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February 21. Although spring is approaching, the season still feels chilly. A girl dressed in a hooded parka and leggings and hot pants for her lower clothing, giving others the impression that shes quite the active girl…… Hina heads to one of the apartments with a shopping bag in hand.

Pressing the intercom on the first floor of this apartment that had good security, when she saw that the front door was opened, she entered.

Then, she took the elevator to a certain floor and pressed the intercom again in front of one of the rooms.

[……Aoi-senpai, Im here~~]

[Hina-chan, welcome. Now, come in.]

[Ill be intruding in~~]

Aoi, who opened the door from inside the room, was dressed in a plain white shirt and dark blue jeans, and her long black hair was tied up in a ponytail.

With a height taller than she was in high school, Aoi, who seems to possess the cuteness of a young lady and the beauty of an adult, greets Hina with a smile on her beautiful face.

The neatly organized room has a refined atmosphere that gives the place a sense of life, and Hina moves her gaze around the room as if she were looking over it before speaking to Aoi.

[……How should I say this, it seems like Aoi-senpai has become quite the commoner noble lady~~]

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[Im not a “noble lady”, you know Ive already “broken ties” with them, so Im now an ordinary college student.]

[Hmmm. Describing Aoi-senpai as ordinary would make me look like a dull college student starting next year, so describing yourself like that is rejected.]

[Fufufu, what the heck is with that……]

After living a year in another world, Aoi, who was cut off from her parents home, was currently enjoying her freedom to the fullest.

While looking at Aoi with a smile, Hina puts a shopping bag on the living rooms table.

[……Even so, this apartment looks like the rent would be quite expensive, are you fine with the money]

[Yes, I sold jewelries and artworks that I bought from the “other world”, so I still have lots of money saved.]

[……Unnn Aoi-senpai, what did you just say]

[Eh Like I said, I sold the stuff I bought from the other world to a jeweler or the likes…… and that I still have lots of money……]

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[S- Such means…… Isnt that cheating]

[Its not cheating……I bought those stuff with money I earned as an “adventurer” in the other world.]

[Muuuu…… Next time you go, please take me on a quest.]

Aoi and Hina move to the kitchen to prepare, chatting about topics regarding places they frequently went to in the other world.

Aoi, wearing an apron, nodded after checking the ingredients that Hina had bought with her.

[Unnn, I think we got all we would need. Well then, I guess we should start making chocolates huh…… Though I say that, weve already days off from the other worlds Valentines Day……]

[Were also off from this worlds Valentines Day, you know…… Even though I said we were going to make it last week, but Aoi-senpai delayed it for a week because of a game event.]

[Ugghhhh…… T- That is, well, the equipment that I could receive from this years Valentines Day event has a good performance…… A- And if I dont get it in this event, I dont think I could get it again……]

[Its fine if you want to play games, but you cant overdo it.]

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[Uuuuu, yes.]

Yes, the girls were actually going to make chocolates last week on February 14, go to the other world and give them to Kaito. However, the time overlapped with the event on an online game that Aoi is playing, and because Aoi was focused on that event, it was delayed for a week.

[Hmmm. Ive been busy with exams lately, so I kinda feel like its been a long time since Ive been able to go over there.]

[What are you saying, its only been a month here though Well, 10 months have probably passed over there……]

[How many “years” will be spending over there this time]

[Hmmm. I want to spend some time with Kaito-san, and I also want to go on an adventure…… so, I guess about 5 years]

[Even though my body will be returned to how it was by Shallow Vernal-sama when we return here and only a day of time has passed…… I feel mentally old.]

[If we add the life we had over in that world, we would be about 70 years old.]

[……Please stop right there. Im still 18 years old.]

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They often visit the other world, and when they return, Shallow Vernals power allows them to return after only a day has passed in their world, having regained the appearance they had before they traveled to the other world.

So, when they go to the other world, they usually stay for a few years. Its fair to say that theyve been living there much longer than they did in their original world.

[Ahh~~ but its a bit of a shame that “my breasts that had finally grown bigger” would return to how they were before.]

[……T- Theyre still growing]

[Eh Yes, after a year or so over there, the bra that Im currently wearing wouldnt fit anymore……]


Hinas breasts, which were quite large compared to those around her since high school, still seems to be growing, and looking at her breasts that have hardly changed in size since her high school days, Aoi lets out a big sigh.

Although Aoi is taller than her, she overwhelmingly lost in breast size. And to hear that her opponent is still growing larger…… shows how cruel the world is.

[I- I dont think you need to get any bigger than that though……]

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[Eh H- However, Kaito-senpai would be delighted with them, and besides, I cant compete with Lillywood-sama and the others……]

[U- Uuuuu…… Hina-chan, thats not fair……]

[Ahh, eh N- No, but you see, Aoi-senpais breasts are beautifully shaped and look lovely! I- Im a little jealous of them, and Im sure Kaito-senpai likes them too.]

Seeing Aoi, who is more shocked than she expected, Hina flusteredly began to make an incomprehensible follow-up.

Hearing what she said, Aoi raised her head, and putting her hands on her chest, she muttered.

[……R- Really H- However, isnt it just Kaito-san not saying it because hes nice…… and he actually really likes bigger breasts better……]

[H- Hmmm……]

Hearing what Aoi muttered, Hina crosses her arms, looking troubled.

Its possible for her to say the words that comfort Aoi, but it was a bit complicated for Hina to say that Kaito likes Aois breasts better than her own as a maiden.

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After struggling to find the words to respond…… Hina reservedly muttered.

[……Ive heard that if you have them rubbed, they would get bigger.]

[S- Speaking of which, I did hear people say that…… T- Thats right! Ill go ask Kaito-san!]

[……Well, its going to return back to how it was when we return back here though.]

[Unnn What did you say]

[I didnt say anything! Come on, lets make our chocolates!]

[Eh Yes……]

Unaware of the cruel truth that Hina muttered, Aoi begins making chocolate with a hopeful look on her face.

When she realized that the size of her breasts will also return when she returns to her original world, Kaito gently comforts Aoi, who has become completely depressed. Regarding the time when Aoi and Kaito fell in love with each other, thats just a story for another time……

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Its the college student, Aoi-chan.-

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