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While Alice and I are leisurely tending the store, a familiar angel…… Eden-san suddenly appears.

Seeing her appearance, Alice raised her vigilance and spoke.

[……I dont know which world youre God of, but what in the world are you doing here……]

[……Shes a God…… from another world]

[Yes, her power is clearly on par with Kuro-san and Shallow Vernal-sama. Its impossible for me not to know of a being with such a ridiculous amount of power…… then, its reasonable to assume that she came from another world.]


Alice mentioned that Eden-san is a god from some other world, and Eden-san nodded in agreement.

A god with the power comparable to Shiro-san…… Is she the pinnacle of some other world If that were the case, it is as Alice asked, why is such a being trying to make contact with us

As I was thinking about that, my eyes met with Eden-san…… and for some reason, Eden-san looked at me with kind eyes.

[……You mentioned that you wanted to interact before, didnt you What is it this time]

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However, when Alice spoke to her, Eden-sans expression turned blank and she didnt answer Alices question.

Feeling an uncomfortable tension, I timidly tried to speak to Eden-san.

[…..Ummm, do you need something from me again]

[Positive, I, You, Converse, Hope. Body, Adjust, Complete, Preference, Included.]

[Why do you ignore me and yet, immediately reply to Kaito-sans question…… Or rather, you were able to speak normally like before, right Speaking like that is difficult to understand.]


[T- This……]

The difference between her response between me and Alice is too obvious, and seeing out, Alice has a stiff smile on her face.

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[……Errr, Id also like to ask you that too. Id appreciate it if you could speak normally……]

[I understand.]

[……Kaito-san, is it fine if I punch her at least once……]

[Silence, I recognize that you held some strength. However, you arent my child. Thus, I see no reason to speak to you.]

[……Alright, you want to fight Lets go fight then! Ill crush you where you stand!]

[A- Alice. Calm down……]

Alice seemed unusually irritated by Eden-sans response and really looks like she was about to hit her.

But more than that, Im more concerned about what Eden-san said just now.

[……U- Ummm, Eden-san. Can I ask you a question]

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[But of course. My beloved child, Ill be happy to answer any questions you may have.]

[H- Huh…… Errr, what do you mean when youre calling me your child]

[You were born in “the world I made”. Thus, you are my child.]

[Eh Eeeehhhh!]

W- Wait a moment…… I was born in the world created by Eden-san Then, that means Eden-san is……

[I see, youre the God of Kaito-sans world……]

[Thats right, but Im having a conversation with my child now. Dont interrupt us.]

[……Even if Im called the Merciful Alice-chan, I still get pissed off. Or rather, youre definitely picking a fight with me, arent you!]

Ive never heard of anyone calling you the Merciful Alice-chan, but since it really looks like it will develop into a battle like before, I decided to calm Alice down and just have a conversation with Eden-san myself.

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[I see, so what was Eden-san doing here]

[I have come to see you, my beloved child.]

I wonder why I feel some kind of chill running down my back…… In her eyes, which should have been richly-colored, there appears to be some kind of muddy black color in it…… Eh Why

[C- Come to see me…… W- Why]

[Thats because you are the one Ive been seeking.]

[…..And that means]

I have been waiting all these times. My child, who is born in the world that I made, to stand against me. Yes, thats right…… it was you. You have stood against me before…… Possessing very brave and chivalrous eyes…… Ahhh, how terrific. If its just beings who would do anything I will, I can create as much as I want. However, I want to give my affection to those who oppose me. Yes, thats right. You are my ideal, my supreme. My beloved child…… Aahhh, thank you. For this miracle that I have met you…… Please show your face to me, no, to “mother” more often. Such powerful and radiant eyes, how beautiful. Ahh, you dont have to be afraid. Ill spoil you prodigally. Lets whisper words of love so much that it burns the ground. However, how could my beloved child bear to breathe the air of this world…… Ah, this is no good, this is really no good. Breathing the same air as these riffraff doesnt suit you. “Lets make air” that only exists for you. Yes, thats good. Lets create an air that only you can breathe, an air that exists only for you. Rest assured, my beloved child. Ive properly gone back to our world once and memorized “every single record”. Yes, I understand my beloved child the most. I know how much you weighed when you were born, what kind of food you ate, how many times you breathed……. I know everything. I have also “adjusted my body” to fit you. Ive “remade everything from scratch”, all according to fit your preference, to what you find most comfortable.]

S- Scarrrryyyyyy! What the heck is with her, shes giving me fear more than ever before! I didnt even say anything, but she just talked on and on about it…… And somehow, arent the highlights in her eyes disappearing!

[……The God of Kaito-sans world feels like she has a screw loose, doesnt she The light completely disappeared in her eyes, you know……]

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[I didnt want to know about this. That the truth was that she was like this……]

If its possible, I would like to not know that the God of my world was a yandere and her eyes were locked onto me. I really want to run away right now.

Somehow, while shes speaking like a broken radio, there was something dark behind her eyes…… Shes seriously scary.

As expected, even Alice was drawn away from her, as the anger she had was pulled away and a complicated expression appeared on her face.

[……Ahh, yes, thats right. I know my child the most. I love my child the most. Ahh, then, I should rather “make a world” just for you. Yes, thats better. Lets create beings who only affirm to your will. Lets provide you with all the items suitable for you. In that world, Ill love you prodigally. Yes, all for the sake of my child…… Lets quickly……]


In front of Eden-san, who was saying stuff that is growing even more frightening, Kuro suddenly appeared…… and without saying anything, sent Eden-san flying.

Eden-san was sucked into a black vortex and disappeared but…… I dont know if I should say that its to be expected of her or not, as Eden-san returned back as if nothing happened.

[……What are you doing Gods half-body. I was busy thinking about the bright future with my child. I will not allow you to interfere.]

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[That should be my line! You suddenly returned back to your world, and just when I thought you went back for good, youre saying stupid stuff here…… I told you that I will eliminate you if you trouble Kaito-kun, didnt I!]

[Im not troubling him though For my child, receiving my love is his happiness.]

[……No, youre mistaken.]

It sounds like I was being arbitrarily incorporated in a frightening happiness, so I immediately denied it.

I was expecting that she would be angry with my coldhearted denial but…… for some reason, Eden-sans eyes lit up.

[Aahhh, aahhh…… I have been opposed again…… How resolute of my child. Aahhh, as I thought, you really are the supreme being!]


Ahh, this gods no good, shes out of control……

[What the heck are you even talking about…… Anyway, try to scare Kaito-san any more than this…… Ill beat you up!]

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[……If you can even do it, Id like to see you try.]



Even when Kuro was completely angry, Eden-san, who didnt hesitate to pick a fight with her, was really amazing…… But more than that, the situation looks bad.

Im getting very anxious about whats about to happen now.

[……Kaito-san, want to drink some tea]

[……Please give me an astringent one.]

While watching Kuro and Eden-san scatter sparks all around the place, I drink the tea Alice brewed for me with an exhausted look on my face…… Ah, the steam is permeating into my eyes…… Im tearing up now.

Dear Mom, Dad——— What a surprise, Eden-san apparently was the God of my world, but shes one of the most prominent and intense among the beings Ive ever met. And such a being had her eyes locked on to me. How should I say this——— Her love is too heavy.

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An authentic yandere

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