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After we finished playing Sugoroku and eating lunch, Alice and I were leisurely sitting side by side.

[……Customers arent coming huh.]


At the counter of the miscellaneous goods store, Im taking it easy and reading a book while I look after the store, and well, I had already expected it, but customers arent coming at all.

However, even Alice knows that, as she is making some small accessories while speaking in a lax tone.

[……Theres really no one coming at al huh.]

[……Well, I guess so~~]

[Or rather, this store…… Does it even have any customers other than me]

[Hmmm, a customer comes “once a month”.]

[……Whats the point of having a store then]

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Apparently, Alices miscellaneous goods store is always really deserted.

Well, this store is certainly away from the main street but…… is it really that far that customers arent coming at all Perhaps, this store is being avoided as a dangerous store where a suspicious costume-wearing person appears……

As I was thinking about this, a product on the side of the counter caught my eyes.

[……Is this a magic box]

[Unnn No, thats a different item. Thats a “random box”.]

[……Random box]

In a box placed on the side of the counter, black cubes…… that resembles the magic box I have, which are apparently called random boxes.

[Those random boxes are disposable magic boxes. Theyre made of “magic paper” made from magic crystal powder, which are just shavings from the leftovers while making magic tools. Things made from magic papers cant be reused, but theyre often used by adventurers because theyre cheaper than magic crystals and can be imbued with a magic technique for one-time use.]

[Hehhh…… That means you can only put things inside once……]

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[Yes, well, its only about the size of a small drawer, but its handy to carry around with you…… And, as for those random boxes, as the name suggests, its a product that contains random items…… Well, to put it simply, its “gacha”!]

[……I see, that certainly is a simple way of describing this.]

[Its 10R a piece, and its hard to tell whats in it until you open it…… but theres a chance that it may contain something valuable inside. Incidentally, theyre made by Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company.]

One roll for 1000 yen huh……

In short, if you pay for this random box, you get the product inside. Perhaps, some of the items inside are worth more than the price you paid.

[Its a rather popular item, you know]

[……Well, since there were no customers coming in, there wouldnt be any point in stocking up on popular products……]

[I guess so~~]


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[Ohh, Kaito-san Are you interested in it]

[U- Unnn. Id like to try it out…… It was 10R, right]

[If you buy 5, I could sell it to you for 45R, you know]

I was curious and wanted to try opening them, so I took out my wallet, and Alice, not wanting to miss out on a business opportunity, offered me a deal if I bought in bulk.

[Alright then, Ill buy five.]

[Thank you for your patronage~~ Now, please take your pick.]

Paying Alice for them, I then randomly choose 5 random boxes.

[……Arehh How do I open this]

[If you pull the string at the bottom, it will unlock and reveal its contents~~]

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[Lets see…… Unnn]

When I pull the small string attached to the bottom of the box, the random box glows for a moment, and after it disappears, a card-like object appears in front of me.

Its about the size of a common trading card, but I dont know if it was made of good paper or not, but it looks beautiful.

[Mumuuuu… Could that be……]

[Eh This somehow looks unusual…… wait, isnt this Kuro]

When I turned the card over, there was a drawing of Kuro eating a baby castella.

The soft colors of the picture, which seems like it was drawn by a fairly skilled artist, makes me feel that Kuros cuteness is enhanced.

[Ooohhhhh, thats amazing! As expected of Kaito-san, to draw Kuro-sans bromide…… Thats absurdly rare, you know]

[B- Bromide]

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[Yes, although the bromides of the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods are included as ultra-rare items…… Among those who got their bromides made, Kuro-san feels embarrassed about it…… There are only a few of them, which she had only agreed to at the beginning because they are the products of her own trading company.]

[R- Really]

[Yes…… Thats why theyre only available in early lots, so its not normally available anymore…… And you see, my stock has been unsold since the beginning so……]

There are only a few bromides of Kuro in the world…… Unnn, she looks cute. Ill be carefully storing this.

[Incidentally, if you put it up for auction, you can get a crazy amount of money from the Underworld King Adoration Association.]

[I- I see…… They sound scary, so Ill be keeping this for myself.]

[That might be a good idea…… Well, that aside, please open the next one.]

[Y- Yeah…… wait, this ones huge!]

Prompted by Alice to open the next random box, what I pulled out now was a large…… model of a dragon, about 50cm long.

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[Whoa, another rare one…… Isnt that the model of an ancient dragon that could only be acquired through the random box]

[……What do I even do with this……]

[Incidentally, that is something that Duchess Lilia wants.]


[Yes, because theyre no longer in production…… she cried because she couldnt get it.]


Come to think of it, Lilia-san liked dragons…… Alright then, Ill give this to Lilia-san later.

Now then, lets open the next one……

[…… A crown]

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[Its a toy crown. There are childrens toys like that inside too. That crown is made like the authentic one, so it would be expensive.]

[I see. Well then, the next one is…… E- Errr.]

When I opened the fourth box, I found something thats kinda familiar…… or rather, this mask looks very similar to the one the woman beside me always wears.

[Whoa there, youve just rolled the jackpot! Thats Phantasmal King-samas handmade mask, its extremely rare!!!]

[What the, its a miss huh……]

[You just smoothly threw it away!]

Well, its a gacha after all…… just as how there are jackpots, there are also complete miss.

The mask I just got, I threw it straight into the trash can and opened the last random box.

Thereupon, a plant in a flower pot appears…… I see, things placed in the magic box dont deteriorate, so things like these could also appear……

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[Alice, whats this]

[Thats a crystal herb.]

[Is this rare]

[Its pretty rare. It may not have an effect when used on its own, but it has the effect of enhancing the effects of other herbs, so it fetches quite a high price.]

A herb huh…… I guess this could be considered as a hit too, but I dont really know if Id have any use for this.

Ahhh, speaking of which, Dr. Vier raises herbs, right If so, I might as well give this to Dr. Vier.

[……Even so, Kaito-sans luck really is quite frightening. Normally, there is more like a pen or some other trivial item in the box but…… You bought five boxes and all of them are hits……]

[No, I also pulled out a miss…… That strange mask, I meant.]

[Isnt that cool! Please put it on and match with me, Kaito-san!]

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[Even if it costs me my life, I dont wanna.]

[Do you really have to refuse that much!]

Seeing Alices shoulders slump down, I cant help but chuckle.

As Im leisurely spending my day like this, chatting with Alice about trivial matters…… I can hear the sound of bells on the door of the store.


[……Eh I never expected that a customer would come…… How unusual.]

Both Alice and I didnt expect that a customer would come, and we both turned to the door.


[Sightsee, Sundries, Visit.]

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[……Immediately leave, go home!]

Alice was about to say a cheerful “Welcome”, but stopped mid-sentence and immediately told the customer, who had a stiff expression on her face, to leave.

Dear Mom, Dad———– Alice and I were leisurely tending to the store when, to my surprise, a customer arrived at Alices miscellaneous goods store. Thats what I thought, but the one who appeared———- was a familiar angel.

Alices arc…… theres only 3 chapters left, I guess Eden, who came out at the beginning and end of the arc…… Could it be that shes a key person

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