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Please note that these Extra Chapters are intended to take place after the end of the main story, so be warned that there may be some spoilers.

TL;DR: Its going to be the same as the Christmas Extras.

The timeline isnt the same as the Christmas Extras though.

Valentines Day…… This event, which was introduced by one of the people who held the role of Hero in the past, had spread quickly.

The flow of time in this world is different from that of my world. In the other world, where this event came from, it has about 700 years of history, but in this world, it already became a traditional matter after having a history lasting nearly a millennium.

However, all that has been handed down by this person who held the role of Hero was a summary, and no one knows who Valentine is and why is it his day.

In a world where polygamy is the norm, the number of chocolates received on Valentines Day is a status of sorts for men. The one who received the most love, the better man he is.

[And thus, Operation: Valentines Day has now commenced!]


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[Whats with that motivationless reply…… No I guess thats just the usual huh]

Hearing Kuromueinas words as she flips her long black coat and strikes a pose, Shallow Vernal responds with a completely blank expression on her face.

Yes, the both of them had gathered to make chocolate…… Or rather, Kuromueina just went to visit Shallow Vernal in the Sanctuary.

[Anyway, since its Valentines Day, I want to make chocolate and give it to Kaito-kun! This event is important, so lets firmly grasp on this chance and grab Kaito-kuns heart!]

[With your strength, if you hold Kaito-sans heart, wouldnt he die]

[No…… That was just a metaphor.]

With a dumbfounded look on her face at Shallow Vernals airheaded remarks, Kuromueinas black coat morphs and turns into a pretty apron.

[And thus, Shiro! Lets make chocolate together!]

[I understand. Well then, I will create a chocolate “whose taste changes based on what the consumer likes best”……]

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[No, no, youre trying to create something outrageous again…… Shiro, youre prohibited using your creation ability…… Properly make it like normal.]

[Ive never cooked before though]

[Its alright, its alright. Ill properly teach you the steps.]

With a bright smile on her face, Kuromueina uses Spatial Magic and takes out the ingredients…… and for some reason, a big iron plate.

[……If my knowledge is correct, you dont use an iron plate for making basic chocolate, right Whats this]

[Eh I mean, without this, you cant make a baby castella, you know]

[Why should it be baby castellas]

[Thats because theyre delicious!]

[I see.]

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Perhaps, if Kaito was here, he would have thrown a tsukkomi at what Kuromueina said. However, the only other person here is Shallow Vernal…… and she naturally ignored it.

[Well, anyway, Ive decided to make chocolate baby castellas, so Im going to teach you how to make chocolates first, Shiro.]

[I understand.]

[It may not be well-done at first, but lets persist~~]

While quickly preparing the tools, Kuromueina brightly smiles and teaches Shallow Vernal how to make chocolate.

And then…………

[……Uwaahhh, youre almost omnipotent that its irritating me……]


[How did you perfectly make it on your first try It looks even better than the one I made…… Shiro, this really is your first time cooking, right]

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[Anyone can do this much if they just follow the recipe.]

[……Can I hit you]


No matter how airheaded she is, Shallow Vernal is still an almost omnipotent God, and even if she has never done something before, “she would be able to do it”…… This isnt just words that unmotivated bragging children like to say, but something that she can really do.

Once she asked Kuromueina how to make it and after a glance at the recipe, Shallow Vernal made it with even more skill than a skilled craftsman, which made Kuromueina resentfully look at her.

[……H- However, Shiros chocolates lack humor!]

[……Thats the first time Ive heard of such an ingredient.]

[Im not talking about the ingredients, you know! What Im saying is that you dont have enough fun in your chocolates.]


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[We need to be more creative with our ingredients…… Release your individuality!]

[I see, I understand.]

After nodding at Kuromueinas suggestion to make a more interesting chocolate, Shallow Vernal crushed the finished chocolate…… and in a boiling water, she started to randomly put in various ingredients.

One minute, she was putting in a pile of dried fruits, the next minute, she started throwing in various seasonings.

[Hey, S- Shiro! What are you doing]

[Im releasing my individuality.]

[No, no, youre just throwing a bunch of random ingredients in there…… Wait, arehh I dont see any fruits or any other solid stuff in it……]

[They were all melted.]

[……T- They really are……]

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[……Once again, its complete.]

[Amazing. Just the color and shape makes it look decent.]

Even though she just randomly put ingredients in it, the uselessly high-spec Shallow Vernal molded the chocolate in the blink of an eye…… and manipulated time to instantly harden and completely take the form of a chocolate.

It seems like she has made a good number of them, and asking Kuromueina to evaluate it, she gave her a piece of her chocolate.

After receiving the chocolate, Kuromueina alternately looks at the chocolate and Shallow Vernals face several times, before fearfully bringing it to her mouth.

[……! W- What in the world is this…… This complex mixture of flavor that I dont think will ever be recreated ever again…… Its delicious.]

[Fumu, well then, I will give this to Kaito-san.]

[……Hey, Shiro]

[What is it]

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[As expected, can I hit you once]

[……Wouldnt it just be fine if you make the same one]

[……Do you think I can do it]

[You cant]

[……Alright, hold out your face!!!]

[Dont wanna.]

Looking at such a Shallow Vernal, who seems to be implying that she can definitely do anything she wants to do…… Kuromueina quietly clenched her fists.

Needless to say, a heaven-and-earth-shaking fight ensued in the Sanctuary after this.

T/N: 43/203

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