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Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, a large trading company in the Demon Realm. Adjacent to their main office is the castle of the Underworld King, Kuromueina. In its kitchen, the figure of the maid Ein and the silver wolf Eval could be seen.

[……You wanted me to teach you how to make chocolate, right]

[Yes. Please. Sis Ein!]

[Why have you asked me this year]

[Ah, no, that is…… That idiot Acht, ummm, hes envious of Kaito…… W- Well, I mean, even if hes an idiot, hes my partner after all, so I thought its fine since theres an occasion…… but Im clumsy and no good when it comes to cooking so I thought I should ask Sis to teach me……]

Eval wants to give chocolate to her husband, the Blue Ogre Acht, but she doesnt know how to make it because she doesnt have any cooking experience. For that reason, Eval had turned towards Ein.

Hearing her words, Ein put her hand on her chin for a little while before she nodded.

[I dont mind…… However, when I start teaching you, I wont tolerate anything half-heartedly made…… Is that fine with you]

[Y- Yes! I will be in your care.]

[Well, if youre that eager, you should be able to make something simple easily.]

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As Eval nodded with firm determination, Ein kindly smiled at her and then, began teaching her how to make chocolate.

It is Eins theory that a maid must be the closest to perfection in every way, and true to her beliefs, she must be perfect in guiding others as well.

She gives Eval, who has clumsy hands when it comes to cooking, precise instructions and guides her to finish her chocolate.

Ein may have said that “she wont tolerate anything half-heartedly made”, as expected, Ein is still a bit lenient with her family.

It was difficult to find the words to compliment the chocolate Eval made, but one can tell that she made a solid effort in her own way, and seeing her chocolate, Ein nodded with satisfaction and smiled.

[……Well, this should be passable. You did a good job.]

[T- Thank you!]

[Now then, after this should be packaging but before that…… lets take a short break.]

As soon as she said that, a fresh cup of tea was immediately prepared in front of Eval and the two of them sat down to enjoy their tea.

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Thereupon, a question suddenly popped out of Evals mind and she asked Ein with a curious look on her face.

[Speaking of which, I know that Sis didnt make any chocolate, but is Sis not going to give any to Kaito]

[Unnn Ive already finished mine…… Theyre over there.]

[……Huh N- No, no, w- wait a moment there, Sis…… What in the world is that……]

[Theyre chocolates.]

[N- No, thats not what I meant…… What Im taking is what is with that amount……]

Looking at the chocolates that Ein prepared to give to Kaito…… No, looking at the mountainous pile of wrapped boxes, Eval exclaimed.

At least, they werent just a hundred or two. In the kitchen of Kuromueinas castle…… She had brought out an amount that is way too much that it seems to fill even this wide space.

[Ahh, I made “one hundred boxes” for each of “a hundred different kinds” of chocolate according to Kaito-samas taste. That should make it that I made exactly 10,000 chocolates.]

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[T- Ten thousand…… N- No, Sis…… As expected, isnt that too much……]

[Theres no problem. All of them had been stored in a special magic box, so he can eat them at any time.]

[……I- Is that so……]

Looking at Ein, who told her that she prepared 10,000 boxes of one hundred kinds of chocolate as if it was natural, Eval only nodded with a shuddering expression on her face.

Moreover, shes surprised that all of the hundred types of chocolate are tailored to Kaitos taste.

[……E- Even so, Sis. How do you know so much about Kaitos taste]

[Lets see…… Let me explain.]

[What is this This “diagram”……]

[This is an analysis of Kaito-samas taste based on his pat meals and his behavior after his meal. Although Kaito-sama doesnt seem to have many likes and dislikes in food, this analysis has shown that Kaito-sama tends to prefer simpler flavors. His favorite food is hamburger steak, and he dislikes green peppers. And as for his tastes for confectioneries, he prefers easy-to-eat fruity sweets rather than gaudy ones. Therefore, 20 of the prepared chocolates are made with dried fruit and fruit juice.]

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[……H- Huhh……]

As Ein explained while pointing to the diagram with a large laid-out graph, Eval was overwhelmed…… and slightly stepping away from her, she nodded.

It was unknown how Ein knew about these things, but almost all of the food Kaito has eaten in this world are listed there, with a very detailed analysis of his tastes.

[Also, as expected, the confectioneries Kaito-sama has eaten in his former world, but theyre under investigation for the moment.]

[……Did Kaito tell all of these things to you]

[No, but reading Kaito-samas mind is easy for a maid like me.]

[I- I see…… S- So thats how it is……]

[Yes, going back to the topic at hand…… As for the commercially-sold confectioneries, all the known ones have been recreated, and 50 of what I made were chocolate confectioneries from Kaito-samas world. Ive also perfectly reproduced the packaging.]

[……Ummm, can I ask a question]

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[Ask away.]

While unfolding her theory of how maids are almighty as usual, she spectacularly explained to Eval the details, and although Evals mind was on the verge of short-circuiting, she still mustered her strength to ask a question.

[Ummm, how did you find out how these otherworld chocolates are made and how they look]

[I strang—– No, I sincerely asked Shalltear, and she willingly taught me all about it.]

[You seriously coerced someone for it! Y- You would go that far……]

[But, of course. Having decided to give chocolates to Kaito-sama, I should be able to make “all” the chocolates that Kaito-sama knows is just basic etiquette for a maid…… Isnt it so]

[Ah, y- y- yes! It is as you say!]

[Good…… Anyway, the other 50 of the chocolates are from this world, and I got them from threa—— asking for cooperation from the patissiers around the world, and I have now learned how to make all chocolates existing in this world.]

[You definitely said you threatened them just now!]

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[It must have just been your imagination. Now then, once again, in regards to Kaito-sans taste for chocolate, including his actions when eating……]

[Eh I dont really want to know about that……]

[……What did you just say]

[N- No, please tell me all about it!]

Seeing Ein, who is so prepared to face Valentines Day that one would think that she was heading for war, Eval was already feeling completely terrified.

At any rate, she feels that theyre different. Held within the chocolate that Eval made was her love for her husband, Acht…… but what Ein placed within her chocolates were literally on a different level.

Understanding this, while thinking about how to escape from this terrifying room, Eval muttered in a voice that Ein couldnt hear.

[……Kaito, hang in there. Sis love…… its outrageously heavy……]

Seeing Ein taking out yet another diagram, Eval looked as if she had given up on everything, as she continued to listen, feeling concerned about the well-being of that person who will be receiving her grandiose love.

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Ein-sans love is heavy.-

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