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Perhaps, they continued cleaning the mansion throughout the night In front of the mansion, which was cleaned so nicely that youd think it was a new building, most of the employees serving the Albert Duchy are assembled.

The sight of Lilia-san and the others neatly aligned from the gate to the front door of the mansion is quite a sight to behold. Its almost as if it shows how important the being who will be visiting here are and the air around them is filled with a tense, skin-tingling tension.

Today is the seventh day of the fire month, and noon is about to come—– and Kuro will be here soon.

I dont know if its because of those things she needs to do that she mentioned the other night or the fact that shell be visiting today anyway, but Kuro didnt appear in my room last night, and thats partly why Im feeling nervous.

In the quiet silence of the air, I look at the pocket watch in my hand. The moment the ticking second-hand circles around and the time indicates that noon has arrived—– the air changed.

[ ! ]

If I were to compare it to something, it would be as if the air around us had suddenly turned heavy or something like that…… A heavy pressure began weighing on my body.

The scenery ahead of us trembled as if were looking at a mirage, and in front of the wide-open gate, Kuro appeared.

She still had her black coat wrapped around her body, but Kuro doesnt have the usual smile on her face, and the atmosphere she had is different from usual.

The people around her, including Lilia-san and I, spontaneously found ourselves bowing our heads. Its as if everything in the surrounding space was prostrating themselves in front of her, and only the sound of Kuros footsteps echoed within the silence.

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Her beautiful silver-white hair shimmered in the sunlight, and her golden eyes silently gazed only in front of her.

That is surely—- the march of a king.

It was supposed to be a solo march with no other members around her, but there was a tremendous presence and a sense of intimidation around her, as if tens of thousands of troops were marching.

It has only been a few seconds of walking from the gate to the front door. We cant look away, we cant speak, and we cant even breath as we watched as the Absolute walked filled with confidence.

Thereupon, Kuro stands in front of deeply bowing Lilia-san and calmly spoke.

[My apologies for coming on such a short notice. Duchess Albert.]

[T- Theres no need for apologies…… Welcome, thank you for coming. Underworld King Kuromueina-sama.]

[Unnn. I know this is very sudden, Id like to take my time talking to you, so would it be alright for us to go in]

[Of course. Please come in……]

Exchanging greetings with Lilia-san with her calm, but a surely majestic voice, Kuro walked straight into the mansion, guided by Lilia-san.

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Instead of the small reception room, we moved to a neatly decorated reception hall, and inside, only Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san, me, Kusunoki-san, Yuzuki-san, and few servants entered, and then, the large door closed.

Feeling Kuros overwhelming presence that is so different from the atmosphere she usually had that even a large room like this feels small, I looked at her, confused from seeing Kuro acting in a way Ive never seen before.

Thereupon, when I met eyes with Kuro, she looked back at me with the usual bright smile on her face, and the pressure that had been weighing down on me immediately disappeared afterward.

[What do you think of that, Kaito-kun My serious mode! Arent I cool!!]


She just ruined the majestic image she had just now. Ill repeat this twice because its that important, she just ruined the majestic she had just now.

I would like it if you give back all the reverence I had in you and the thoughts that I had that you really are the Underworld King after I saw your “majesty”. Also, even if that smug face of yours looks cute, its still kind of annoying.

Anyway, it seems that Kuros serious mode disappeared and her normal mode returned, as she is now talking to me with the bright smile she usually had.

And thus, even though I was stunned by the change in her behavior, I accepted Lilia-sans suggestion to sit down, so as I took a seat in front of the large table, the person in front of me looks at me and taps the seat next to her.

[Kaito-kun, here, here.]

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[……Errr…… Unnn. Alright.]

It seems like she wants me to sit next to her, and as I dont know what to do, I looked towards Lilia-san, who silently nodded her head.

What she means is that she wants me to go along with Kuros wish. Recognizing that, I went along with what Kuro wanted and sat next to her.

Now then, what should I do about this…… The fact that shes back to how she normally acts means that shes probably going to sulk if I respectfully spoke to her, so I guess it would be better if I talk to her like I usually do huh

[Kuro is the Underworld King huh……]

[Ahh~ That seems to be the case, but the people around me just called me that for their own convenience and Ive never really introduced myself with that~~]

[Certainly, somehow, I feel like you wouldnt fit the image of someone with a title like that.]

[Ahaha, thats right~]

Seeing me talking to Kuro with the tone I usually had, Lilia-san looked pale, but Kuro doesnt seem to be bothered by it and replied with a bright smile on her face.

And in front of Kuro, Lunamaria-san brought a cup of tea, looking extremely nervous.

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[U- Underworld King-sama…… P- Please have some tea……]

[Thanks~~, arehh]

[ ! ]

Seeing the tea that Lunamaria-san placed down in front of her, Kuro looked at Lunamaria-sans face and tilted her head after saying a few words of thanks.

Seeing her reacting to something, Lunamaria-san thought that she had probably done something careless, so she hurriedly got on her knees and tried to bow, but immediately afterward, she stiffened at the words Kuro had said.

[You, we met about ten years ago, didnt we]

[ ! ! ]

[If Im not mistaken…… Youre Lunamaria-chan, right]

[……S- So you…… remembered me……]

After catching on to the words that Kuro said, Lunamaria-sans eyes widened as if to say she couldnt believe it, its as if shes stunned as she muttered so.

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[Of course, I remember you. Hows your mother doing]

[~~! Y- Yes! Thanks to Underworld King-sama, she could even be described as the embodiment of healthiness itself!]

[I see, thats good.]

[Yes…… All of it was thanks to Underworld King-sama. I couldnt even express my gratitude for that time……]

Come to think of it, Lilia-san did say that Lunamaria-san had met Kuro before, and at that time, she began to adore the Underworld King at the level of a zealot

Lunamaria-san didnt think that Kuro would remember her after only meeting once, and she looked like shes overcome with emotions, she brought her hand together and deeply bowed her head.

[Dont worry about that. Youve grown up huh. Im glad that we met again.]

[ ~ ~ ! ! Y- Your words…… are wasted for this lowly me.]

With a bright smile on her face, Kuro pats Lunamaria-sans head, while Lunamaria-san is overcome with emotions again and bursts into tears.

I can only assume from their exchange that something must have happened to Lunamaria-sans mother and Kuro helped her out with that.

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In other words, she owes a great debt of gratitude to her, and thats why she admires her so much. It was quite a good story, isnt it……

And then, after Lunamaria-san went on and thanked Kuro repeatedly, she got up and went back behind Lilia-san, but on the way there, I could hear her quietly muttering something.

[……Underworld King-sama…… called me by my name…… she patted me…… to feel such happiness….. I think I could now die in peace……]


Unnn. Lunamaria-san…… Dont you think that the needle of your vector has already swung too far past the feeling of gratitude She has an expression on her face that looks like ecstasy, her face is all red like a maiden in love, and her gaze has only been focused on Kuro some time ago……

Dear Mom, Dad—— It looks like Lunamaria-san was helped by Kuro a long time ago. However, even if I were to take that into account, Lunamaria-san—–really is a zealot.-

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