication until then.]

[……Why abdicate Which king would serve her country better than you Moreover, having half the blood of a Demon…… You dont have to worry about your lifespan either. Thats exactly what makes you capable of serving as emperor far longer than me. So, why have you suddenly……]

[……These are the rules I imposed on myself when I became an emperor.]

Chris is going to quit being the Emperor. That story was being passed around to the leaders of various countries as a rumor. Yes, it was only a rumor for the moment…… Thats why Laguna didnt believe it easily and personally asked her about it since shes alone with her at the moment. And now, the person herself had clearly affirmed it.

Laguna had known Chris since she had just become Emperor, and she knew that she wouldnt hesitate to lay down her life for her country. Her everything exists for her country and her citizens…… And thats why she couldnt believe that Chris, who hadnt caused any blunder, had resigned her throne.

In response to her question, Chris only said that she had imposed a rule on herself even back then.

[……Rules, was it]

[Yes, I am an Emperor. As an Emperor, I must think of my country and its citizens first and foremost.]

[Umu, thats right…… and at that point, you are……]

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[……This is the reason why I quit.]


[……I had decided that if I ever found “something more important for me than my country”, I would step down my throne as the Emperor……]

Saying that, a gentle smile appears on Chris lips.

Recently, shes been smiling a lot. A pure, innocent smile…… In a way, it can be said to be a big change for Chris, who has been living in a world full of schemes.

[……Its because of Kaito huh]

[Yes, thats right. How baffling…… Seriously…… I originally just wanted to get close to Miyama-sama to improve my connections with the Six Kings. He doesnt seem to have much experience with sensual pleasures, so I tried attacking her with my femininity but…… The trouble is that I was the one who became charmed instead.]

[I see, that certainly is quite unexpected, for a half-succubus like you to be the one thats charmed instead.]

[Fufufu, thats right. It seems like the blood of my mother, who seduced the previous emperor, hardly flows in my veins.]

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Laguna doesnt know it, but Chris had already confessed her feelings for Kaito about a year ago.

At that time, she had asked Kaito “Can you wait until I stop being an emperor and become just Chris”, and Kaito readily agreed to her.

Thats why she is now firmly committed to preventing chaos from occurring in her country…… And shes also moving as quickly as possible to hand over the throne to the next emperor.

[……Well, when I heard about Valentines Day, rather than thinking about my countrys current situation, I wondered what kind of chocolate to give to Miyama-sama…… And at the moment when I thought like that, I dont have the qualifications of an emperor anymore.]

[Fumu…… I see, if you dont have regrets in that decision, thats good. However, why…… If you could abdicate, why cant I abdicate my throne yet!]

[Thats because Hydra Kingdom wants you to be their King, right]

[Even so, I want to quit already…… However, those damned retainers…… They told me I cant retire until me and Kaito have produced an heir, you know How far are they going to work hard an elderly person like me……]

In contrast to Chris, who will gracefully step down her throne as an Emperor, Lagunas retainers wouldnt let her quit even if she wanted to.

In fact, she is now a symbol of Hydra Kingdom, as she once defeated the Demon King along with the Hero, and thinking about the sentiments of the public…… and even if an heir was born, it would still take some time before she could quit.

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[……Haahhh…… Hydra Kingdom doesnt need a king anymore…… Why……]

[Let me answer that! Its because you look like a loli!]


[Mnghh! Whats with you!]

Lagunas sigh is answered by a voice that doesnt belong to Chris, and the two look around in surprise when they hear it.

This kitchen is off-limits to everyone except Chris and Laguna, and yet, the fact that someone other them is in there means that…… it was an intruder.

As they looked around with heightened caution, they saw someone sitting on top of a large cauldron.

[……First, Valentines Day is an event of love. Second, chocolate represents a piece of your love. And third, Im hungry. Whoop!]

[……T- This undisguised idiotic way of speaking…… Could it be]

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[Shes even voicing out the sound of her landing……]

[The Beautiful Phantom Thief of Love and Justice! Hapti-chan makes her entrance!!!]

Her hair that has two shades of colors, looking like a puddings black and light brown, tucked into the back of her neck and dressed in an easy-to-move outfit…… but with a mantle that seems to make it difficult for one to move. A lovely, but suspicious-looking girl lands in front of them.

[A- As I thought, if it isnt Hapti! So youre still alive huh!]

[Thats a good question, Laguna. Since we had some connection with each other…… For a special discount of just a single silver coin, Ill answer you!]

[……N- No, youre taking money from that]

[Even if youre close with someone, you should have basic manners in things that matter!]

[……What about your manners then No, to begin with, are you really Hapti]

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The girl who appeared before them is Hapti, the self-proclaimed phantom thief who once accompanied Laguna on the Heros journey.

After beguiling their search for almost a thousand years, Laguna is astonished to see her appear again and thinking that the one that appeared before them may be a fake, Laguna gives her a quizzical glance.

Thereupon, Hapti……

[Whoa there, my, my…… Even though youre comparably younger than Demons, Laguna is calling herself an elderly~~ Even though you really look like a loli…… Actually, Im way older than you! Too— bad— for— you. Bfuiii—— Uwooohh!]

[……This annoyingness…… It seems like youre the real one. Its been a while, Hapti. Go die!]

[What pure killing intent!]

[Shut up! I will not allow you…… to annoy others ever again!!!]

Agitated by Haptis full-throttle annoyingness, Laguna immediately swings her large spear that she took out from somewhere towards her. Evading her strike with nimble movements, Hapti glances at Chris.

[Ahh~~ right, right. Her Majesty, the Emperor]

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[……What is it]

[……”I like the way you are now better than you were before.”]

[! It is…… an honor.]

[Fufu, hey, wait! Laguna, stop! Stop!!!]

[Who the heck is a loli, Im asking you!!! Its not like I wanted to have this kind of figure!!!]

[Eeeehhhh! Youre really bothered about that!]

The words told by Hapti, who she was supposed to have met for the first time…… It was only then that Chris figured out who the girl in front of her was.

Someone who held a different appearance and directly told her that she hated her…… Perhaps, feeling happy that her evaluation towards her had changed, a smile appeared on her face as she stared at the fleeing Hapti and spear-wielding Laguna.

It wasnt the smile of the Emperor who was proud to be the Empires puppet…… but the smile of a woman in love, appropriate for her age.

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Chris has become cute…… And theres also the Mysterious Beautiful Phantom Thief Hapti…… what a cute squirrel she is……

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