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As I was trying to think of a place where we could eat dinner, Alice suggested a place where we could go, so we decided to head there.

I have some reservations about what kind of restaurant she would choose, but since its Alice who wants to have a fancy dinner, its unlikely that she will lead us to a joke of a restaurant.

Rather, I have a feeling that she would lead us to a very high-class restaurant for nobles.

[Well, isnt it fine. Kaito-san earned a lot of money earlier, so please luxuriously treat me.]

[……U- Unnn. Well, thats fine……]

[Dont worry about it, were going to a decent store, okay]

[No, its not like that……]

Walking next to me, Alice began talking with a bright smile on her face and I responded to her with a rather doubting expression on my face.

U- Unnn. To tell the truth, Im feeling bothered right now. What Im worried about wasnt actually dinner. No, it may be a bit related, but that isnt the main thing as to why Im troubled.

[Whats the matter You have quite the strange look on your face.]

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[……Why, you ask…… Well, I mean…… Since when have you been wearing a “dress”……]

Yes, what Im questioning about was Alices current outfit.

Until just a few minutes ago, Im pretty sure she was in her usual outfit, the functional, long-sleeved, long-pants outfit that has multiple pockets.

However, right after I took my eyes off her for a moment, before I knew it, Alice had changed into a dress.

A cute dress with laces of pale-orange…… honey color, and matching with Alices bright blonde hair, it looks really good on her.

Moreover, maybe because I dont see her in such an outfit that much, as seeing a different side of her makes my heart beat fast…… Well, the mask on her face makes it look like shes off to participate in a masked ball though……

[Isnt it cute]

[W- Well, it certainly is…… No, thats not it! Im asking you why youre wearing a dress……]

Yes, I wont mind the fact that she had changed her outfit in an instant. After all the things that I had seen her capable of doing, I dont think it would be strange that if Alice wants to do so, she could come back home and change her outfit in less than a second.

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However, Alice, who had been dressed as usual on our date, is now wearing different clothes…… That should mean that there is some reason for it……

[Eh Thats because the place were going to have a “dress code”.]


Dress code…… A restriction for clothing.

They are mainly used for weddings, funerals, and high-class French restaurants…… Simply put, it means you have to dress nicely to attend.

Compared to ceremonies, I remember hearing that the dress code of a restaurant from one restaurant to another…… but I wonder if my current clothing is appropriate

A white shirt, a thin black, loose-fitting jacket, and jeans-like pants…… Im kinda doubting it.

[……Theres a dress code]

[Yes. Its a pretty strict store, so “semi-formal” clothing is standard there.]

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Semi-formal…… Ahh, this is no good, Ill probably be shooed away in the door.

Even though there are some differences in the outfits here from Japan, Im quite sure that semi-formal attire is second only to formal attires…… And Im sure that it was only a level where everyday attire wont do at all.

In short, my current outfit would be a complete out.

[……It doesnt look like I will be able to get in, so why dont we go to another place]

[Fufufu, its alright…… I thought that this might happen! Ta-da! I have prepared a suit for Kaito-san!]

[……Im quite clear you premeditated this.]

[A- Ahaha…… W- Well, please change quickly. Errr, ahh, that place should be good enough.]

It was Alice who suggested the restaurant we were going to now and that place has a dress code. Since my clothes dont fit the dress code, Alice hands me this suit…… She completely planned this.

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Its obvious that she knows I would panic about this and chose that restaurant on purpose, but for now, Ill just swallow it down and get dressed just like Alice said.

However, as I was wondering where I could change in this street, Alice walked towards a house.

[O- Oi, Alice Thats another peoples home……]

I hurriedly called out to her, but she didnt seem bothered by it and stood in front of the house. Immediately, the occupant comes out and gets down on one knee in front of Alice.

[Please lend me a room.]

[Hahh! Please feel free to use it, Phantasmal King-sama.]


A- Ahh…… I guess I should have expected this huh…… The occupants of this house are also Alices subordinates.

Changing into a suit at the house of Alices subordinates, I put the clothes I changed out of in my magic box, before meeting up with Alice to go to that restaurant again.

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The suit Im currently wearing has a subdued black-based design, with patterns that were weaved with silver thread that isnt too flashy, making it quite the fashionable outfit.

Well, be that as it may…… This suit feels extremely comfortable, perhaps due to its great elasticity. Even walking around like this, I dont feel any difficulty in moving or straining to wear.

[……Its so easy to move around in this, or rather, it feels like it was the right size……]

[Thats because it was the only one of its kind, something I made for Kaito-san. The materials used for it are of the highest quality.]

[N- No, Im thankful for that but…… How did you know my body size like its something obvious]

Yes, this suit fits my body perfectly, including the length of the hem, and it looks like it was custom-made just for me…… I also dont think Ive ever told Alice my body size before…….

[Hahaha, why are you asking that now I even know how many moles Kaito-san have in your body, much less your body size!]

[……I feel like Ive asked this before, but do you know what privacy means]

[I know. Thats the thing Kaito-san doesnt have, right!]

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[……Its really hard for me to deny that.]

Where did I drop my privacy No, well, I know that I lost my privacy around the time I met Shiro-san……

(I know everything about you though, down to the age-restricted items you had back in your previous world.)

Whoa there, dont ever tell anyone about it, Airhead Goddess. That wouldnt just be on the level of shame. For an adolescent man like me, it would an act akin to suicide.

(If Kaito-san wishes for, I can create the exact same thing and give it to you, you know)

……Lets talk about this in detail later.


[! Ahh, no, sorry. Then, lets go.]

[Roger that.]

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The conversation I was having with Shiro-san couldnt be heard by Alice. So, I hurriedly replied to Alice, who was tilting her head in wonder, and once again, walked out to the restaurant where we were going to have dinner.

Dear Mom, Dad———– The dinner we were going to have will be at a super high-class restaurant that had a dress code. I was grateful for the perfectly sized suit that Alice prepared for me. But well, I already know about this but———– I didnt have any privacy.

T/N: The afterword today isnt particularly important, so I didnt include it.


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